Arrange and manage your personal and business contacts in an alluring and effective style. These iPhone apps schedule your contacts in simple and quick manner. From arranging them in grid or list form to prioritizing them on the basis of favorites, the apps do it all.

You can sync, take backup and send emails or text in a single tap with these apps.

Best iPhone Contacts Address Book Apps

Contacts and Address Book Apps for iPhone: Simplifying your life

#1. Simpler Pro

Simpler Pro iPhone App IconSimpler Pro is an app that will organize your contacts and give it a redesigned look. You can delete unnamed contacts in a single click. You can take a backup of your contacts; add filters and group them with a single tap. You can quickly send group messages and e-mails by these filters. The app gives an option of merging contacts with same name and number into one.

Price: $2.99
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#2. Contacts + Address Book & dialer

Contacts Plus iPhone App IconContacts+ is a free app that beautifies your stored contacts. The app gives you options of synchronizing Facebook profile pics to your contacts. It arranges your contacts as per your priority or on usage basis. You can view your contacts in either grid or list format. The app allows filters in groups or favorites so that you can add quick buttons for calls or messages or emails.

Price: Free
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#3. myPDV iContacts Sync

iContacts Sync iPhone App IconmyPDV iContacts helps in securing and syncing your contacts. The app will directly store your contacts on You can restore your lost or deleted contacts from their website. The app can be synced to your Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account. You can import your contacts in a excel sheet format to your e-mail account. The app gives you notices/reminders of recently added contacts, so you can group or prioritize them.

Price: Free
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#4. Power Contacts

Power Contacts iPhone App IconPower Contact is an app built for professional aid. You can import & export contacts, store, categorize, create follow ups, add information and carry out other important functions through this app. You can even restore a deleted contact from the trashcan in the app. A single tap lets you add necessary information regarding a contact in your calendar. You can even import contact by scanning business cards or signature. The app allows you to send texts and emails in one go.

Price: $3.99
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#5. Fast Contacts

Fast Contacts iPhone App IconFast Contacts is an app that allows you to add themes to your contacts to make it more attractive. You can exchange information by exporting contacts via sms or email. You can even arrange contacts as per city, zip code and country. The amazing app allows you to flip through contacts like screenshots. You can add anniversaries and birthdays so you get reminders for it. It reads the notes attached to it so you have all the vital information you need about particular content.

Price: $0.99
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