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Best alarm apps for Apple Watch in 2024

Apple Watch can work wonders for your sleep health. But did you know that it could also wake you up in the best way possible? You need to try these best alarm apps for Apple Watch to know more. Our day can depend on the mood we wake up in. So, let’s manifest beautiful, non-groggy days with the help of science and these Apple Watch alarm apps. Read the app descriptions to know what I am talking about.

  1. Sleep Cycle alarm clock
  2. Pillow
  3. AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch
  4. Timer+
  5. Sleepzy
  6. MultiTimer
  7. Pill Reminder Medication Alarm

1. Sleep Cycle alarm clock – Editor’s choice

Sleep Cycle alarm clock Apple Watch alarm app

Wish to find a way to sleep better? “Sleep Cycle” can be immensely helpful in letting you sleep with complete peace of mind and wake up completely refreshed. This intelligent alarm clock keeps track of your sleep and wakes you up in light sleep naturally.

Including monitoring your sleep, the app finds the best time to wake you up during the customizable window. Another notable feature of this sleep tracker is that it lets you snooze the alarm just by tapping your device. As it’s perfectly integrated with Apple Watch, you can access the sleep analysis and heart right from your watch.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $1.99)


2. Pillow – Auto Sleep Tracker

pillow automatic sleep tracker apple watch alarm app screenshot

Pillow is an excellent alarm clock that can improve your sleep and enjoy wonderful dreams like never before! With the detailed analysis, the app keeps you in the loop about your sleep.

The app is spot on when it comes to analyzing the short sleeping durations and naps. You can check out how well you slept last night and the actual condition of your heart rate.

As it also records sounds during your slumber, you will find out the real state of your relaxation. Moreover, the app is fully integrated with the Health app and automatically adds the sleep duration after each session.

Price: Free (Monthly Premium Features – $4.49)


3. AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch

autosleep track sleep apple watch alarm app screenshot

AutoSleep is a wholesome sleep tracking app that features a simple and effective alarm clock feature. Just download the app, tweak the setting as per your preference, and the rest will be handled.

Employing an advanced heuristics system monitors your sleep, whether you are wearing the watch or not. Moreover, you don’t need to activate the app daily before bedtime; it automatically tracks sleep.

It uses Apple’s HealthKit and iOS framework to record your downtime. And if you are wearing the watch during sleep, it monitors and scores the restlessness, time awake, and heart rate.

Price: $3.99


4. Timer+ · multiple timers

timer apple watch alarm app screenshot

Timer+ is primarily a timer app but does a great job of an alarm app. It lets you set several timers and stopwatches at once to ensure you stay at pace with your time. You can easily add time to your already running timer.

It allows you to repeat alarm up to 64 times. The support of the VoiceOver feature makes it very useful for visually impaired people. What’s more, the app comes with 20 funny alarms to make kids happy.

Price: Free (Timer+ Pro – $2.99)


5. Sleepzy – Sleep Cycle Tracker

sleepzy - sleep cycle tracker apple watch alarm app screenshot

More than just an ordinary alarm clock, it’s a pretty smart one. Sleepzy tracks sleep patterns and wake you up during the lightest sleep phase. Thanks to which you don’t feel groggy or have residual headaches.

The monitoring is not just focused on how long, but also on how well you sleep. You can easily set up sleep goals, track your sleep debt, and know and improve overall sleep quality.

What’s more, you are not just greeted with your fave music; it brings the weather forecast, sleeps report, & daily personal advice on the screen.

Price: Free (Sleepzy Premium 1 Week – $3.99)


6. MultiTimer – Multiple timers

multitimer apple watch alarm app screenshot

Sorry, I just couldn’t overlook MultiTimer. If you want to set a number of timers simultaneously to remain ahead of times or never fail to carry out any important work, this one has to be on top of your list.

It features customizable boards and layouts to let you arrange the timers perfectly. You can set countdown duration for up to 100 days in minutes, seconds, and hours. It also allows you to copy and move your timers. Thanks to Siri integration, it lets you carry out important functions more conveniently.

Price: Free (Multitimer Pro – $3.99)


7. Pill Reminder Medication Alarm

pill reminder medication apple watch alarm app screenshot

Do you often forget to take your medicine on time? Pill Reminder is what you need to always take your medicine without any fail.

You can customize your pills with colors, photos, and notifications sound to stay alert with ease. Check out what’s the time of your next medicine and get ready for it. The timely reminders help you stay updated.

Price: Free (Plus Version Pill Reminder – $1.99)


That’s it!

What’s your favorite?

Now, get the best out of these advanced alarm clocks to better sleep, stay healthy,  joyful, and enjoy your life to the fullest. Is any of your all-time favorite alarm clock missing from this list? Do let us know that in the comments below.

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