Before internet and websites, encyclopedias mostly meant going to the library, picking up a really heavy volume and leafing through a colossal amount of information. With the advent of things like computers, storage and internet, encyclopedia now mostly means one thing: Wikipedia.

You can turn your iPhone/iPad into instant encyclopedia with the help of these apps. Most of them are interfaces for Wikipedia while some are a collection of other resources too. Take a look at what’s in store for someone looking for good encyclopedia apps for the iPhone/iPad.

Best Encyclopedia Apps for the iPhone and iPad

Best Encyclopedia Apps for the iPhone/iPad

#1. Wikipanion Plus

Wikipanion iPhone and iPad App
Wikipanion Plus is one of the coolest encyclopedia apps for the iPhone. There are a lot of features that help you search not just Wikipedia but also Google (and you can configure a lot of it). The app also features history, bookmarks, iCloud sync, capability to save images, and a dictionary. This is by far the best app if you’re looking for a comprehensive encyclopedia app that doesn’t cost a penny. (You can’t get offline access though).

Price: Free
Download Wikipanion Plus

#2. Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia iPhone and iPad App

This is one of the best encyclopedia apps out there. It’s paid but it’s definitely worth what you pay for. Encyclopedia works basically as an offline Wikipedia reference. Once you get the app, you can pick and download Wikipedia contents (based on the language). Since all information is downloaded, you won’t need internet access to use the app.

Price: $8.99
Download Encyclopedia

#3. Global Top 50 Encyclopedia Websites

Global Top 50 Encyclopedia Websites iPhone and iPad App

This is a consortium of 50-odd encyclopedia websites (not just Wikipedia). When you search for some information on this, it consolidates info from all these websites and presents this to you. While the interface might not be as impressive as others, the algorithm and information collation is pretty good.

Price: $2.99
Download Global Top 50 Encyclopedia

#4. Minipedia – Offline Wiki

Minipedia iPhone and iPad App

Wikipedia is the one that comes to our mind when we think of a good encyclopedia. And Minipedia – Offline Wiki is definitely the one that is scaling the heights when it comes to offline versions of Wikipedia. A great interface and some good customization options to make searching/reading easier.

Price: Free
Download Minipedia

#5. Encyclopedia Encyclopedia iPhone and iPad App

This one is for IT professionals. This is one of the finest IT websites that provides quality information and knowledge about products, tools and computers and other aspects. This app is a colossal collection of information found on Think of it as an encyclopedic reference to almost all the products reviewed or featured on the website.

Price: Free

#6. Wiki Tap

Wiki Tap iPhone and iPad App

This is popular because it is easy to use and is very simple. There are simple tabs that can be used and also it copies the contents from Wikipedia and provides you with the most relevant information first. Unlike usual Wikipedia-sourced apps, Wiki Tap tries to present information in a way that meets your needs quicker.

Price: Free
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