Best Speed-Reading Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

“To read faster” is an eternal quest for every reading generation that has ever lived on this planet. Not to taper off in history or science but there’s been some really commendable progress in understanding speed reading. Many developers have taken some of these lessons, applied them to their apps and produced what can easily be some of the finest speed-reading apps for iPhones and iPads.

#1. Impossible Speed Reading Game

Impossible Speed Reading Game

Should you wish to go for a simple yet quite efficient speed reading app for your iOS device, the “Impossible Speed Reading Game” could be a better pick. One of the biggest highlights of this app is the ability to let you boost your reading speed in a fun way with a little gamification into the mix. That means your speed reading practice won’t be monotonous.

Another feature that calls for attention is the clean interface that ensures there is a minimal learning curve. As you go ahead with the tasks, your challenges increase. But don’t worry, it also offers the needed hints to get you out of trouble.

Price: Free

#2. QuickReader

QuickReader iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

What has appealed me the most in “QuickReader” is the highly user-friendly interface that can expedite your reading by up to 2x-3x. As everything is customizable, you can fine-tune the app perfectly to suit your needs better. To get started, simply set your reading speed from 10-4, 000 words per minute and then push yourself harder to accomplish your goal.

Keep an eye on your progress and find out the areas where you need to improve. And yes, make the most of the two million books, which are available for free to explore a lot. Furthermore, QuickReader has the support of several languages including English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese and more.

Price: $4.99

#3. Spreeder

Spreeder iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Spreeder makes reading more easy-going. By removing by habits like subvocalization and regression, it expedites your reading speed. It can accelerate your reading speed by three or four times faster than your normal speed. As it automatically syncs data across devices, you can start off reading from where you left off on any of your devices. Besides, you can keep an eye on your reading to improve it.

Price: Free (iPhone Pack – $4.99)

#4. REaD EyE


REaD EyE is a relatively new app on the speed reading turf. It will help you acquire a natural way of reading skills. Simply copy text anywhere and start this app, and you can enjoy reading.

The app provides reading support for farsightedness, weak sight, presbyopia, and dyslexia. Apart from reading fast, you can also learn to memorize the content with repeated reading.

To use this app, copy some text on the Internet (or from other sources); next, open this app, and that copied text will appear and flow in eye shape.

Price: Free

#5. Outread

Outread Speed Reading iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Outread can be a boon for the folks who want to enhance their reading skill. With this app, you can adjust reading speed and highlighter size based on your convenience. It features two themes such as day and night and five different fonts to ensure you can read comfortably in any conditions.

You can sync it with Pocket, Instapaper, Readability and Pinboard to make your reading more mobile. More importantly, it saves everything to let you catch up with them later.

Price: Free (Outread Plus – $19.99)

#6. Speed Reading IQ: epub, djvu

Speed Reading IQ iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

When you launch this app, it asks you to exercise every day if you want to increase your reading speed by a few times. It also recommends that you take regular breaks and let your eyes rest. Thoughtful, isn’t it! When you go inside the app, you have many options like puzzle word, memory word, speed number, etc.

Primarily it helps you increase your reading speed and improve your memory with over 20 exercises. This enables you to read lecture notes, books, and news faster. Using this, you can train and also read books at the same time. Speed Reading IQ lets you add books using Safari, iTunes, or Finder.

Price: Free (Unlock all – $1.99)

#7. ReadMe!

ReadMe Speed-Reading iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Whether you are an avid reader or finding it a bit hard to read fluently ReadMe! Can be enormously helpful for you in speeding up your reading. With the clean user-interface and handy features like Spritz which allows you to read fast, the speed reader app can make a good impact. The BeeLine, which is available for the free trial, makes it ultra-convenient to read and improves fluency. Through in-app purchase, you can unlock more features.

Price: Free (Synchronisation Service – $1.99)

#8. Flash Reader

Flash Reader iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

As the name itself suggests, Flash Reader lets you read fast. The built-in web browser allows you to quickly search articles and even save the ones you want to read later. There are different reading modes which you can use as per your need to accelerate your reading. Most importantly, you can customize fonts, themes and font sizes and even configure it to go with words per minute and words per flash.

Price: Free (Flash Reader Pro – $0.99)

#9. Accelerator: Speed Reader

Accelerator-Speed Reader iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Accelerator” can be immensely helpful in expediting your reading speed. The neat interface coupled with various important tools can get rid of the bad reading habit. You can browse and save articles both from the web and supported apps. There are three themes to make your reading more convenient.

The app has a specialized typeface to improve your reading experience. It also lets you access and read articles from Instapaper and Pocket. And yes, you can share your favorite articles with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and other apps as well.

Price: $2.99

Your Favorite?

All these speed reader apps are handy and can be vital in boosting your reading skill. Based on your preference and need, you can pick out any of these apps. If any of the apps mentioned above have impressed you more than others, do let us know that in the comments.

All these speed reader apps are handy and can be vital in boosting your reading skills. Based on your preference and need, you can pick out any of these apps. After continuous use of speed reading apps, you can be one of those proficient readers, who can read 280 – 310 words per minute without compromising comprehension.

If any of the apps mentioned above have impressed you more than others, do let us know that in the comments.

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