“To read faster” is an eternal quest for every reading generation that has ever lived on this planet. Not to taper off in history or science but there’s been some really commendable progress in understanding speed reading.

Many developers have taken some of these lessons, applied them to their apps and produced what can easily be some of the finest speed-reading apps for iPhones and iPads. Needless to say, sometimes, the list looks overwhelming but we decided to cut through and get you the best apps to help you speed-read.

Here’s that list of 5 Best Speed-Reading Apps for iPhone & iPad:

Speed Reading on iPhone and iPad

#1: ReadQuick

ReadQuick iPhone App LogoSometime last week, we reviewed ReadQuick as a simple, elegant and smart way to learn to speed-read as you cover all your read-later/bookmarked articles. As of this writing, ReadQuick stands right on top of our recommendations for two things: one, you get to learn to speed-read almost effortlessly and two, just because you are learning to speed read doesn’t mean you should miss out on your read-later list. Club these two for a smart and productive way of accomplishing your speed-reading goals.

Price: $4.99
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#2: Syllable

Syllable iPhone App LogoSyllable can best be described as cheaper and beautified version of ReadQuick. While capturing the essence of features from the latter, Syllable does have its own unique style. But at its core, it’s the same process of throwing one word at a time, rapidly so that you don’t have time to what is called as “subvocalize.” Comes with Instapaper and Pocket integration.

Price: $0.99
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#3: Speed Reader

Speed Reader iPhone App LogoLooks old-school with a large hint of skeuomorphic design but works great nevertheless: that’s Speed Reader in thirteen words. Speaking about words, Speed Reader is simpler than the rest of the gang here in the way that it lets you configure options. Doesn’t have robust integration but you can still read articles from the web easily.

Price: $0.99
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#4: Fastr Pro

Fastr Pro iPhone App LogoFastr Pro doesn’t go through the rigors of sub-vocalization-removal or other technical aspects but it does quite clearly make reading an altogether easy and fast experience. While you are not necessarily “trained” to speed-read methodically, Fastr Pro does indeed work as an amazing ebook reader which helps you cover articles faster. It’s basically an ebook reader but on steroids.

Price: Free
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#5: Acceleread

Acceleread iPhone App LogoAcceleread was on the list of Education apps on iTunes. It’s good as a speed-reading app and it’s built as a core app that addresses this functionality. In comparison to Syllable, the design is outside what I’d consider as “great” but as a free app, it should come in handy if you’re looking to feel the surface of speed-reading apps on the App Store.

Price: Free
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QuickReader Reader iPhone App LogoThe costly QuickReader gets a mention for two things: great collection of free ebooks to pick from and a school/trainer app because it has almost everything to the minutest detail.

Price: $4.99
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Outread iPhone iPad App IconOutread works mostly like ReadQuick but it’s cheaper, with lesser interface elements that adds to its minimalist feel. Outread is a superior and a fantastic speed-reading app that also makes sure you catch up with your reading list. The app lets you configure the reading speed and most notably, it prevents sub-vocalization (which is a big barrier to speed-reading).

Price: $4.99
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  • So which app are you currently using to boost your reading speed?
    How fast are you reading now because of the app?

    • Outread. Wins hands-down. Didn’t calculate the exact wpm but it’s working great.