Best Lightning to SD Camera Card Readers for iPhone

If you have a digital camera, you know how essential a proper camera card reader is for transferring photos. And, to move them without distorting the formats, you need high quality and good camera card reader.

Here are some of the best Lightning to SD Camera Card Reader for iPhone and iPad. The compatibility of these readers, with different types of iPads, has been clearly mentioned along with the description.

Best Lightning to SD Camera Card Readers for iPhone and iPad in 2020

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1. Lightning to SD Camera Card Reader by Apple

Lightning to SD Camera Card Reader by Apple

The first Lightning to SD camera card reader in this list is from Apple. With it, you can easily transfer your videos and photos from your digital camera to your iOS devices. What stands it in good stead is the superb data transfer speed. Made of high-quality material, it’s quite durable. It is compatible with various file formats including JPEG, RAW, H.264, and MPEG-4.

USP: Most reliable
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2. WamGra

WamGra Lightning to SD Camera Reader For iPad

This card reader for iPad makes it easy to transfer your media from your camera to your tablet to edit and share. It’s straightforward to use without needing any additional apps or drivers.

Further, it is strong and well-made to last you a long time. It also comes with detailed and clear instructions that make it a breeze to use.

USP: Strong build quality
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3. YiKaiEn

YiKaiEn Lightning to SD Camera Reader

This one is for the folks who are looking for more than just simple SD card reader for their iPad. With it, you will be able to view photos and videos in the SLR and trail camera. YiKaiEn app allows you to manage your files efficiently. For instance, you can copy, move, rename and delete files effortlessly. Moreover, it allows you to safeguard your files using password or fingerprint unlock.

USP: Easy file management
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4. Weihao

Weihao sd camera card reader for iphone

Weihao is an excellent lightning-to-sd card reader that supports data transfer speed up to 16MB/S. At this mentioned-speed, your high-quality images and videos can be quickly moved to your iPhone or iPad.

It has got compatibility for almost all iPhones and iPads, running on iOS 9.2 and later. The trail-game camera card viewer doesn’t even need an app to view formats like JPER and RAW.

USP: Fast Data Transfer Speed
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LEEGLOAD lightning to SD camera reader for iPad

Enjoy a 20MB/S-30MB/S transfer speed with this memory card reader for iPad and iPhone. It is the easiest way to transfer 4K video and RAW photos.

It is one of the best and cheapest devices of its kind that you can find. At the same time, it adds the ability to charge your phone by plugging in a charging cable.

USP: Multiple ports in one
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6. SmartQ 

SmartQ lightning to sd camera reader for iPad

Work smarter and faster with this.card reader that’s perfect for transferring files from your phone, camera, GoPro, and digital memory cards to your PC and vice versa. Just connect to an available USB port, and you’re set.

You will be able to transfer your files, even large ones, quickly and easily. This will save you tons of time in a busy world. You won’t need to sit around thanks to impressive data transfer speed.

USP: Fast transfer speed
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7. Aiguozer

Aiguozer SD Card Reader for iPhone and iPad

Aiguozer has manufactured an excellent camera card reader that boasts multiple OS and product compatibility. From iPhone 6 to iPhone X, you can use this card reader with iOS 9.2 through iOS 12. If you are using iPad, you can use this card with iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro (12.9 inches), and iPad Pro (9.7 inches.)

It is a perfect reader for an SLR and trail game camera as you can capture high-quality photos and then immediately transfer them to your iOS devices to share on social media.

USP: Ultra-fast transmission
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8. EVita

EVita Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader for iPhone and iPad

One thing I like a lot in EVita is the compact design that helps it easily slip into your tiny pocket. Blessed with very good transfer speed, the SD card reader enables you to quickly import your media from any camera. More significantly, it’s designed to work with not just iOS but also Android devices. It supports 8GB – 120GB SD Card and TF Card and comes in two color options such as black and white.

USP: Ultra-portable
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9. Leap Outdoors

Leap Outdoors Lightning to SD Card Reader for iPad and iPhone

Leap Outdoors is endowed with superior functionality. It reads SD, micro SD, and SDHC cards a lot faster. As it works with most cases, you won’t need to remove the cover from your device. With the ultra-portable design, you will comfortably carry it. The SD card reader is made to work with both Android and iOS devices.

USP: Multifunction viewer
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suntrsi lightning to sd camera card reader

The data transmission speeds on this card reader can reach 14MB/s ~ 16MB/s. This lets you transmit photos and videos from your camera to your device within a few seconds, saving a lot of time. To use, just connect your devices and wait for 5 seconds.

It supports a maximum of 256 GB file size and varied photo formats (including JPER and RAW). Other SD and HD video formats (including H.264 and MPEG-4) also work fine. Moreover, there is a satisfaction guarantee so in case you face any issues, you can get a replacement or refund.

USP: Satisfaction guarantee
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That’s all, folks!

Signing Off

Whether it’s top transfer speed or support of multiple file formats, these Lightning SD card readers live up to the billing from every angle. Besides, they are lightweight and feature superior built-up. Depending on your specific requirement, you can pick the one that can deliver the goods for you.

Have I forgotten to include any of your favorite SD card readers? Do let us know that in the comments below.

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