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Best Audiobook Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021

Best Audiobook Apps for iPhone and iPad

Audiobooks are great because that’s one way of reading without having your hands glued to the book. You can turn on a good book while traveling, on your way to work, at the gym, while folding laundry, or any other time your eyes and hands are busy. There are dozens of audiobook apps for the iPhone/iPad that can help you download, manage and listen to your favorite books anytime.

1. Audiobooks from Audible

Audiobooks from Audible iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Audible, an Amazon company offers a vast range of titles covering almost all the best sellers. So, whether you want to catch up with audio shows, audiobooks or even the famous original series, it’s got you fully covered.

Besides, it’s packed in all sorts of essential features to enhance your experience. Features like transferring the books to your device via Wi-Fi, switching between reading and listening with Whispersync for Voice are really impressive.

Price: Free

2. OverDrive

OverDrive Audiobook iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

As an audiobook app, OverDrive has a lot to offer. Over 30,000 libraries deliver titles via this popular audiobooks app. It reads eBooks and audiobooks, and you can also watch streaming video from your library using OverDrive Media Console (OMC) on iPhone and iPad.

Featuring neat user-interface, the app is pretty easy-to-use and also allows you to navigate through your audiobooks and keep them fully organized.

Price: Free

3. Scribd

Scribd Audiobook iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Scribd is your one-stop platform to access audiobooks, magazine, documents, news, music and more. You can explore the latest topics and get personalized recommendations based on what interests you the most.

Moreover, you have the option to access curated contents selected by editors and business leaders. It provides 3 books and one audiobook of your choice every month. The monthly subscription offers you unlimited access to books, magazines, audiobooks, etc.

Price: Free

4. LibriVox Audio Books

LibriVox Audio Books iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

LibriVox is highly appreciable. With more than 50, 000 audiobooks, of books of all genres and from best sellers, you may not have to look beyond this audiobook app.

You can quickly search any audiobook and stream it on your iOS device. If you want to use any book offline, download it. Plus, LibriVox has the support for multiple languages including English, French, German, Spanish and more.

Price: Free

5. Free Audiobooks HQ

Free Audiobooks HQ iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Audiobooks HQ comes with a massive library. Boasting around 13,000 free and more than 300, 000 premium audiobooks, it’s got the numbers to live up to your billing.

Whether you want books from bestsellers or explore timeless classics to experience the immortality of literature, it has you fully covered. It’s easy to skip forward and back thanks to the easy-to-use player. What’s more, this audiobook app for iOS is compatible with many languages.

Price: Free

6. Kobo Books

Kobo Books iPhone and iPad Audio Book App Screenshot

“Kobo Books” is a fully-featured audiobook app for iOS. What calls for attention in this app is the mammoth collection over 6 million titles. That means everything you want to read maybe just a quick search away.

Another notable feature that makes this app super handy for readers is the customizable user-interface. Plus, there is a useful night mode that lets you comfortably catch up with all of your favorite stuff at night. That’s not all; you can offer up your reviews and also share your favorite titles with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Price: Free

7. Audio Books

Audio Books iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you are hunting for a platform from where you can download and stream audiobooks at your will, this app is easily one of the finest options. With the massive library of audiobooks with have more than 100,000 titles to select from, you may never run out of choice.

You can sync audiobooks and bookmarks across your devices to access them easily from other devices. Besides, the audio playback speed control lets you listen to your books at your own pace.

Price: Free

8. AudioBook – Free Audio Books Player and Streamer

AudioBook – Free Audio Books Player and Streamer iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

With over 7000 audiobooks, this app lets listen to books from all genres. Whether you are doing work at your office or taking a rest at your home, the audiobooks will continue to entertain you. You can quickly search any book by its category. If you want to listen to audiobooks offline, download them to access and stream them on your iOS device easily.

Price: Free

9. English Audio Books- Librivox

English Audio Books Librivox iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Willing to enhance your English by listening to audiobooks? English Audio Books is exactly what you would want to not just explore the rich history of English literature but also catch up with the best novels, history books, biographies, short stories, poetry and more. As it features more than 3000 audiobooks, your thirst to learn will meet with an ideal guide.

Price: Free

10. Google Play Books

Here’s an awesome all-in-one app to enjoy both ebooks and audiobooks on your iPhone or iPad. It does not require a subscription, and you can download books to read or listen to on the go. When you’re done, find your next favorite from the personalized recommendations.

I love how you can easily pick up where you left off on all your devices, including in the car with CarPlay. Further, find chapters with the chapter name rather than tracklist for ease of use. You can also just ask Siri to play your audiobook, which makes things oh so convenient. The catalog runs into the millions, and you can preview books for free to find the best ones for you.

Price: Free

There you go!

What’s your favorite?

So finally, you’ve put your hands on the most efficient audio book app for your iOS device. But before you dive deep into a long reading session, do tell us about your top bet down below.

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