Best Dictionary Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020: Build Strong Vocabulary

Whether you are a student, business professional, or an engineer, good communications skill is a must for you. The ability to use words correctly is one of the most significant aspects of learning a language. Considering how vital it is to have a strong vocabulary, we have lined up the best iPhone and iPad dictionary apps to help you achieve the desired command over the language. And most importantly, the ability to express yourself with more convincing power.

If you find it a bit hard to spend time in learning new words, you can play the word games. Besides, check out the word of the day to learn a new word every day. There are several handy tools that can bring about the much-required convenience into your learning. Let’s run across this list of the top dictionary apps for iOS to know how they can be vital for your communication skill.

There are many dictionary apps available for the iPhone, and iPad but four really stood out in the crowd. Here are those four apps along with a description of their features.

Best Dictionary Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

#1. iTranslate

iTranslate Translator iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you are a top-notch translation and dictionary app, give “iTranslate” a serious look. With this app, you can promptly translate text and do voice-to-voice translation in more than 90 languages.

You can access the synonymous of any words and also see their different meaning in particular contexts. You also have the option to listen to translation in male or female voices. With the offline mode available, you will continue to explore new words without any interruption.

Price: Free

#2. Logos Bible

Logos iPhone and iPad Dictionary App Screenshot

“Logos Bible” is primed for extensive bible study. With multiple tools and Bible study contents available, you will enjoy reading the holy book.

You can quickly access a number of Bible translations such as ESV, NASB, NLT, NKJV and much more. Choose one of the most convenient reading plans to improve your reading habit. There is also an option to create your own reading play. Besides, you can use the visual effects to change the appearance of the text.

Price: Free

#3. Merriam-Webster

Merriam Webster Dictionary iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Merriam-Webster” dictionary app is excellent for reference and vocabulary building. Through the vocabulary building quizzes, you will have a great time learning new words and testing your vocabulary. With the use of voice search, you will be able to search any words a lot comfortably.

Use the integrated thesaurus to find out the synonymous and antonymous of any words. You will learn a new word each day. The example sentences make it easy for you to understand the real usage of any words.

Price: Free

#4. iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

With more than 2,000,000 reliable definitions and synonymous, “” is one of the most trusted apps for students and learners. You can quickly search for any words using the voice search.

Audio pronunciation lets you know how to pronounce any words correctly. You can translate any words into over 25 languages. The content collection carousel consists of slideshows, word of the day and grammar tips which help you learn a bit easier. The quiz widget offers a great learning experience.

Price: Free

#5. Dictionary

Dictionary iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Adjudged as the number one dictionary app in the App Store in the free reference category in 99 countries (2011-2016), Dictionary is a gem for those who wish to be multilingual. You can translate English into more than 40 languages including French, Spanish, etc.

Watch idioms videos, make the best use of audio pronunciations and etymology to strengthen your vocabulary. Check out word and idiom of the day to learn something new each day. You can explore any topic in depth and even play word games to learn in a fun-loving way.

Price: Free

#6. Oxford Dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Oxford Dictionary” is pivotal for learners. Thanks to the massive collection of over 350,000 words, phrases, and meanings, it provides you a complete guide to any words and how you should use them.

It features 75,000 audio pronunciations of rare and common words along with the variant pronunciations. There is a favorite feature to let you create custom folders in order to access words more comfortably. Offline mode allows you to search words even when there is no internet on your iOS device.

Price: Free

#7. Word Lookup

Word Lookup Free iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Word Lookup” is specifically designed for those who want to learn new words by playing. It works as a terrific anagram finder. Simply enter any 7 letters to unscramble and find out multiple valid as well as sub-words.

It consists of more than 170, 000 English words. There are several smart lists such as letter words, all vowels, not followed by U, all consonants except y and more. Read the word definition to understand where to use it correctly.

Price: Free

#8. Advanced Dictionary&Thesaurus

Advanced Dictionary&Thesaurus iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

MobiSystems has introduced a complete dictionary app for iOS-“Advanced Dictionary&Thesaurus.” The app has got an enviable library of over 1.4 million words. And with the quick search in the offing, you can instantly find the words you are looking for.

Check out the synonyms and antonyms of a word to use them properly. With the easy-to-understand examples, the app helps you make correct sentences. What’s more, you can make the most of several colorful themes to bring in some fun element into your study.

Price: Free

#9. WordWeb Dictionary

WordWeb Dictionary iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This is a great dictionary app for users who want to see words used in context. So, if you are a “word nerd” who enjoys Scrabble or Crossword puzzles, this one is worth a second look. In addition to the dictionary, WordWeb also features a thesaurus. The search has a filter that allows users to select word types (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.), to pare down their search results. WordWeb is a free app, but it definitely holds its own when compared with paid apps.

Price: Free

#10. Collins English Dictionary

Collins Complete & Unabridged iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This is a great dictionary for advanced students and professionals. The app version features more than 2 billion words and definitions that are constantly being updated and modified. One great perk for users is the inclusion of dialect and regional terms. Collins is also a good choice for those who may not be the best spellers as the fuzzy filter and wildcard search features can provide extra assistance. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles that come with this unabridged dictionary, but the sheer volume of words and definitions make it a great choice.

Price: $29.99

Signing Off

Building a strong vocabulary with these apps is a lot easy; only if you remain steady with the task and continue to put your best foot forward. To bring more fun into learning, make sure to take the full advantage of the word games.

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