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Best eBook Reader Apps for iOS in 2021

Best eBook Reader Apps for iPad or Phone

Young generation likes to read books but not in physical forms. They prefer a digital book reader. Instead of spending your bucks on a dedicated book reader, you can ask your kids to download some reader apps on their iOS device. If you are not familiar with the world of eBooks, here is our list of eBook reader apps for iPad and iPhone.

One of the primary reasons to endorse eBook readers is some of them are free and allow users to download eBooks at gratis. Like your conventional print books, eBooks also help you bookmark pages and highlight some texts. On, Apple App Store, you may find a variety of eBook reading apps. We have compiled a list of the best eBook reader apps for you to download on your iPad or iPhone.

Best eBook Reader Apps for iPad and iPhone

1. Apple Books

Apple Books eBook Reader iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Our personal favorite is Apple’s Books app, which is a default piece in your iPhone or iPad. Apple Books has an impressive book library; you can choose books of different genres from fiction, non-fiction, crime-thrillers, sci-fi & fantasy, short stories, history, travel & adventure, politics, and more.

It is extremely comfortable to read your downloaded eBooks on iPad or Mac. Apple’s unique ecosystem allows you to access those contents across all your iOS and Mac devices.

Price: Free (Only on Apple Watch)

2. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle eBook Reader iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

You don’t need to spend your bucks on the Kindle device once you download this app on your iPad or iPhone. Carry your library with you wherever you go. When you purchase eBooks on Amazon, they will automatically reflect in the app. If you are a subscriber of Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited, you can download eBooks directly in the app.

A striking feature of Kindle is sample; the app provides a free sample of any eBook, so before you hit the purchase button, read that sample and then go ahead. Apart from books, this app offers you magazines, newspapers, graphic novels, and textbooks.

Price: Free

3. Wattpad

Wattpad eBook Reader iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Wattpad introduces a unique concept of getting your story discovered. Unlike other ordinary eBook reader apps, this one allows you to tell your story to the world. This app has a global community of more than 70 million readers, and writers all are connected with the power of story.

You can read or write original stories and get them discovered by the power of Wattpad technology and community. There are stories in more than 50 languages around the world. Wattpad has also uploaded extremely popular stories that have inspired blockbuster movies.

Price: Free (Wattpad Premium – Monthly – $5.99)

4. Nook

NOOK eBook Reader iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Barnes & Noble gives you access to over four million ebooks on its Nook eBook reader. In addition to this, you have got access to graphic novels, magazines, and comics published by Barnes & Noble. This app gives you more than 75000 free titles; so you can try new titles or a new series.

For a comfortable reading, this iOS app has features like adjustable fonts, line spacing, margins, page animations, and screen brightness. During book reading, you can add notes, bookmarks, and highlights.

Price: Free

5. Scribd – audiobooks & ebooks

Scribd eBook Reader iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Scribd is your one-stop solution to enjoy several audiobooks, ebooks, magazine articles, sheet music selections, and research documents. You can download ebooks and read them offline. This app also lets you comfortably make notes and annotations. You may also add bookmarks as well as customize your font size, type, and background color. The ability to choose between horizontal or vertical page scrolling is a nice addition.

To enjoy Scribd, you need a subscription. It is affordable, useful, and opens several exclusive access. If you regularly read books or love listening to audiobooks, this app is a reliable option.

Price: Free (Scribd Membership – $8.99)

6. Kobo Books

Kobo Books eBook Reader iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Kobo has more than 6 million titles; this means you are spoilt for choices. Apart from eBooks, Kobo also has audiobooks. You can purchase both types of books from Kobo’s shelf. Rich book library of Kobo satiates your tastes for different genres in reading.

If you are reading books to treat insomnia, use night mode on Kobo Books; this feature makes reading easier on your eyes before bedtime. You can lock the screen in portrait or landscape mode; so even if you turn your device, your book never changes the mode.

Price: Free

7. eBook Search by Inkstone Software

eBook Search iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Unlike other eBook readers and libraries, this one has a modern collection of books. If classics are not your type, you can browse modern titles in all genres. Like other apps, you can download books to Kindle, Nook, iBooks, or Megareader apps.

Price: Free

8. KyBook 3

KyBook 3 eBook Reader iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

A notable feature of KyBook 3 is you can save eBooks in all the major formats. Even if you have downloaded eBooks from different sources, you can store and read them on KyBook 3. Next, you can use cloud storage to access your books from anywhere.

Through OPDS catalogs support, you have access to a colossal collection of free electronic books on your iPhone or iPad. Change the themes and colors of this app during different times of the day. To give you the feeling of a print book, this app allows you to turn a page with scroll, curl, and slide.

Price: Free (Upgrade to Pro – $4.99)

9. eBook Downloader Search Books

eBook Downloader iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Gain access to more than 2 million eBooks on this book reader app developed by WeiZi Liang. The app has joined hands with Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, FeedBooks, Bean Books, SmashWords, Tuebl, etc. Read and enjoy classics, fiction, mysteries, thrillers, romance, fantasies, science fiction, and more.

If you don’t want to use this eBook reader, you can open books in your iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, Nook, GoodReader, Stanza, and other apps.

Price: Free (Pro Version – $2.99)

10. iReader

iReader eBook Reader iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This app is a heaven for book lovers. The moment you launch this completely free app, you see various categories shown as beautiful icons. There are categories for Fiction, History, Literature, Novels, Short Stories, Classics, Poetry, Children’s Books, Mystery, and many more. It is mind-blowing. When you tap on any category, you are presented with various books. Tap on the one you like to download and start reading.

iReader is what every book app should be! It is simple to the core and straightforward. The interface is clean and beautiful. You have the option to read books with a dark black background. You can also view the chapter of a book and quickly reach the page you want. Any book that you download is moved to the ‘My Books’ section for easy access. This app is remarkable, and you must check it once.

Price: Free

That’s all folks!

Summing up…

Books are our best friends because they never cheat or backstab. In the company of books, you are always happy; reading eBooks is a trend among young readers. While you are reading your favorite book on any eBook reader, make sure you don’t doze off; otherwise, you will drop your premium iPhone or iPad from your lap.

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