If you want to understand today, you had to search yesterday. Pearl Buck explains the role history plays in our life. Knowledge of history actually shapes our life as we get to learn from the mistakes made by our forefathers. There is an invisible and inevitable connection between our present and past. As we move forward, we must look back for some time and ponder over the events and achievements we made.

However, many, especially the young generation, find this subject boring and turn blind eyes to history and historical events. We make our humble attempt to turn your attention to history with the help of history apps for your iPhone and iPad. Remember that without any knowledge of history; you were just a leaf that didn't know it was part of a tree.

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Best History Apps for iPhone and iPadDownload any history app from the list and get acquainted with your past in an engaging way.

Best iPhone and iPad History Apps

#1. Historia World

Historia World iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Though this should be last on the list, I put it first as you can check your history knowledge at the beginning. Historia World is a quiz you can face knowing how much do you know about history. You need to select a category from the app and then start finding the date of historical events. If your answer is close to the date of event occurred, you will score higher in the app. You can win a book to store in your library if you can collect enough points.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free
Download Historia World

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#2. BBC History Magazine

BBC History Magazine iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

BBC is one of the authentic sources of any information, and history is one topic for which you can rely on BBC History Magazine app. Download this app on your iOS devices and explore several international and British topics, which include famous personalities and events of the yesteryears. Go back as far as ancient civilizations, fascinating articles, reviews, amazing images and more. If you are already familiar with the paper version of the magazine, you will certainly like the app version.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free
Download BBC History

#3. World History Dictionary

World History SMART Dictionary iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you are interested in great battles and related information, this app is for you. World History Dictionary offers you more than 7500 historical terms and information on political reforms, wars, dynasties that ruled countries, and more. The interesting thing about the app is that you can use Glyph Translator to translate your own text. Explore its This Day That Time feature that shows you which event took place on a particular date in the past.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free
Download World History Dictionary

#4. History TV

HISTORY TV Shows iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Popular TV channel History is also available in the form of an app, and it is 2.4.0 version of the app. History offers your favorite clips and episodes you watch on TV channel. You can also view new content added to the app; moreover, the app allows you to maintain your personalized Watchlist. If you are fascinated by Vikings, Swamp People, Ancient Aliens, and Pawn Stars, History is a must-have on your iOS device. The exclusive clips provide you information not shown on History TV channel.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free
Download History

#5. Today in History

Today In History iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Get to know every major event that took place in human history. You will get interesting information about world history in the form of notifications on your iOS device every morning. Either read all events of the day or make your selection to specific events like deaths, holidays, births, etc. Also, read quotes from prominent figures of the past; check historical events in an entirely different perspective. Go social by sharing interesting facts on social media and invite some comments from your friends.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free
Download Today in History

#6. History Quiz Game

History Quiz Game iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Another app that gives you quiz game to test your knowledge of history, prominent personalities, culture and major events of times gone by. You need to select the right answer from four options: A, B, C, or D. Win the title of Scandalous Score Booster after crossing the mark of 2000 points; this inspires you to answer as quickly as possible. But make sure that you don't commit five consecutive errors otherwise you will be thrown out. Test your knowledge of ancient Egypt, Greece, China, Japan, Russia, and the Roman empire.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free
Download History Quiz Game

#7. Encyclopedia of World Knowledge

Encyclopedia of World Knowledge iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This is something interesting for students of language and history both. Encyclopedia of World Knowledge provides you more than 330,000 articles, 24,000 images and over 770,000 audio pronunciations from reliable sources like Cambridge University Press, McGraw-Hill, Harper-Collins, etc. If you are an avid reader of history, this app is for you as it gives you detailed articles on diverse topics. Apart from history, the app offers you interesting information on art, science, business, music, culture, animals, technology and others.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free
Download Encyclopedia of World

#8. History Here

HISTORY Here iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

History Here is your local guide to explore historical facts about the area you are visiting in the United States. Once you set the location of the app, it will notify you of the historical place you are close by. You will get information about architecture, monuments, battlefields, famous abodes you are visiting. History Here also shows you historical locations in a map-based view, which can be scrolled on your iPhone or iPad. Get information about driving/walking directions and distances to the areas or venues of your interest.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
Price: Free
Download History Here

#9. Ben Franklin's World

Ben Franklins World iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Listen to the early American history on your iPhone. Ben Franklin's World gives you history lessons in the form of the podcast; now you can give the star rating to your favorite episodes, stream those episodes from anywhere, download them and play offline. The app provides you detailed notes and resources, interviews, and community. The app is your best companion if you are student or teacher of history. It is also useful for history lovers, who like to go back to the past to find solutions to current problems.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free
Download Ben Franklin's World

#10. The Civil War Today

The Civil War Today iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

The Civil War Today is an app designed and developed by History. The app gives you experience the way civil war unfolded. This app includes striking features like Daily Civil War updates “In the Headlines”; photo of the day and other albums; quote of the day; articles and videos on special topics; authentic period maps from major battlefields; everyday north-south quiz; background scenes that take you back in the time and place of Civil War. The app also allows Twitter integration by which you can send a telegram through Morse code.

Compatibility: iPad Only
Price: $2.99
Download The Civil War Today

So, being a history holic which app you downloaded on your iDevice? Do share your choice with us in the comment, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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