Best water reminder apps for iPhone and Apple Watch in 2023

Best water reminder apps for iPhone and Apple Watch

Whether it is due to hectic work schedules or our forgetful selves, we often fail to drink water at regular intervals. Fret not! Just pick a good water reminder app for iPhone and Apple Watch and get your water levels right in the most convenient way.  

In this article, I have listed some of the best water tracker apps that work effortlessly on iPhone and Apple Watch. The detailed description, followed by the pros and cons, will help you pick your favorite quickly. Let’s start!

  1. Plant Nanny
  2. Drink Water
  3. Waterllama
  4. Water Reminder
  5. WaterMinder
  6. My Water
  7. HidrateSpark
  8. Waterlogged
  9. Thirsty
  10. Aqualert

1. Plant Nanny – Editor’s Choice

Plant Nanny water reminder iPhone and Apple Watch Screenshot

Will you believe me if I say that an app can be cute? Because Plant Nanny is the cutest app, I have discovered just for you. Catering to your hydration needs, this beautiful app features interactive plant characters that you must plant and take care of. Your adorable plant friend grows a little when you drink water or other fluids.

The simple interface allows you to customize your water consumption goals based on your health and preferences. In addition, the app offers intuitive graphics and charts to track your day-to-day hydration levels. Plant Nanny sends automated hydration reminders to ensure you are never parched. 

Switch between 7 unique plant characters for added fun. Feel free to customize your plants, buy new pots, and raise them in your greenhouse. Moreover, you can grab some amazing gifts and rewards by participating in the monthly Hydration Challenge or other in-app motivating challenges. Now, you know why Plant Nanny is one of the most popular drink water reminder apps for iPhone.  


  • Intuitive graphics and charts 
  • Multiple customizations 
  • Monthly challenges to earn rewards 
  • Automated reminders 


  • Can be a bit distractive 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 


2. Drink Water – Set reminders for your water intake

Drink Water best water reminder app for iPhone and Apple Watch

Keep your body hydrated and your skin glowing with the Drink Water app. This iPhone and Apple Watch-compatible portal houses an easy-to-use interface that makes it a suitable choice for anyone struggling to keep up with their water needs. The in-app water intake calculator decides your everyday water consumption based on your weight, sex, and weather.

With reminders, you can know when you must consume that ignored glass of water. Moreover, customizations allow you to adjust the timing of these reminders and push notifications. There is an automatic bedtime mode that saves you from the buggy notification noise in the middle of the night.   

The graphical illustration of your hydration levels and everyday water intake ensures proper analysis of the loopholes in your consumption patterns. In addition, the Consumption Chart Statistics give you detailed information about your hydration level. These recorded logs of your water consumption levels help you make necessary changes per your body’s requirements. 


  • Customizable reminders 
  • Exclusive bedtime mode 
  • Graphs for better analysis 


  • Tricky interface

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 


3. Waterllama – Tracks every beverage for you

Waterllama best water reminder app for iPhone and Apple Watch

Waterllama is one of the best water reminder apps for iPhone and Apple Watch. Packed with a fun interface, this award-winning app offers an easy way to log your water intake. The app houses nine exciting healthy challenges to keep you motivated towards hydration. This Apple Watch-friendly app has 45 adorable animal characters, which you can collect to build a new healthy habit. Trust me; you will love to get them all.  

You can start your water logging journey with Waterllama by providing information like your weight, weather, gender, activity level, etc. Next, based on this data, the portal suggests a customizable daily liquid intake goal for water or any of the 40+ beverage options available. Moreover, you can participate in the monthly in-app events and stay motivated.   

Customize your reminders, alert tones, and beverages. With this single app, you can track water consumption, maintain streaks, and create a water intake goal and calendar. In addition, the app keeps a record of your beverage intake and allows you to access the history anytime you want.   


  • Interactive characters 
  • Customizable reminders 
  • Multiple beverage options to pick 
  • Accurate reminders


  • Limited functions

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


4. Water Reminder – Customizable water tracker for Apple Watch

Water Reminder best water reminder app for iPhone and Apple Watch

If you are a forgetful being like me, the Water Reminder app is the perfect tool for you. The app helps you calculate your everyday bodily water needs, track your hydration patterns, and remind you to drink water per your set goal. Get timely notifications from the portal based on your customizations, suiting your wake-up and sleep time.   

Unlike most water tracker apps, Water Reminder- Daily Tracker adopts a unique method to keep you motivated. It offers a detailed breakdown of the fluids consumed by you each day. Thus allowing you to understand your beverage consumption easily. For instance, you can track how many cups of tea or coffee you are taking in a day, eventually disrupting your sleep. Smart, right? 

The eye-pleasing design of the portal won’t allow you to ditch the app in a short span. Here, you get an appealing visual illustration of every fluid you consume daily, making it convenient to categorize them. Further, you can track fluid consumption history based on days, weeks, and months. The app works in sync with the Apple Health app.   


  • Intuitive illustration-based interface 
  • Customizable push notifications 
  • Nutritional breakdown of beverages 


  • Limited options in the free version 

Price: Free (In-ap purchases start at $0.99) 


5. WaterMinder – Get rewarded for every achievement

WaterMinder best water reminder app for iPhone and Apple Watch

The WaterMinder app offers an intuitive interface to help you keep your body well-hydrated. Whether it is about tracking your everyday water needs or reminding you to take your next glass of water – WaterMinder does both. This iOS and Android-friendly app calculates your daily water intake goal based on weight, weather, and activity levels.  

By default, the app sends reminders to your iPhone and Apple Watch every hour. However, for a more personalized experience, you can customize these alerts for specific times based on your schedule. Moreover, regarding goals, the app lets you set short targets for every day or week and long targets for months.  

