Best Team Management Apps for iPhone and iPad

Managing a team in your office has now become a simple task for managers and leads. From the comfort of your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you can assign tasks, change deadlines of a project, and stay connected with your colleagues. If you are a project manager and want to handle everything from anywhere, you need the best team management apps on your iPhone or iPad.

Project management apps make things easier for a manager. Without interrupting your colleagues’ privacy, you can interact with them and share everything via apps. No longer email threads or conference calls; download high-performing apps for team management in your office.

Best iPhone and iPad Team Management Apps of 2019: A Smarter Way to Track the Progress

#1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

A lookalike of Slack (find below), Microsoft Teams has proven itself as a Slack-killer. Its Office 365 integration and free version have skyrocketed download numbers. Drive, Caller ID, and Search for a colleague are three excellent features this app boasts.

When you turn on Drive mode on Microsoft Teams, you can safely participate in meetings when you are driving. When a new colleague is inducted in your team, the app allows you to search for that colleague in an organizational chart.


#2. Evernote

Evernote iPhone and iPad Team Management App Screenshot

Evernote gets a surprise entry in this list of team management apps. Although Evernote is a content management app primarily used by the content team, it is also used by many team managers to manage projects. However, like other team management apps, you can use this one for your projects and tasks.

Apart from adding notes, web pages, photos, images, and to-dos, you can also add audios to the app. Not only that, the app provides a convenient search feature to find your content easily. Use Evernote on your iOS device and Mac also from anywhere.


#3. Zoom

ZOOM Cloud Meetings iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

The best feature of Zoom Cloud Meetings is its ability to invite up to 100 people to join a video meeting. Thus, the app is a perfect tool for small and medium enterprises to conduct conferences. It’s a free app and extremely easy to operate; just a single click and create “New Meeting.” Next, connect with anyone on iOS devices, Windows, Mac, and Zoom Rooms.

Spice up your screen sharing experience by creating a virtual background on iPhone 8, iPad 5, iPad Pro and other latest models. Zoom works on Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, and 3G networks.


#4. Slack

Slack iPhone and iPad Team Management App Screenshot

Slack understands the value of effective communication among a team, and therefore, it has designed a business communication app for large and small business enterprises. For efficient and speedy project management, Slack helps you create a to-do list. To finish your project in time, you can bring the right people, conversations, tools, and information you require.

The beauty of Slack is its ability to include Google Drive, Dropbox, Salesforce, Asana, Twitter, Zendesk and others. Although Slack never replaces your traditional email app, it certainly reduces your dependence on that email app resting inside your iOS device.


#5. Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Cisco has designed and developed many business apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. A reputed name in the world of networking hardware, telecom equipment, and high-tech services, Cisco gives you audio and video conferencing solutions for business owners and top executives.

No matter where you are, your business will run smoothly with Cisco on your iPhone or iPad. Every month, Cisco conducts more than 6 billion meetings; the impressive figures vouch for Cisco’s industry-leading experience, which includes chat, share, and others.


#6. Asana

Asana Team Management iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Asana is an exceptionally easy-to-use app for fresh project managers and team leads in any organization. It is a perfect tool to manage tasks, to-do lists, reminders, and share ideas between members. Once you add a job and assign a member for the task, you can add due dates, followers, details, and files to your tasks.

While the project is going on, you can make comments and send instructions or ask the question to your team from anywhere. The app is synced with the web version; hence, whatever change you make on your iPhone/iPad app, it will reflect in the web version of Asana.


#7. Yammer

Yammer iPhone and iPad Team Management App Screenshot

A strong brand name is associated with Yammer as Microsoft Corporation designs it, and therefore, you can expect better performance from this app. A notable feature of this app is an open collaboration with your team. This allows the group to share ideas and work together in real-time.

Like-minded people can quickly connect; hence, hassle-free coordination takes place in your organization. Whenever a meaningful discussion is going on in the group, you get the notification on your mobile.


#8. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting iPhone and iPad Team Management App Screenshot

GoToMeeting was first introduced on the computer, and now you can use it on your iPhone and iPad. Whether it is a severe issue, strategy or a casual discussion, GoToMeeting is your one-stop solution to gather people for a single cause. With more than 2.5 million downloads and user ratings of 4.5 stars, it is your reliable virtual partner in the business.

A Commuter Mode on this mobile app allows you to join meetings when you are on the go. You can host meetings without paying a single penny; thus, you are saved from inserting your credit card details. A single tap lets you join the meeting; sync your calendar with the app.


#9. Wrike

Wrike Team Management iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Wrike is a multi-platform project management app you can use on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Wrike can also be accessed as a web version on Safari and Mac app on your MacBook Pro and iMac. The free version of Wrike allows you to add six users; to unlock features like Dashboards and Calendars, you need to upgrade to a Business version of this app.

Since Wrike is a cloud software, you can manage your team and projects from anywhere in the world. The app is perfect for people in business, who travel extensively around the globe. Used by over 15000 organizations worldwide, Wrike is in the list of Fortune 500 companies.


#10. Zoho Workplace

Zoho iPhone and iPad Team Management App Screenshot

Create, Collaborate, and Communicate. This is Zoho Workplace, which is not just an app but a suite of software pieces for your office. The entire range of Zoho apps includes multiple tools that allow you to send emails, start meetings, find your stuff intelligently, manage files, create and edit files, and more.

Zoho is your one-stop solution for managing team and projects efficiently. Once you create projects/tasks, you can collaborate with your colleagues and then communicate quickly.


That’s all folks!

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The most significant advantage of team management apps is the freedom of assigning the task and sending the instruction from anywhere. Since everything is saved and edited on the cloud, you are not supposed to stay in your office. You can move around the world and still can oversee what your team is up to.

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