While we don't have Star Trek's universal translator – yet! – we do have plenty of apps on the App Store that can help with translation. Translation apps can come in handy when you are traveling or when you meet that special friend who has come from a place where they speak a different language.

It's amazing how, with just a few taps, you can actually make somewhat meaningful conversations with almost anyone around the globe. Of course, you don't get grammatically accurate translations with most of these apps but it's the best way to break the ice and start conversing with people who don't share the same language.

Best Translation Apps for iPhone

Here's some of the best iPhone translation apps:

1. Google Translate

Google Translate iPhone App IconGoogle Translate offers free instant translation services for over a dozen languages. The app translates words, sentences and web pages between any combinations of supported languages. It's a one-stop shop for all translations. It works well for short phrases involving two to three words.

Price: Free
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2. iTranslate

iTranslate iPhone App IconOne of the most popular Translation apps, iTranslate can translate words, phrases and text in over 80 supported languages. It also provides voice recognition support to translate text-to-speech. It comes with a rather cool feature that lets you select between different dialects, male and female and even control the speaking rate.

Price: Free
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3. Voice Translator

Voice Translator iPhone App IconThis is a direct voice-to-voice translate app that supports a variety of languages. You can talk to your phone in one language and hear yourself in another language! The app supports languages of over 100 countries and offers free translation in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish and Russian.

Price: $4.99
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4. iHandy Translator

iHandy Translator iPhone AppiHandy has a slick and intuitive user interface that offers quick and instant translation to sentences, phrases, words and what have you in no time! The app supports around 52 world languages and relieves you from the hassle of remembering and retyping your selections by saving them as history. It has an integrated copy paste functionality and supports social media.

Price: Free
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5. Worldictionary

Worldictionary iPhone App IconThis multiple award-winning app is simple and creative! All you do is point the iPhone’s or iPad’s camera at a word and Worldictionary will instantly define and translate it! You really don’t need to manually type words or take pictures. This app will be your indispensable travel tool primed to give you translation on-the-go. It works just like WordLens but it has more features on it.

Price: $2.99
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Got a favorite that we missed? Tell us about your favorite translation app in the comments.