Did you ever notice for how long do you sleep every day? Do you wake up on time to manage your regular tasks in a smooth way? If not, you must try the best Apple Watch alarm apps that take a note of your sleep cycle, make you wake up on time and never let you miss a sunrise. If you have an Apple Watch, you are sure to love the apps listed in today’s iGeeksBlog. Here are some of the best Apple Watch apps which are worth giving a try:

Best Alarm Apps for Apple Watch

Best Alarm Apps for Apple Watch

#1. Cleu

Cleu Apple Watch App IconNow wake up smarter with Cleu Apple Watch alarm app and personalize your wake up experience. The alarm sounds are no more limited to shorter tones in the latest version of Cleu alarm app for Apple Watch. Besides just alarm, this app can help you in many ways. You can schedule your day by directly taking the information from the calendar app. Most interestingly, it also works with Nest (Thermostat) which is used to control the temperature of your home. PowerNap option is also available to refresh yourself in a day. It supports English and Spanish language. As there are animations and a bit of graphics, the app is of 33.9 MB size.

Price: Free
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#2. iDigital Big 2

iDigital Big2 Alarm Clock HD Apple Watch App IconIf you want to see the time with digital display in your Apple Watch, iDigital Big 2 Alarm Clock HD is the perfect one for your watch. The digital display has 6 colors and comes with 4-day weather forecast. It can be used as a nightstand to see the time at any point of time in the dark. It’s similar to that of iPad time display. The app is not just for Apple Watch users, but it can be also installed on your iPhone or iPad too.

Price: $2.99
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#3. Alimer

Alimer Apple Watch and iPhone App IconAlimer is simple and professional alarm app for Apple Watch which gives you a chance to set alarms and also timers. Isn’t it really cool? You can set a weekly alarm to repeat it every week. You can snooze, set long alarm sound and much more with just a click. In the latest version of Alimer, it shows alarm list on the Apple Watch and you can also turn off the alarm from the watch itself.

Price: $0.99
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#4. Wake for Apple Watch

Wake Apple Watch App IconWake is one such alarm app for Apple Watch which can send you constant taps on your iPhone or watch by not letting you down when tired. You can activate Wake with your iPhone and set a frequency (time period) on a particular day to send taps so that you never forget your urgent works. Anyway, you can check the status about tapping frequency on your Apple Watch. The app size is 4.7MB only.

Price: $0.99
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#5. Seafish Alarm

Seafish Alarm Apple Watch App IconDo you love to see some stunning animations in your Apple Watch? Seafish Alarm is one such app which comes with some amazing animations which can be set on your display. In fact, you can buy more with the in-app purchases. Set multiple alarms by using iPhone which is paired with your watch. The watch vibrates when the alarm buzzes. The interface is pretty simple and is easy to use. Available in English, Japanese and simplified Chinese language.

Price: Free
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#6. Watch Alarm Clock

Watch Alarm Clock Apple Watch App IconThis is most probably the best alarm app for Apple Watch, at least for me. The feature of tracking the sleep cycle is not available in any other apps in the list. The app analyzes the sleep cycle and makes you wake up on time. And the alarm buzzes in your wrist when you wear your Apple Watch with gentle taps and tone from your phone. The app size is just 5.0 MB which is pretty small as compared to other apps in the list.

Price: $1.99
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#7. Sun Alarm

Sun Alarm Apple Watch App IconBy using Sun Alarm app on your Apple Watch, you can set the alarm at any point of time. It supports the Apple Watch and is also available for iOS devices. Calculating the sunrise and sunset time of your location is something which makes this app special. With this, you can play your day and night to manage your work accordingly. And guess what? The app size is just 0.6MB which is negligible.

Price: $1.99
Download Sun Alarm

#8. My Clock 2 with Apple Watch

My Clock 2 Apple Watch App IconWhat if you were said that whatever you draw on iPhone will be your Apple Watch alarm display? Well, if that is possible, My Clock 2 would be the best pick, especially for kids. No matter what you draw on your iPhone (by using My Clock 2 app) will display on the watch alarm. And what you record on your phone can be set to alarm tone on your Apple Watch. All this is available for free of cost, but in-app purchases will cost you $0.99.

Price: Free
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This ends the list of best Apple Watch alarm apps and I hope these will surely help you to wake up on time and you never miss a sunrise (if you really love it). You can check out other best third party apps for Apple Watch which we listed few days before. To get more updates on smartwatches, stay tuned to out Apple Watch section.