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Best USB-C Headphones in 2024

At a time when the 3.5mm headphone jack is on its way out, the market for truly wireless earphones like AirPods Pro is on the rise. Sport a compact and ergonomic design with ultra-comfy ear tips, the Bluetooth earbuds have (sort of) become the toast of the town.

However, writing off wired earphones would be a mistake as yet, considering they are pretty easy-to-use, can go on for hours without needing to be charged, and deliver fairly impressive sound quality at a fraction of the price of premium wireless earphones. If you are willing to get a pair of wired earphones, now is the right to explore the best USB-C headphones.

1. Ecoker USB C Headphones with Mic

Ecoker USB C Headphones for Android Devices

While the market is flooded with a ton of USB Type-C headphones, Ecoker’s offerings have the quality to stand out. So, what set these earphones apart.

Well, first things first, they are packed with 8.6mm dynamic dual drivers that provide crisp sound quality. Featuring Sony DAC chip, it works reliably in converting standard resolution audio (16-bit analog) to lossless audio. Besides, they also do a great job of eliminating background noise so that your hands-free calling won’t be disturbed.

Another quality that makes these USB Type-C headphones worth taking note of is the addition of three sizes of ear wings. So, your ears can comfortably find the right ear tips to relish music.

USP: Sony DAC chip
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2. Belkin in-Ear USB-C Headphones

Belkin USB C Headphones for iPhone

Belkin is a trusted leader when it comes to high-quality accessories for Apple products, so this pair of headphones is an excellent choice. Listen to your favorite audio and take calls from your USB-C device without needing an adapter.

The flat, lightweight cable keeps headphones from getting tangled, while the Innovative design provides a perfect fit to your ear for superior sound and noise isolation. The silicone ear tips are available in small, medium, and large sizes.

USP: Flat, Lightweight Cable
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3. MANKIW Wired in-Ear Earbuds with Mic

MANKIW USB C Magnetic Earbuds Compatible with iPad Pro

MANKIW wired earphones have a modern-looking design. The lightweight and soft form-factor make the ear-buds comfortable to wear. As the ear tips are soft, you will enjoy wearing them for hours during work or exercise.

With the inclusion of 9mm bass moving-coil speaker and 6mm high pitched moving-coil speaker, the earphones are touted to offer high-quality sound. And if they can live up to the claim, you will have a nice time listening to music. Talking about the microphone, it’s at par in terms of getting rid of noise and offering clear audio.

USP: High pitched moving-coil speaker
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4. USB C Headphones with Remote Control Button from WamGra

WamGra USB C Headphones Compatible with MacBook, iPad Pro and Android Devices

Should you want to have cheap yet efficient USB-C earphones, WamGra would be an ideal contender. The earphones feature a simple design but deliver distortion-free sound. And with the built-in mic, it ensures you have a relatively good hands-free calling experience.

There is also noise reduction technology to prevent clamor from hampering your peaceful conversation. Not to mention, the remote control buttons work pretty well in controlling music and answering/ending calls. At $16.99, WamGra is also priced a lot less than many other similar headphones.

USP: Distortion-free sound
Check out on Amazon

5. Razer Hammerhead USB-C Earbuds with Volume Control

Razer Hammerhead USB-C Earbuds Compatible with MacBook, iPad Pro and Android

If you are looking for earphones that can provide high audio fidelity, keep Razer Hammerhead in mind. Probably the best thing about them is the 10mm dynamic drivers that offer clear and crisp sound. The inclusion of an in-line microphone makes it a good asset for hands-free calling.

Regarding passive noise canceling, Razer Hammerhead is up to the task thanks largely to the bi-flange ear tips that are soft and ergonomic. As for controlling volume, the buttons are responsive and do a fine job of controlling music or answering/ending calls.

The company offers multiple ear tips so that the earbuds can fit most ears snuggly. And with a custom carrying case, it’s convenient to carry the USB-C headphones.

USP: 10mm dynamic drivers
Check out on Amazon

6. Biming USB C Headphones with Mic & Volume Control

Biming USB C Headphones Compatible with MacBook, iPad Pro and Android Devices

Yet another highly affordable USB-C earphones that can beat many premium rivals to the punch. Yeah, you heard it right! The earphones have a low-profile design which may appeal to those who prefer the simple appearance. Another quality that makes them worth consideration is the waterproof rating. That means you can comfortably wear them during your jogging or rigorous exercise in the gym.

Even in the sound quality department, Biming can live up to the demand. The Google original chip helps it deliver natural and clear sound. And with the magnetic design, the earphones will stay secure when not in use.

USP: Waterproof
Check out on Amazon

7. CKLYYL Bass Earbud with Mic and Volume Control

CKLYYL usb c headphone

Enjoy clean and realistic sound with these type-c in-ear headphones that are ergonomically designed with three additional soft replaceable earbuds in small, medium, and large sizes. They feel comfortable even when worn for long periods.

They also feature a mic and have a 3.9-foot anti-wrap oxygen-free copper wire that’s perfect for long-term use. Lastly, the three convenient function keys make it easier to adjust the volume, switch songs, and answer/hang-up calls.

USP: Ergonomic design
Check out on Amazon

8. USB-C Earphones with Eartips by CKLYYL

CKLYYL USB-C Earphones for Android Devices

High-quality earphones like CKLYYL deserve to find a safe spot in this extensive roundup. Exhibiting a trendy look topped by super comfy earbuds, they can fit into the taste of most folks. With three additional earbuds of different sizes (small, medium, and large), they also offer the needed flexibility.

Thanks largely to the advanced chip, the headphones are on a par with the best in the business when it comes to providing a distortion-free sound. The anti-wrap copper wire is strong enough to last long. Plus, the inclusion of remote control and capable mic make CKLYYL one of the better contenders out there.

USP: Sophisticated design with pretty comfy earbuds
Check out on Amazon

9. PALOVUE Lightning MFi Certified Earphones

PALOVUE USBc headphone for iPhone

Check out these MFi certified lightning earphones that you can directly plug into your iPhone or other Apple devices with a lightning port. The in-line controller lets you accept and end calls, communicate with Siri, play music, change tracks, and adjust the volume just with the click of a button.

It boasts outstanding sound quality and noise isolation with a 10-millimeter dynamic driver in each ear that has been tuned for crisper mids and deeper bass. The in-ear design helps minimize ambient noise for a more melodic experience.

USP: Fairly good yet cheap earphones
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What’s Your Top Pick?

While MacBooks and high-end iPads have already embraced USB-C, the fate for iPhones still hangs in balance – much to the disappointment of many. On the contrary, almost every smartphone – from mid-range to flagship – has got on board with the 24-pin USB connector system for the better.

However, there is no need to lose sleep as Apple might finally pick the new age connector system for the new iPhones. Until then be happy to use the USB Type-C headphones with your supported Apple devices and Android smartphones.

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