iGBAccessoriesBest USB-C to HDMI adapters in 2024

Best USB-C to HDMI adapters in 2024

Whether it’s making presentations at work or watching movies, I often use USB-C to HDMI adapters to hook up my phone or laptop to a larger display or TV. That way, I can get a better view and also enjoy 4K resolution when available. It might be a small device, but it’s a handy essential for any tech user’s toolkit. Always be prepared to connect to a big screen with this curated list of the best USB-C to HDMI adapters.

  1. Anker
  2. QGeeM
  3. uni
  6. Amazon Basics
  7. BENFEI USB-C to HDMI adapter

1. Anker USB-C to HDMI adapter: Best overall HDMI adapter

anker usb c to hdmi adapter

Enjoy vivid video quality of up to 4K resolution using this HDMI adapter to connect your device to any TV or other compatible display. It’s super easy to use, thanks to the plug-and-play functionality. Just pop into your phone’s USB-C port and connect to HDMI without installing anything else.

It tops my list because of the premium build quality. The lightweight aluminum casing ensures greater heat dissipation, while the strengthened braided-nylon cable is designed to withstand the twists and tugs of daily use.

Why must you buy this?

Great post-purchase service, doesn’t lag

Check out on Amazon

2. QGeeM thunderbolt 3-compatible adapter: Best compatibility qgeem usb c to hdmi adapter

This HDMI adapter boasts premium copper cores covered with double shielding to prevent any interference and ensure the flawless transmission of digital signals. It supports a 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 @ 30 Hz), giving you that cinema-like experience in the comfort of your home.

Moreover, it’s built to withstand over 21,000+ cycles in the bending test without any worries about abrasion. So, you know it’s going to last you a long time. The in-plated copper wires and gold-plated terminals give the cable excellent electrical conductivity.

Why must you buy this?

Amazing compatibility, 1-year free warranty

Check out on Amazon

3. uni sturdy Aluminum adapter: Best for home office

uni usb c to hdmi adapter

Here’s a compact and lightweight adapter with a user-friendly non-slip design for everyday convenience. It boasts a braided nylon cable for extra durability, and I especially like the look of the premium aluminum casing that provides efficient heat insulation.

It offers 4K resolutions up to 3840×2160 at 60Hz for a vivid, seamless video-watching experience. Further, it fits snugly with the USB-C ports on your devices for better signal transfer protection. You can choose between black and white colors.

Why must you buy this?

Reliable, backward compatibility.

Check out on Amazon

4. WARRKY USB C to HDMI adapter 4K: Best in durability


Stream 4k content from your phone, laptop, tablet to bigger screens with this nifty USB-C to HDMI adapter. It gives you clear and vivid 4K@30Hz high resolution, backward compatible with 1440P@60hz and 1080P@120hz.

Further, no driver is needed, and you will not experience any flickering issues. It’s made of 24k high-quality gold-plated connectors, which provide a stable connection with your devices for stable signal transfer. Further, the premium aluminum alloy casing ensures better heat dissipation.

Why must you buy this?

Compact and light in weight, sturdily built (goes through 4 tests)

Check out on Amazon

5. BENFEI USB-C to HDMI adapter: Superior stability


The Benfei USB-C to HDMI Adapter provides a cost-effective and easy solution for connecting a desktop, laptop, or other devices with a USB-C port to an HDMI display such as a monitor, projector, or TV.

It’s a comprehensive solution that offers two modes. Use the mirror mode to see your favorite films or photos on the big screen. Or dive into multitasking with the extended mode. It supports video resolutions up to 4K, 3840*2160@30Hz, 1920 x 1200 and 1080p (Full HD), and flawless audio.

Why must you buy this?

Superior stability, 18-month warranty

Check out on Amazon

6. Amazon Basics USB-C to HDMI adapter: Best reversible design


I love Amazon Basics products for their blend of utility and budget. This adapter fits the bill and delivers value for the price. It’s got a sturdy build and offers a convenient way of connecting a PC, notebook, or tablet to an HDMI-equipped monitor or display.

It delivers up to 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 @ 30 Hz); backwards compatible to 1080P and 720P. It delivers high-definition audio and video. Further, it supports USB 3.1 and is also backward-compatible with USB 2.0.

Why must you buy this?

Easy installation, Amazon basics’ 1-year limited warranty

Check out on Amazon

7. BENFEI USB-C to HDMI adapter: Universal compatibility

benfei usb type c to hdmi adapter

Check out this yet another compact and portable USB-C to HDMI adapter by Benfei that quickly connects a computer, desktop, laptop, or other devices with a USB-C port to a monitor, projector, HDTV, or other devices that have an HDMI port.

I like how I can tuck this lightweight gadget into your bag or pocket to do a work presentation from my laptop anywhere. Further, it offers superior stability with nickel-plated connectors and molded strain relief.

Why must you buy this?

18-month warranty, easy-to-use wireless functionality

Check out on Amazon

Enjoy convenience with these best USB-C to HDMI adapters!

Apart from these USB-C to HDMI adapters, other little gadgets can also help you connect your devices. These include USB-C to ethernet adaptors to enjoy wired internet on your modern MacBook and lightning to micro-USB adaptors to charge your iPhone or transfer data.

Which of these do you have in your toolkit? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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