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With iOS 11, Siri can let you promptly translate text into different languages. However, it doesn't support too many languages. Hence, you would need to have these best iPhone and iPad translation apps to speak and translate text in multiple world languages; especially when you are traveling abroad!

Translation apps can come in handy when you meet that special friend who has come from a place where they speak a different language. It's amazing how, with just a few taps, you can actually make somewhat meaningful conversations with almost anyone around the globe. With an immensely helpful dictionary and phrase-books just a tap away, you won't have any confusion in interpreting any unknown words. What's more, many of these top 10 translator apps work even offline so that you are able to communicate without any interference!

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Best Translation Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Google Translate

Google Translate offers free instant translation between 103 languages. The app translates words, sentences and web pages between any combinations of supported languages. You can even translate words or sentences without internet connection in as many as 52 languages.

Don't want to type text? No problem. Simply point your device camera to the text to quickly translate it into 30 languages. Overall, it's a one-stop shop for all translations.

Price: Free

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#2. iTranslate

One of the most popular Translation apps, iTranslate can translate words, phrases, and text in over 90 supported languages. You can listen to translations both in male and female voice. Switch between different dialects.

The voice-to-voice conversation feature can be very helpful especially when you are traveling abroad. The dictionary with synonymous and different meaning enable you to easily understand any text. There is also the offline mode to let you use the app without internet.

Price: Free

#3. iHandy Translator

iHandy Translator iPhone and iPad App IconiHandy has a slick and intuitive user interface that offers quick and instant translation to sentences, phrases, words and what have you in no time! The app supports around 52 world languages and relieves you from the hassle of remembering and retyping your selections by saving them as history. It has an integrated copy paste functionality and supports social media as well.

There is a text-to-speech feature that lets you easily understand the speech of any native's pronunciation. Use the phrase book with commonly-used expressions to bring about more convenience into translation.

Price: Free

#4. Worldictionary

Worldictionary iPhone and iPad App IconThis multiple award-winning app is simple and creative! All you do is point the iPhone's camera at a word, and Worldictionary will instantly define and translate it. You really don't need to manually type words or take pictures.

This app will be your indispensable travel tool primed to give you translation on-the-go. It works just like WordLens, but it has more features on it. Moreover, it is compatible with several international languages like French, German, English and much more.

Price: $2.99

#5. Speak & Translate

Speak & Translate iPhone and iPad App IconWhat separates Speak & Translate from the rest is the versatility and accuracy. Using this app, you can comfortably communicate in several languages. To be more precise, it allows you to speak in as many as 54 languages.

You can do written conversations in over 100 languages. Depending on your need, you will choose to translate text in male or female voice. On your iPad, you can carry out interpretation while using other apps.

Price: $19.99

#6. myLanguage

It's the simplicity and easy-to-use features that make this app so handy for travelers. With the support of 59 languages, it provides you the needed flexibility to translate the text. You can quickly access your translated text to use them offline.

It allows you to translate and listen in 20 languages. Since it works fast and accurately, you won't have difficulty while communicating with any person while traveling abroad. What's more, you can also quickly find out the meaning of any particular dialect to ensure your conversation remains a pleasing affair.

Price: Free

#7. V-Translator

V-Translator is pretty fast when it comes to letting you translate the text. You can instantly convert any text into speech. It also allows you to easily switch between different languages.

Just in case, you don't want to type text, use the camera function to get your work done more comfortably. Besides, it works with many languages to ensure your conversation never ends in confusion.

Price: Free

#8. Voice Translator

Voice Translator with Offline Dictionary Pro iPhone and iPad App IconVoice Translator is exactly what you need to quickly pronounce translated phrases and communicate in multiple languages freely. In one word, it perfectly works as your smart personal interpreter!

The best thing about this translator app is that it supports more than 100 languages to let communicate in text-to-text and speech-to-speech modes. There is also an offline dictionary with voice input to let you promptly interpret words. The typing hints ensure you are able to communicate fast. That apart, you can copy, paste and share your translation with just a single tap.

Price: $13.99

#9. Clear Translation

Choose Clear Translation to instantly transform yourself into an able communicator! The app lets you translate text in 30 languages. You can listen to your translation in your preferred language.

Edit the text and save it to use later. Send the decoded text as an email or text message. There is also an option to access your previous translations even offline.

Price: $9.99

#10. Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator iPhone and iPad App IconAs far as accuracy and efficiency are concerned, Microsoft Translator is second to none. The biggest highlight of this app is the multi-person conversation translation. Precisely speaking, you can have the in-person conversation with up to 100 people in several languages.

With this powerful app, you can translate text in more than 60 languages. Use the camera translations to quickly translate words within any photos. Furthermore, it also comes with phrase-books for verified translations as well as pronunciations which are immensely useful.

Price: Free

#11. Language Translator Pro

Language Translator Pro iPhone and iPad App IconIf you find speaking and translating text a bit complicated task, you shouldn't miss out on Language Translator Pro. It works flawlessly in letting you can instantly convert any text into your preferred language. The app enables you to translate your voice in more 50 languages.

Take the complete advantage of full conversations between two languages while traveling to never let any foreign language become a hindrance. Since it has a simple user interface, you will find it very familiar right from the word go!

Price: $6.99

Your Pick?

So, now you know how to smartly communicate in many different languages! Which one of these apps is going to be your personal translator? It would be nice to know its name.

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