Apart from all this, WaterMinder has several challenges to motivate you towards your water intake goal. Here, you can compete with your friends and family and encourage each other to stay healthy. Every time you achieve your target, WaterMinder rewards you after every accomplishment.  


  • Seamless interface to work with 
  • In-built water intake calculator
  • Works on iOS and Android 
  • Multiple health challenges 


  • A bit glitchy

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


6. My Water – Easy-to-use water tracker for iPhone and Apple Watch

My Water best water reminder app for iPhone and Apple Watch

Hop on to the My Water app and get away with all those health problems that might arise due to the lack of water in your body. Upon signing up, the app requests you to enter basic information such as gender, weight, and water intake goals you are willing to achieve. Once done, the app tracks your everyday fluid intake and prepares graphs.

Regarding the interface, My Water has one of the simplest navigations in an online portal. When you provide your personal data, the in-built water requirement calculator suggests the water quantity you must consume daily for a healthy body. In addition, the daily log of your water intake helps you understand your drinking patterns well.

Like most water reminder apps, you can set reminders for water intake. And the best part is you can customize these reminders to align with your routines. Further, the app gives motivational awards for completing your goals and has valuable tips for consuming water. 


  • In-app water requirement calculator 
  • Easy-to-customize reminders 
  • Graph-based data recording 
  • Rewards to keep you motivated 


  • Limited features in the free version 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 


7. HidrateSpark – Works in sync with Apple Health for best results

HidrateSpark best water reminder app for iPhone and Apple Watch

Make your water intake journey fun with the HidrateSpark water tracker app. This amazing portal uses the perks of psychology to help you develop an everlasting hydration habit. The first thing it does to make this happen is to create a daily water intake goal for you. Once you know how much water your body needs to be healthy, you can take the necessary steps to achieve it.   

Keep yourself motivated with the everyday Hydration Score that tells how well you hydrate your body throughout the day. Moreover, the app maintains a hydration streak, highlighting the days you achieved your target. The built-in hydration history calendar gives a quick overview of your monthly or weekly water intake.   

If you need more than this, you can participate in various hydration challenges and compete with your friends. Every win will unlock a trophy under your name. Further, you can integrate HidrateSpark with Apple Health and other fitness apps for an all-in-one experience. Also, do check these habit tracking apps for iPhone.  


  • 40+ beverage options 
  • Hydration score access 
  • Seamless integration with health apps 


  • Glitches post upgrade 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 


8. Waterlogged – Free water reminder app for Apple Watch

Waterlogged best water reminder app for iPhone and Apple Watch

As the name suggests, Waterlogged is about tracking your daily water intake. The app offers personalized charts and timely reminders to keep you hydrated all day. Like other water reminder apps, Waterlogged has multiple server options like glass, water bottle, sipper, etc., that you can choose based on your water intake goal. You can switch between oz, mL, and L intake volumes as well.  

The portal gives you a detailed graphical representation of your water level and daily intake. Thus, making it easy for you to remember to gulp down the much-needed glass of water amid the hectic work life. Moreover, with the Premium version, you can unlock the water reminder feature and receive notifications right on time on your iPhone or Apple Watch.  

Another essential feature of Waterlogged is its seamless integration with popular health apps like Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, and others. Following this, you can blend your other fitness routines with Waterlogged and enjoy a better work experience.   


  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Graphs for better habit analysis 
  • Reminders on the Premium version 


  • Random glitches 

Price: Free  


9. Thirsty – Trusted online water log and tracker

Thirsty best water reminder app for iPhone and Apple Watch

Thirsty is another simple-to-use yet result-oriented water-tracking app. After analyzing your data, this online portal automatically calculates your personalized water intake requirements that perfectly suit your health. In addition, the clutter-free navigation within the app and well-defined water tracking help you meet your water needs without a miss.

Alongside water, Thirsty lets you track multiple beverages with several customizable cups. You can set the volume of the cup based on the water intake target you are trying to achieve through the app. In addition, the portal uses graphs to show your hydration and everyday water consumption levels to help you track your progress.  

The app allows you to set customizable drink reminders that fit your schedule. Thirsty’s smooth integration with HealthKit makes it a perfect water reminder app for the Apple Watch. Further, to keep yourself entertained, you can participate in various challenges and win some cool rewards and badges. Sounds fun?   


  • Customizable cups  
  • Graphical water intake progress report 
  • Multiple challenges and rewards 


  • In-app glitches 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99) 


10. Aqualert – Water tracking made convenient

Aqualert best water reminder app for iPhone and Apple Watch

Aqualert is one of the most trusted free water reminder apps for iPhone and Apple Watch users. With its easy-to-navigate interface, you can easily develop a habit of drinking water at regular intervals of time. For this, all you need to do is feed your personal information to the app so it can create customizable drinking programs for you.  

The smart notifications from Aqualert will keep you updated about your next glass of water. However, the automatic bedtime mode restricts notifications during the night, letting you enjoy your peaceful sleep. Further, you can access automatic notes carrying information about common hydration queries.   


  • Fully customizable tracker
  • Rich interface 
  • Exclusive night mode


  • Frequent ads in the free version 
  • Multiple options can be overwhelming 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


Wrapping up 

Water is an elixir for our body. But now and then, we tend to forget to give our bodies the necessary dose of this life-saving liquid. This is where a good water reminder app can be of great help. The water tracker apps for the iPhone and Apple Watch mentioned in this list are packed with features and are light on your pocket. All these apps work seamlessly on your devices, giving you instant access to their interface. Smart way to keep you hydrated! 

Let me know if I missed your favorite. Do connect in the comments section.  

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