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Best habit tracking apps for iPhone or iPad in 2024

They say, “Habit is the second nature of a person.” And it’s true. While a good habit can win plenty of appreciation for a person, a bad one can make him less admirable. Quitting a bad practice may be extremely challenging, but it can be destroyed with systematic planning. The finest habit tracking apps for iPhone (iOS) can go a long way in adopting a very productive routine and giving up the ones that are worth saying good-bye for the better!

What are the best iPhone apps for tracking your daily habits?

1. Productive Habit Tracker – Editor’s choice

Productive Habit Tracker iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

With the Productive, you can take control of your habits and achieve your personal goal elegantly. You will be able to plan your habits and schedule as per your specific needs to remain on course.

As the app is fully customizable, you can ideally fine-tune it. To ensure you are able to stay focused, the app lets you keep track of your routine.

And, the timely reminders never let you forget your important tasks. Besides, Productive also offers valuable feedback that can prove to be a game changer.

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $3.99)


2. Habit-Bull: Daily Goal Planner

Habit-Bull app for iPhone and iPad screenshot

I have found Habit-Bull up to the mark when it comes to habit tracking and getting rid of the distraction. To be more precise, it can turn out to be a pretty effective life organizer for you.

You can seamlessly personalize the app to monitor all of your habits and routines. Check out the streak counter and percentage of success for every routine to remain in sync with your plan.

The inspiring quotes motivate you to give your best. Lastly, the iCloud backup ensures your entire data remains secure and accessible across the connected devices.

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $4.99)


3. Strides

Strides app for iPhone and iPad screenshot

Ramp up your productivity by taking the help of Strides. You can use this app to keep an eye on your routines and be able to cut down the bad habits.

With the custom notifications, the app never lets you go astray. The dashboard lets you instantly catch up with all the necessary information.

Detailed charts with history and success rate offer you better insight into how well you are going ahead with the work. Even better, you can also add the note to you logs to not forget important points.

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $4.99)


4. Done – The user-friendly habit-tracking app

Done habit tracking app for iPhone

For having complete command over every routine you want to execute perfectly in your life, Done is a highly efficient option. From letting you plan multiple habits to quitting the ones that are hurting your productivity, the app is pretty good in living up to the demand.

There are some fun color options to let you customize your habit lists. With the daily report, it keeps you posted about your progress. Besides, you can export your data in CSV format.

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $2.99)


5. Today Habit tracker – The rewarding app

Today Habit tracker app for iPhone

This one is fully geared to let you neatly optimize your day. What sets the tone for it is the clean and pretty intuitive interface that makes it more convenient to track multiple habits.

You can personalize the dashboard depending on your requirements to access the needed info without any hassle. It features an ever-growing gallery of the photo to let you choose a nice one for each of your habit. But there is also an option to select your own photo.

Take the full advantage of the rich insight to nab the weak areas and remove them. More importantly, you can use the automatic backup feature to sync your data to iCloud or Dropbox.

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $3.99)


6. Habitify – Multi-platform habit tracker app

Habitify Habit Tracking App for iPhone

When you want to take complete control of your bad habits or get into some nice ones, what comes in really handy is in-depth tracking. And this is where Habitify stands out of the rest. As a result, you are able to form new habits in your life.

For a more simplified experience, the app groups of all of your habits based on the time of the day. You do get the flexibility to edit them in line with your schedule.

Set reminder about something that you always wish to complete in time. As you go ahead with your goal, make sure to take note of your progress. And with the ever useful Dark Mode, you will be able to comfortably use this habit tracking app at night. Besides, you can take advantage of Touch/Face ID to safeguard your personal data.

Lastly, Habitify is available for free, but there are some features (like notes, dark mode, and privacy) which require you to go for the subscription plan.

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $4.99)


7. Tally

Tally app for iPhone and iPad screenshot

Tally is exactly what you should use to track your goal and accomplish it. To get started, set your target and follow the preset rules to remove all the roadblocks that are preventing you from being more organized in both professional and personal lives.

Analyze your progress to spot the grey areas and take advantage of the tips to eliminate them. It lets you check your performance on a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis.

Plus, you can upgrade to the premium version ($3.99) of the app to save the data to Dropbox and export it in CSV format.

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $6.99)


8. HabitShare – The adaptive app

HabitShare Habit Tracking App for iPhone

Meet HabitShare—the smart habit tracker app for iOS. What makes this app so handy is the ability to let you create a more flexible habit schedule. So, based on your specific goal, you can perfectly customize it to deliver the good to you.

It allows you to set daily and weekly habit goals and help you achieve them. The real-time alerts keep you notified about your target. Moreover, you can communicate with your friends using fun-loving GIFs and also exchange views.

Price: Free


9. Daily Habits

Daily habits  best habit tracking app for iPhone and iPad

Daily Habits is simply a fine habit tracker that can get your work done with the needed proficiency. It works perfectly in letting you plan, organize and monitor your different routines.

Thanks to the valuable feedback, it helps you avoid doing the things that distract you. You can make a special group to share thoughts with the like-minded people.

The app lets you sync your schedules with the Calendar app so that you are able to plan your way forward accordingly. Additionally, the real-time reminders don’t let you go out of the track.

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $2.99)


What features should I look for in a habit-tracking app?

When choosing a habit-tracking app, I recommend that you take into account a variety of features. These features include but are not limited to user-friendliness, customization, reminder and notification options, data visualization and analysis, integration with other apps or devices, and goal setting and progress tracking.

Are habit-tracking apps free?

While many habit-tracking apps are free, others may charge a one-time or recurring fee to use all of their features.

That’s it!

Monitoring and recording daily habits, routines, and behaviors to improve self-awareness and accountability is what the habit track entails. While habit tracking can be done manually, habit tracking apps can help to streamline the process by providing useful insights and reminders.

Please leave a review in the comments section if you’ve used any of the habit-tracking apps mentioned above. Furthermore, if you have a favorite habit-tracking app that I haven’t included on this list, please enlighten me about the same so that I can check it out and update the list.

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