How to Use Bedtime on iPhone and iPad

Sleep is an essential commodity for a healthy, happy, and wise life. Improper sleep cycles can affect your mood, creativity, and productivity, which is why the iOS Bedtime feature is quite essential. In this post, we’ve explained how to set up and use Bedtime on iPhone and iPad. But before that, let’s learn how it works.

How Does Bedtime Work?

Between work, family, friends, smartphone, Netflix shows, online shopping, we often compromise on a steady sleep cycle. The Clock app’s Bedtime feature is dedicated to improving your sleep.

After you set a Bedtime and Wake-up time, the Clock app will remind you to go to bed and wake you up when it’s time. But that’s not all; you can even track your sleep. While not as accurate as some third-party sleep tracking apps, but it still does a pretty decent job.

How to Setup Bedtime on iPhone and iPad

If you are setting it for the first time, the Clock app will ask you several questions.

  1. Open the Clock app and select the Bedtime tab from the bottom.Open Clock App and Tap on Bedtime on iPhone
  2. Tap on Get Started
  3. Next up, Set your wake up time and tap on Next.Set Wake up Time and Click on Next
  4. Choose your Alarm tone and select Next
  5. Set your bedtime and tap on Next again.Choose Alarm Tone and Select Bedtime on iPhone
  6. Here Choose your bedtime schedule days by tapping on days to add or remove them from the list. Once done, tap on Next
  7. Finally, tap on Save.Select Days and Tap on Save to Set up Bedtime on iPhone

And that’s it! From now onwards, you will get a Bedtime Reminder and a morning alarm.

How to Turn On or Off Bedtime on iPhone and iPad

  1. Open Clock app and tap on Bedtime.Open Clock App and Tap on Bedtime on iPhone
  2. Under Schedule tap on Bedtime and turn the Toggle Off/On for Bedtime Schedule.Turn Off Bedtime Schedule on iPhone

How to Customize Bedtime Alarm

To manage the Bedtime settings, open the Clock app → Bedtime tabOptions from the top-left. And here’s the option you get:

Open Cloak App Tap on Bedtime and Then Tap on Options

Bedtime Reminder 

By default, you get 15 minutes for your bedtime, so that you can prep for it in advance. You can increase it or switch it off by tapping on the Bedtime Reminder and selecting the preferred option.

Change Bedtime Reminder on iPhone

Track Time in Bed 

iPhone can track your Bedtime Schedule and share it with the Health app, for a better understanding of your sleep cycle. By default, this setting in enabled, you can choose to turn it off or on again as per preference.

Toggle Off/On the switch next to Track Time in Bed. Remember, this does not track your sleep; actually, it calculates your bedtime/downtime during the night.

Disable Track Time in Bed


The Do Not Disturb mode in Bedtime dims the Lock Screen. Calls and alerts that arrive when your device is locked are silent, and notifications go to your history. To enable or disable the setting, Toggle On/Off the switch.

Turn Off Do Not Disturb During Bedtime on iPhone

Manage the Alarm Sound

To change the Bedtime alarm tone, tap one Wake Up Sound. Select the ringtone you want or select the vibration of your choice.

Select Ringtone for Wakeup Sound in Bedtime on iPhone

As for the volume of Bedtime Alarm, move the volume slider on the Options page up or down.

Remember when you have tinkered the Bedtime settings as per your convenience, tap on Done.

Set Volume for Bedtime Alarm on iPhone

How to Change the Time Or Days for Bedtime Alarms

  1. Open the Clock app → Bedtime tab → Schedule.Open Cloak App and Tap on Bedtime Under Schedule on iPhone
  2. Tap, hold, and drag the ends of the ring to change the time.Change Time for Bedtime Alarms on iPhone
  3. To turn on/off the Days, simply tap on them.Change Days for Bedtime Alarm on iPhone

How to Check Your Sleep History

  1. Open the Clock app → Bedtime tab → Show more in Health.Open Cloak App Tap on Bedtime Tab and Tap Show more in Health
  2. Here, select the W or M for weekly or monthly Sleep Data.View Monthly Sleep History on iPhone
  3. For more data, scroll down and Show All Data.Tap on Show All Data to Check Sleep History on iPhone

You can also add the Sleep Analysis data in Health Summary. On the Sleep Analysis page, scroll down and tap on Star beside Add to Favorites.

Tap on Star to Add Sleep Analysis Data in Health Summary

Note: If you use your iPhone when you’re supposed to be in bed, you won’t get credit for that time. Or, if you snooze the Wake alarm, the time that you stay in bed updates to match.

Signing Off

Bedtime in the Clock app tracks time that you spend in bed, not how much or how well? Additionally, it reminds you to sleep and does not help you fall asleep. But you can always use third-party sleep-inducing apps to help you sleep.

I hope our thorough guide could help you! Here are some more iOS features, you would like to explore:

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