Best Time Tracker Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Time Tracking iPhone and iPad Apps

Time management plays a significant role in boosting overall performance. And the moment it becomes disorganized, it badly affects productivity. Despite working round the clock, if you haven’t been able to keep yourself at peace with your goal, it’s time to look for some smart ways. To help you double down on productivity, we’ve collected the best time tracker apps for iPhone and iPad..

1. Life Cycle

Life Cycle iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Life Cycle is more than just an ordinary time tracker for your iOS device. And if you are looking for an all-in-one option, it can fit into your requirements admirably.

The app automatically keeps a close watch on your time and presents it neatly to let you have the exact idea of how you are managing your time.

You can instantly find out your daily activities, places you go, and who you spend time with. Through the weekly journal, the app offers personalized insights and clarity to your week gone by.

You can also compare the trends to discover whether you are able to stick with the plan or unable to go with the flow. Besides, the app is fully integrated with Apple Health and allows you to imports all activities, mindfulness and sleep data.

Price: Free

2. HoursTracker: Hours and Pay

HoursTracker Time Tracker iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

HoursTracker makes tracking time dead simple! You can effortlessly keep an eye on your time and also set automatic breaks. Aside from time tracking, the app lets you monitor your pay and earnings.

You can also set job locations to get reminders when you arrive or leave certain places. It allows you to enter comments with your time entries as well.

Built-in reports by day, week, and month ensure you have perfect insight into things that matter a lot to you. Furthermore, HoursTracker lets you export the data in CSV format.

Price: Free

3. Hours

Hours Time Tracking iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Hours” is a smart time tracker app that can help you stay ahead and get your work done efficiently. To get started, set smart reminders to keep you alerted about the tasks that you have to complete before a certain time.

Make the best use of the visual timeline to quickly identify and correct mistakes. You can use the rounding rules to ideally round time to have suitable intervals in between. The app allows you to track your time by clients, projects, and tasks.

You can also add notes to your time entries, check on-screen reports and even email detailed CSV or PDF reports. Besides, calendar view lets you find out several important things like which days you tracked your time and when you forgot.

Price: Free

4. Clockify


This is one of the best free time tracking apps that can help freelancers and businesses alike. You can choose between manually logging your hours or automatically with a single click. Assign logs to specific clients or projects to stay organized.

Further, there are useful reports that give insights into your time tracking. The user interface is clean and easy to navigate. So, it’s a convenient choice for almost anyone to track their productivity.

Price: Free

5. ATracker Time Tracker

ATracker Time Tracker iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Take control of your time and get the most out of it using ATracker! With the fully customizable interface, the app lets you track and manage your time to your best liking. Depending on your need, you can organize your day and be able to carry out your tasks in time.

Often forget to complete any important tasks or wish to complete projects before the deadline? Set alarms to keep you at pace. Moreover, ATracker also offers statistics reports in bar chart and pie chart to help you have better insight into how well you are going through the tasks.

Price: Free

6. Harvest

Harvest iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Harvest is what you should pick to handle both your time and expense immaculately. To ensure your work doesn’t come to a halt, it comes with an offline mode.

The built-in expense tracker can play a decisive role in letting you maximize your saving and cut down on the unnecessary expenses.

You can send invoices and receive a notification when clients pay them. Better still, you will also view your teammates’ timers to stay in sync with your colleagues. Furthermore, it also alerts you for the payments so that you don’t have to pay fine.

Price: Free

7. Worktime Tracker

Worktime Tracker iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Want a more accomplished assistant to track your work logs? Worktime Tracker can a very handy option for keep track of your working hours.

The app allows you to record your works log with start/end time, duration, and wages as per the preset pay rate. It also offers wages reports by weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly and even custom date range.

Use this app to monitor some projects and tasks at once. Even better, you can export your work logs by email in multiple formats including PDF, CSV, and HTML.

Price: Free

8. Timely

Timely iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

With Timely, you can manage and track your time without any stress. You will instantly find out how much time you spend on tasks and projects. Astutely organize your entries and keep them in perfect sync.

Based on your convenience, you will be able to plan your tasks and get them done before the stipulated time.

Using custom actions on notifications, you will quickly pause a timer or complete a task. Even better, you can also use Timely for Apple Watch to keep track of your time right from your wrist.

Price: Free

9. Hubstaff

Hubstaff Time Tracker iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

For tracking time and location, Hubstaff is a fine option. The can be enormously useful for small businesses for payroll management and monitor the location of their workforce using the built-in GPS tracking feature.

Using dashboard and real-time reports, you can review timesheets, check out who’s currently working. The weekly budget reports ensure you are able to have the desired control over spending.

Moreover, the app has support for more than 30 project management apps like Quickbooks and Basecamp. Hence, you have more flexibility in tracking your time and projects.

Price: Free

10. TimeCamp

TimeCamp iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

TimeCamp can be very pivotal for small businesses. The app lets you quickly start a timer to track the time of your projects.

You can also make important notes about tasks so that you don’t forget them during the meeting. You will be able to easily view and edit your timesheet and plan your next day.

Check out the reports to have the proper idea of how you are managing your tasks. With the help of this app, you can devote more time to important work and avoid wasting plenty of time on less noteworthy tasks.

Price: Free

That’s all, folks!

Your favorite time tracker?

Hopefully, you have got the perfect asset to stay in sync with your time. And, also learned the ways to boost your productivity by cutting down the lapses.

Knowing one set of rules can’t always keep you stay ahead of the race, you’ve to be innovative and look for the hacks that can make a difference. Let me know which one of the above time management apps have caught your eyes.

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