Best Docking Stations for MacBook Pro in 2020

One of the significant drawbacks of Apple’s MacBook Pros is the absence of legacy ports. They are excellent devices when you are on the move. But when you are in your office or at home, you need to connect other devices or peripherals with your MacBook Pro. This is where pro-users require a docking station. Today, we’ve curated a list of best MacBook Pro docking stations along with their Pros and Cons as well. Let’s take a look!

#1. Dell Universal Docking Station for MacBook Pro

Dell Docking Station for Macbook Pro

Dell is arguably one of the market leaders in terms of Mac accessories. This universal docking station supports up to three 4K or a single 5K display. You can easily connect this docking station to your MacBook Pro with a single USB-C port and start using other displays, devices, and peripherals.

The dock is compact in design, and therefore, you can take it wherever you go. Just pack your travel bags and set out on your corporate trip. Apart from USB-C, you can also connect your Mac laptop equipped with USB 3.0.


  • Universal docking station
  • Can connect three 4K displays
  • Travel-friendly design


  • Not for power users
  • Does not work in practice

Price: $149.33
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#2. Kensington Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station for MacBook Pro

Kensington Docking Station for Macbook Pro

You can quickly convert your MacBook into a powerful desktop computer by using this Thunderbolt 3 docking station from Kensington. The robust Thunderbolt 3 technology helps you transfer your data at speed up to 40Gbps. You can easily download a 4K movie in just 30 seconds.

With multiple ports, SD card reader, and single 5K/4K video output, you can connect monitors, hard drives, mouse, keyboard, and other USB peripherals. Moreover, you can charge your laptop with up to 60W power delivery.


  • Thunderbolt 3 (2.3 foot) cable included
  • Perfect for photo transfers
  • SD card reader


  • HDMI does not work without adapter

Price: $244.99
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#3. Tobenone USB C Docking Station for MacBook Pro

Tobenone Docking Station for Macbook Pro

Tobenone’s docking station boasts 13 ports to set up a complete work station. Increase your productivity by setting up dual monitors for macOS system. Before you go ahead, you need to download and install the¬†DisplayLink¬†driver.

With Gigabit Ethernet port, you can enjoy wired LAN connectivity. This also ensures stable ethernet connection. A notable feature of this docking station is triple additional video outputs.


  • HD video & triple displays
  • 13 ports USB-C dock
  • Stable ethernet connection


  • Low data transfer speed

Price: $169.99
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#4. StarTech Triple Monitor USB 3.0 MacBook Pro Docking Station

StarTech Docking Station for Macbook Pro

StarTech brings a universal USB 3.0 docking station for your MacBook Pro. You can maximize your display capabilities with triple or dual monitor set-up. Since it is a 4K USB docking station, it supports resolutions up to 3840×2160 on one of your displays.

A noteworthy feature of this dock is you can connect and charge up to five USB devices with this USB 3.0 display port and HDMI docking station. Don’t miss that Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 port, headset jack, a separate 3.5mm audio, and microphone port – all this helps you create a robust workstation.


  • Fast device charging
  • Triple display flexibility
  • Contemporary design


  • Over-sized power plug

Price: $184.30
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#5. Plugable USB C Dock for MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3

Plugable Docking Station for Macbook Pro

Here is one of the smallest yet powerful USB-C docking station for your MacBook Pro. Plugable’s dock helps you increase your productivity with a single 4K-capable HDMI output, ethernet, audio input & output, and four extra USB ports. At the same time, the dock provides up to 85W of power to charge other connected USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 system.

The tiny size of this dock makes it travel-friendly; you can easily pack this product in your travel bags so that you can create your own little workstation in a hotel room.


  • Compact size
  • Significantly expandable
  • Support for Alternate Modes & Power Delivery


  • Frequently disconnects from MacBook Pro
  • Low speed of data transfer

Price: $129.00
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#6. Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock Pro for MacBook Pro

Belkin Docking Station for Macbook Pro

Experience power and speed of Belkin’s Thunderbolt 3 dock, which has all the benefits in a single docking station solution. With up to 40Gbps transfer rates and 85W of power, this dock supports multiple peripherals even though it has a single cable.

Belkin has taken enough care while designing this product. The elegant aluminum design safeguards the delicate circuitry inside. A stylish and minimal design quickly gels into your workspace.


  • Dual 4K display support
  • Dual HD monitor support
  • High-speed SD transfer


  • Sometimes fails to recognize peripherals/devices

Price: $235.65
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#7. SIIG Dual 4K Monitor Docking Station for MacBook Pro

SIIG Docking Station for Macbook Pro

Create a powerful workspace with a docking station that can add multiple connectivity ports to your MacBook Pro. A remarkable feature of this dock is a high-speed data transfer of up to 40Gbps. Another impressive feature is high-resolution graphics that allow you to connect two 4K Ultra HD displays at the same time.

You can charge your source device with a powerful 135W adapter that supplies enough power to connected peripherals. Like Belkin, SIIG is one of the reputed brands, and therefore, you can trust its products and services.


  • Dual 4K desktop station
  • Simultaneous docking and charging laptop
  • No need to use two power adapters


  • Could have been solidly built

Price: $239.88
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#8. CalDigit USB-C MacBook Pro Docking Stations – 85W Charging

CalDigit USB-C Docking Station for Macbook Pro

As a pro user, you need a dock that helps you connect multiple devices and peripherals. CalDigit successfully fulfills your requirements as this docking station has ten ports of connectivity.

A striking feature of this dock is 85W powerful laptop charging; moreover, you can also charge other USB peripherals. Even if you are not connected to a Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C laptop, the pro dock charges a computer to 85W.

CalDigit helps you convert your tablet into a workstation. A single USB-C pro dock can charge your smartphones and tablets.


  • Stand-alone charging
  • 85W laptop charging
  • Ethernet connection


  • Internet speed issues

Price: $199.99
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#9. Certified Cable Matters Thunderbolt 3 Dock for MacBook Pro

Cable Matters Aluminum Docking Station for Macbook Pro

Cable Matters brings a certified aluminum thunderbolt 3 dock equipped with HDMI 2.0 and 60W laptop charging for your MacBook Pro. For your laptop with Thunderbolt 3, it is a single cable docking solution that is armed with 5 USB 3.0 ports, an SD memory card slot, Gigabit Ethernet network connectivity, and a combo audio port.

You can quickly transfer your photos and videos by using an SD card memory slot. Further, listen to your favorite music by using a combo audio headset.


  • 5 USB 3.0 ports
  • Dual 4K displays
  • Gigabit Ethernet network connectivity


  • Lacks consistency in connection to Mac

Price: $239.99
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That’s all folks!

Docking stations make life easy as you can connect many devices with a MacBook Pro with less built-in ports. A single dock can perform multiple tasks on your workstation, and this is the beauty of each docking station mentioned above.

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Best Docking Stations for MacBook Pro

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Best Docking Stations for MacBook Pro
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