How to Set Apple Books Reading Goals on iPhone and iPad

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Among the many iOS 13 improvements and updates, Books app has its own fair share. For eBook readers, Apple provides a neat and clean interface on its default Books app, which inspires users to read more. And in its efforts, Apple allows you to set reading goals in Books app on iPhone and iPad. Avid readers set their targets of reading pages every day, and this iOS 13 feature will undoubtedly help them set book reading goals on iPhone and iPad. Let’s jump on to the process.

How to Set Reading Goals in Apple Books on iPhone

Once you set reading goals, you can easily keep track of how many minutes you read every day. Moreover, this practice also enables you to keep tabs on books and audiobooks you finish each year.

  1. Launch Books app on your iOS device
  2. Tap on Reading Now tab if you land on any other tab
  3. You can see a text in blue fonts at the top (under Reading Now title). That text reads New! Read more with daily reading goals.Open Books App and Tap on Reading Now and Then Tap on New! Read more with daily reading goals
  4. Scroll down until you find Reading Goals on the screen
  5. Now tap on Today’s Reading
  6. Next, tap on ADJUST GOAL, which is under the SHARE button.Under Reading Goals and Tap on Today's Reading and Then Tap on Adjust in iPhone Books App
  7. From the Daily Reading Goal roller, you can set the goal. For example, I have set 10 minutes per day
  8. Finally, tap on Done button.Set Daily Reading Goals and Tap on Done in Books App on iPhone

How to Set Up Yearly Reading Goals in Books App on iPhone or iPad

Like daily goals, you can set reading goals to finish several books in a year. The process is similar as you have followed above:

  1. Open Books app → tap on Reading Now → Scroll down till you see ‘Books Read This Year.’
  2. Then tap on the gray area under ‘Books Read This Year.’ You can see numbers 1, 2, 3. This indicates default yearly reading goal, which you can adjust
  3. After tapping on that gray space, tap on ADJUST GOAL.Open Books App and Choose Reading Now Tab Then Tap on Blank Space Under the Book Read This Year and Select Adjust
  4. From the roller that swipes up, select the number of books you want to finish in a year, and then tapDone.Set Yearly Reading Goals in Apple Books App on iPhone

Turn Off Reading Goals Notifications in Books App

Once you set your daily or yearly book reading goals, you will receive notifications when you reach your reading goals. In case you want to stop those notifications on your iPhone or iPad, follow the steps given below.

  1. Open Books App → Reading Now.
  2. Instead of scrolling down, simply tap on your profile icon at top right corner
  3. Next, tap on Notifications.Open Books App Tap on Profile and Then Tap on Notifications in Apple Books App
  4. Now turn off the button next to Reading Goals.Turn Off Reading Goals Notifications in Books App

How to Turn Off Reading Goals in Books App

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Scroll down and tap on Books.Tap on Settings then Books on iPhone
  3. Again scroll down and turn off Reading Goals.Turn Off Reading Goals in Apple Books App

That’s all, friends!

Final Words…

Books are unarguably our best friends as they never betray us. So, keep reading them on your iPhone and iPad. Set new goals every day, every year. In the process of reading books, you will create new reading streaks and records.

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