Best Apple Watch Alarm Apps in 2020

The key to a healthy life is happiness and a good night’s sleep. The “Early to bed and early to rise” philosophy may seem to be too easy, but it is somewhat difficult to follow due to the hectic lifestyle. If you want to take perfect control of your time and wish to have a great sleep, these best Apple Watch alarm apps for Apple Watch can enormously help you in remaining committed to your set rule.

Depending on your need, you can customize the alarm clock app. Set up your favorite music to let wake up on a brighter note and fall sleep with the desired peace. So, let’s dive right in to pick out the most suitable alarm clock app for your Apple Watch and iPhone.

#1. Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Sleep Cycle Apple Watch Alarm App Screenshot

Wish to find a way to sleep better? “Sleep Cycle” can be immensely helpful in letting you sleep with complete peace of mind and wake up completely refreshed. This intelligent alarm clock keeps track of your sleep and wakes you up in light sleep naturally.

Having monitored your sleep, the app finds the best time to wake you up during the customizable window. Another notable feature of this sleep tracker is that it lets you snooze the alarm just by tapping your device. As it’s perfectly integrated with Apple Watch, you can access the sleep analysis and heart right from your watch.

Price: Free

#2. Pillow

Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker Apple Watch Alarm App Screenshot

Pillow is an excellent alarm clock that can improve your sleep and enjoy wonderful dreams like never before! With the detailed analysis, the app keeps you in the loop about your sleep.

The app is spot on when it comes to analyzing the short sleeping durations and naps. You can check out how well you slept last night and what was the actual condition of the heart rate.

As it also records sounds during your slumber, you will be able to find out the real state of your relaxation. Moreover, the app is fully integrated with the Health app and automatically adds the sleep duration after each session.

Price: Free

#3. Alarm Clock HD

Alarm Clock HD Apple Watch Alarm App Screenshot

Alarm Clock HD is exactly what you should use you to remain at pace with time. You can play your favorite music to wake up peacefully. Make the best use of the built-in sleep timer to fall asleep.

There are a number of colors to let you customize the clock. You can use RSS Google reader to stay updated with the latest news. Moreover, Alarm Clock HD is compatible with multiple languages like French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese.

Price: $1.99

#4. Timer+

Timer+ Apple Watch Alarm App Screenshot

Timer+ is primarily a timer app but does a great job of an alarm app. It lets you set several timers and stopwatches at once to ensure you stay at pace with your time. You can easily add time to your already running timer.

It allows you to repeat alarm up to 64 times. The support of the VoiceOver feature makes it very useful for visually impaired people. What’s more, the app comes with 20 funny alarms to make kids happy.

Price: Free

#5. MultiTimer: Multiple timers

MultiTimer Apple Watch Alarm App Screenshot

Sorry, I just couldn’t overlook MultiTimer. If you want to set a number of timers simultaneously to remain ahead of times or never fail to carry out any important work, this one has to be on top of your list.

It features customizable boards and layouts to let you arrange the timers perfectly. You can set countdown duration for up to 100 days in minutes, seconds and hours. It also allows you to copy and move your timers. Thanks to Siri integration, it lets you carry out important functions more conveniently.

Price: Free

#6. Pill Reminder Medication Alarm

Pill Reminder Medication Apple Watch Alarm App Screenshot

Do you often forget to take your medicine on time? Pill Reminder is what you need to always take your medicine without any fail.

You can customize your pills with colors, photo and notifications sound to stay alerted with ease. Check out what’s the time of your next medicine and get ready for it. The timely reminders help you stay updated.

Price: Free

#7. Rocket Alarm

Rocket Alarm Apple Watch App Screenshot

Rocket Alarm is more than just an ordinary alarm clock. It offers a fun way to wake up in the morning with the rejuvenated mind. As it’s integrated with your iPhone’s accelerometer, camera, microphone, and calculator, you have plenty of things to explore.

With the use of reminders, it never lets you miss anything. If you find an alarm app a bit boring, I would recommend you to have a go at it.

Price: Free

#8. Smart Alarm Clock for Watch

Smart Alarm Clock for Watch Apple Watch App Screenshot

This one is a pretty smart alarm clock for Apple Watch. The app takes advantage of the haptic functionality to wake you up with complete peace of mind.

Using the smartwatch’s motion and heart rate detector, it monitors your sleep cycle and taps you to leave the bed at the ideal time. Thus, you wake up with a refreshed and relaxed mind.

Plus, you can use the bedtime timer complication to keep you alerted about the time left for the bedtime or wake up.

Price: $2.99

#9. Diii Notify

Diii Notify Apple Watch Alarm App Screenshot

“Diii Notify” is good enough to keep you at pace with your time. The app has a clean interface and features two modes: Notify and Alarm. And based on your goal, you can choose the preferred option to not just remain in sync with your time but also never forget to carry out important tasks.

However, what makes this app really adorable is the option to let you personalized your ringtones. For instance, you can record your voice and even download your favorites. Moreover, you will share your recorded voice with friends and loved ones.

Price: Free

#10. Cuckuu – time to surprise

Cuckuu Apple Watch Alarm App Screenshot

Here comes a fun-loving alarm clock! Cuckuu transforms your content into a cool alarm that can be opened only at a certain time. Don’t want your loved ones to get late for breakfast? Well, you can share your alarms with them so that they remain in sync.

To bring more fun into the play, it lets you add photos, videos and even links to your cuckuus. Oh yes, you can also comment on the upcoming events. Do take the help of the countdown to stay on top of your task!

Price: Free

That’s it!

What’s your favorite?

Now, get the best out of these advanced alarm clocks to have a better sleep and stay healthy, joyful and enjoy your life to the fullest. Is any of your all-time favorite alarm clock missing from this list? Do let us know that in the comments below.

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