Best Remote Desktop Apps for iPad in 2020

You are away from your office and suddenly remember that you had to complete a major project today. What would you do? Let go of that important project? No longer! Try out these best remote desktop apps for the iPad (most of them work with iPhone as well) to quickly access your Mac or PC from anywhere in the world and get your work done as if you are sitting right before the computer.

It’s a very mobile way of being able to access files and programs on your computer from a distance. While not useful to a larger share of the market, remote desktop apps are used by professionals and others extensively. Since this falls under iPad for business, most remote desktop apps you see are going to be a little costly. However, the focus is on quality and delivering a seamless experience over connected devices. Here’s a list of the top 10 remote desktop apps for iOS.

#1. LogMeIn

LogMeIn Remote Desktop iPad App Screenshot

The real essence of LogMeIn exists in simplicity and the ability to deliver consistent performance. The remote desktop app allows you to get all of your computer files and edit them as desired. You can remotely run and control apps, change display color, resolution and even network speed.

The mouse and screen settings bring about the needed convenience into the play. Make the most of the videos in HD and stream your favorite songs.

With the three-finger swipe, you can switch between monitors effortlessly. Magnifying glass and zoom slider bolster user-experience.

Price: Free

#2. VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer Remote Desktop iPad and iPhone App Screenshot

VNC Viewer may not be as power-packed as some of its biggest rivals but when it comes to getting the job done with good result; it’s up to the mark. With the help of the cloud service, it offers a fast connection to your computer.

You will make an instant connection to your PC powered by VNC compatible software. The app allows you to back up and sync your connections across the devices.

Use the advanced keys like Windows, Command to speed up your work. Even better, it also has the support for Bluetooth keyboard.

Price: Free

#3. Splashtop Personal

Splashtop Personal Remote Desktop iPad App Screenshot

In the world of remote desktop apps for the iOS ecosystem, Splashtop stands right on top. A cursory look at its accolades gives an idea of how popular the app is: it is Apple’s Top 25 Best-selling iPad apps of all time. Besides, it’s ranked #1 iPad app in more than 30 countries including the US, UK, Japan, Canada, Australia. This remote desktop app is recognized as the top business app in more than 100 countries.

You can quickly access your Mac or Windows PC from your tablet. View and edit Microsoft Office and PDF files. It lets you browse the web with the help of Chrome, IE, and Firefox with full Flash as well as Java support.

You will access your entire media library and documents. The app supports multiple languages like English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese. What’s more, you can also play 3D PC and Mac games right from your tablet.

Price: Free (Anywhere Access Pack – $1.99)

#4. Screens

Screens Remote Desktop iPad App Screenshot

Whether it’s top of the line features or standing up to the mark in terms of functionality, Screens VNC is considered to be right on top of the ladder. The best thing about this app is that you can easily set it up.

The app comes with curtain mode to let you obscure the display of your computer for more privacy. Using the smooth trackpad gestures, you can effectively control your Mac, Windows or Linux PC. Share text, images, URL and more using the clipboard of your Mac.

Provide additional safeguard to your content using Touch ID. Features like shortcut keys, touch and trackpad modes, hot corners, AirPlay mirroring support help it deliver the streamlined remote desktop experience.

Price: $19.99

#5. Jump Desktop

Jump Remote Desktop iPad App Screenshot

Pick out Jump Desktop to bring about amazing convenience to handle your computer from anywhere in the world. The app works with almost any computer and OS. It’s quite simple to set up and works with RDP and VNC (Virtual Network Computing).

The Bluetooth mouse support makes it very useful. You can protect the server settings using Touch ID. Being fully optimized to work with iPad’s multitasking feature and Apple Pencil, it allows you to work with the needed flair.

Price: $14.99

#6. TeamViewer

TeamViewer Remote Desktop iPad App Screenshot

TeamViewer is probably the numero uno remote desktop app across all platforms. On the iPad, it’s the best free alternative to Splashtop. It provides you the secure remote access to your Mac, Windows, and Linux systems. Thanks to the intuitive touch and control gestures, you can effortlessly control your computer.

The full keyboard functionality like Windows®, Ctrl+Alt+Del, the app makes it easier to let you carry out the task with the needed flow. It allows you to transfer and share files back and forth.

You can chat with your clients and friends. With 256 Bit AES session encoding and 2048 Bit RSA key exchange, it offers the essential shield to your data.

Even better, the app has the support of several international languages including English, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese and more.

Price: Free (Business Yearly Plan – $599.99)

#7. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop iPad App Screenshot

If you are in quest of a Windows-specific remote desktop app for iPad, Microsoft Remote Desktop is by far the most reliable option. The app lets you connect to your remote PC and work resources with ease. The RemoteFX ensures you are able to get your work done faster and with the required efficiency.

The remote desktop app supports both Windows Professional and Windows Server editions. You can stream audio and video as comfortably as you like, without any loss of quality.

It provides a hassle-free connection to external monitors for presentations. All of your data and apps get the desired security. The support of several languages adds more feather to its cap.

Price: Free

#8. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop iPad App Screenshot

Google brings its own particular answer for everything complicated. In this scenario, it has presented Chrome Remote Desktop to the world. The application isn’t flawless, yet it is convenient for instances when you simply need to sign on to recover a few records or photographs.

Courtesy of the neat interface coupled with the swift controls, you will navigate through your computer with aplomb. However, if you compare its functionality with others in the list, this app lags a bit.

Price: Free

#9. GoToMyPC

GoToMyPC Remote Desktop iPad App Screenshot

As for delivering reliable functionality, I find GoToMyPC a pretty good option. With this remote desktop app, you have instant access to your network, files, and programs. Since it’s designed to work perfectly with your firewall, you won’t require to carry out special configurations for it.

The 300% zoom ensures you are able to conveniently view all the details of your files. Courtesy of the full keyboard functionality with the special keys such as Alt, Ctrl, and Tab, it enables you to get your work done smoothly. Easily copy and paste items between your computer and apps.

With the support of multitasking, it helps you complete your task more efficiently. The 128-bit AES encryption, end-to-end user authentication, and dual passwords strengthen the security factor.

Price: Free

#10. Ericom AccessToGo

AccessToGo Remote Desktop iPad App Screenshot

AccessToGo offers effective and secure access to your computer from your iPad as if you are sitting before it. It claims to run 10x faster than other RDP. It has a useful function bar that displays some of the most commonly used keys including Esc, Tab, Ctrl, Alt, & Windows, etc.

The app significantly improves the quality of maps, video, 3D images, Adobe Flash. It also supports touchpad & floating pointers.

Moreover, it uses up to 90% less RDP bandwidth than regular RDP clients. With the use of touch gestures, you can bolster your productivity. The multilingual UI support further enhances its reputation as a top quality remote desktop app.

Price: Free

Your pick?

With so many highly effective remote desktop apps available, it must have been easier to find the right option for your specific need. Which RDP client is it and what are the qualities you have liked in it? Feel free to let us know your feedback.

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