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Best Sleep-inducing iPhone Apps in 2024

Sound sleep is needed for a healthy body. If you want to relax, keep yourself calm, pacify babies or want to fall asleep, there’s an app for that! These best sleep-inducing iPhone apps have been created to provide uninterrupted sleep. You can select from a wide range of soothing sounds to create a personal ambient mix that can help you have a fabulous sleep. AirPlay sounds to Apple TV or other Bluetooth devices. Check out what’s more these sleep inducers for iOS can do for you…

1. Calm: Meditation to Relax

Calm iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

With Calm, you can take control of anxiety and have better sleep. The guided meditations, sleep stories, and breathing programs are very effective in bringing your fragile sleep back on track.

The guided meditation sessions are available in different lengths such as 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 minutes. As per your convenience, you can choose the length that ideally fits your taste. There is more than 25 nature sounds to lull you to sleep.

Price: Free

2. Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Relax Melodies” lets you reinvent your love for a good sleep. It features 52 different ambient sounds and 12 brainwave frequencies which are pivotal for inducing sleep. With the background sound support, you can continue to listen to your mixes even when using apps.

Based on your preference, create your own mixes. There is also a discovery section where you can find new mixes and share your own unique mixes with other community members. Read tips and articles from experts to not just help you improve your sleep but also your health.

Price: Free

3. Sleep Pillow

White Noise Sleep Pillow Sound iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Sleep Pillow” lets you take control of your sleep and enjoy every bit of it. The top quality ambient sounds are ideal for sleep enhancement. Sound mixes with up 300,000 combinations can be enormously helpful even for difficult sleepers.

Some of the sounds include light rain, gentle beach waves, birds & gentle frogs, stream. If you don’t like the offerings, you can create your own sound mixes and listen to them even while using other apps. The free version of the app consists of 9 different sounds.

Price: Free

4. Rain Rain Sleep

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Find it a bit hard to sleep as calmly as you would like? “Rain Rain Sleep” can bring back your estranged sleep to you. It has 49 magnificent sounds which are vital for inducing healthy sleep.

Nature sounds, weather sounds, sounds of summer beach, whale songs and many more are primed to stimulate sleep. What’s more, you have complete freedom to create magical sounds that can heal your stress. Use sleep timer to get the best out of your sleep without any hindrance and wake up at the right time.

Price: Free

5. White Noise

White Noise iPhone and iPad Sleeping App Screenshot

White Noise comes with various sounds as per different needs. The app can be used to soothe headaches, migraines and can be useful to put babies to sleep too.

There are more than 40 sounds and you can get additional sounds from the White Noise Market ( for free. Create customized sounds to meet your specific choice. Other useful features include advanced alarm, timer system, and the ability to AirPlay sound to Apple TV as well as other Bluetooth devices.

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Price: $0.99

6. Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds

Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds Free iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds” is both a terrific alarm clock and sleep inducer. You can choose from multiple sleep and wake-up programs to slip into great dreams and start your day with refreshed energy. There are three brainwave types to select from such as Binaural beats, Isochronic tones, Monaural Beats.

With 44 cool sounds available, you will be able to create a soulful ambiance. It has 13 custom alarms to wake you up with renewed hope. You can set as many alarms and timers as you wish.

Price: Free

7. Sleep Machine

Sleep Machine iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Sleep Machine is an app with realistic sounds of rain, beach, bells, clocks etc. You can mix the sounds to create your own sound. The app gives you a volume control option for inbuilt songs and the ones you create.

It has an alarm with fade audio so you wake feeling refreshed. By blocking unwanted sounds and distractions, it ensures you are able to have the needed peace. With the use of your favorite ambient mix, you will be able to bolster your meditation and yoga experience.

Price: $2.99

8. Sound Sleeper

Sound Sleeper iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

You need “Sound Sleeper” to help your baby fall asleep and have better sleep. The play mode includes a number of soothing sounds which your baby would love to listen to.

You can also record any interesting sound to give a surprise to your sweet baby. With the color-coded sleep graphs, you will be able to track and analyze sleep patterns. The simple user-interface and neat features make this app a useful asset.

Price: Free

9. Brain Wave Dream

BrainWave Dream Inducer iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Brain Wave Dream” is a very effective sleep inducer. There are five advanced binaural dream induction programs which can be immensely helpful in improving your sleep. Combining the relaxing ambient sounds with the binaural sequences, it’s able to harmonize your brainwaves.

Each program has a sleep induction phase which produces higher frequency alpha, beta, theta dream sequences. As the brainwaves try to match the frequency, the mind is slowly and peacefully induced.

Price: $1.99

10. Sleep Sounds and SPA Music

Sleep Sounds iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Sleep Sounds and SPA Music” comes with more than 100 relaxing sounds which you can mix and match to create your personal sound. Whether it’s breaking waves or crickets chirping, you have a variety of sounds to choose from.

With wake up timer, you will wake up to the time of nature and ambient music. There is a Favorites page to let you add some of your nice sounds. Moreover, it has six lullaby sounds to put your little ones to sleep.

Price: $1.99

Signing Off

The key to having a good sleep is a peaceful and relaxed mind. Hence, make sure to remain chilled out and enjoy your life to the fullest. Make the best use of these high-quality soothing sounds to induce sleep. Also, check out the tips and expert advice to improve your sleep.

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