iPhone and the iPad have made note-taking more flexible and powerful. Although it’s not exactly as easy and clutter-free as jotting down stuff with a pencil and paper, it’s much more powerful.

There are tons of note-taking apps out there on the App Store. In fact, it’s super-saturated. But there are free apps for taking notes that are really amazing with clear interfaces, great features and a smart way of functioning.

This is a list of such apps that make note-taking on the iPhone/iPad quick and easy.

Free Note Taking Apps for iPhone

Free Note Taking Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote iPhone and iPad App IconMicrosoft OneNote is easy-to-use and a perfect tool to let you organize your notes with optimum comfort. With this app, you can quickly create, rename, sort or search any note. Use passwords to provide the needed security to your notes and access them easily using your Touch ID. Create to-dos and keep a track of them effortlessly.

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#2. Vesper

Vesper iPhone and iPad App IconVesper note app is pretty simple to use. It’s a handy tool to let you collect your views, ideas or opinion as conveniently as you would ever like. Organize your notes as per your need. Attach photos to make your notes more practical.

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#3. Evernote

Evernote iPhone and iPad App IconEvernote is a class apart both in terms of functionality and features. It’s the ideal app you would want to prepare notes with utmost ease and manage them with absolute perfection. It lets you take note in a number of formats such as text, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs, web clippings etc. Create memos, agenda and prepare your best presentation.

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#4. Simplenote

Simplenote iPhone App LogoThe simplest of all, (discount Squarespace Note as of now), Simplenote is as simple as a note-taking app can get without crossing the limit of minimalism. You can tag notes for simpler categorization/classification. It’s really just a simple way to jot down what you need to buy at the grocer’s but it’s really cool.

Download  Simplenote

#5. Squarespace Note

Squarespace Note iPhone App LogoWhen I was talking about “crossing the limit of minimalism” in the last paragraph, I had Squarespace Note in my mind. I’ve used Squarespace Note and when I want something totally minimal, this is the note-taking app I turn to. Squarespace Note doesn’t require any Squarespace account to work. Also, the whole app looks pretty empty so unless you are a fan of gesture-based controls and usability, this app might not be for you. But believe me when I say this is an app for cool people who use stuff like Clear and other heavily gesture-based apps.

Download Squarespace Note

#6. PlainText  2- Dropbox Text Editor

PlainText - Dropbox text editing iPhone App LogoThere are three things the app does extremely well: folders to keep things organized, a clutter-free interface to make note-taking really awesome and Dropbox-sync to make everything as secure and safe as possible. PlainText 2 is a light-weight app built for the guy/gal who isn’t looking for egregious features. A simple interface that mimics plain paper and a simple sync in the background that keeps everything secure: that’s what PlainText 2 is about.

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