Best Expense Tracker Apps for iPhone to Keep A Tab on Your Expenses

Monitor your spending with ease! Head over to take a look at the best expense tracker apps for iPhone and iPad 2018 and pick out the most suitable one as per your needs to help you keep an eye on your expenses, spend less, save more like never before.

If you can track your expenses religiously, you can actually reduce your expenditures and start saving. But it’s so hard to actually track down every one of your expenditure and keep a tab on all of it. That’s where expense trackers come in handy.

“There’s an app for that” works great when we are talking about expense trackers, but I think it more or less comes down to you, the user. You have to take the initiative to not just install the app but use it regularly, every single day. With that, dive right in and take a look at expense trackers for iPhone/iPad that will help you track and manage your expenses.

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Best Expense Tracking Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Expense Tracking iPhone and Apps

#1. Expense Tracker 2.0- Financial Assistant

Expense Tracker 2.0- Financial Assistant iPhone App Screenshot

The month when “saving exceeds expenses” is Christmas and I feel like celebrating Christmas all around the year with Expense Tracker 2.0. The app comes with a built-in financial and budgeting assistant, custom made to manage your finances and suggest how to save some of it.

Only you can access your account through passcode or Touch code. You will be updated with the monthly financial report on your email (in PDF). It keeps a bird’s eye view of all your finances. With scheduled recurring expenses you need to work really hard for not paying a bill. The customized themes and avatars keep the money saving game an interesting one.

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Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple Watch
Price: Free

#2. Pocket Expense Personal Finance

Pocket Expense Personal Finance iPhone App Screenshot

Why pay a Finance Manager when you have a Pocket Expense Personal Finance assistant for free. An app fully loaded with features, powerful enough to manage your finances yet very easy to use, so that you can understand your personal finance. Using the app allows you to access all your account, right here on your phone with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statics. It’s easy as you can easily categorize your accounts.

Track your bills with customized reminders and pay in full or in parts. The app marks the bills according to their status. It also supports multiple payments of each bill. Everything is password protected, so you are not just saving but securely saving your money.

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Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Price: Free

#3. Money Control

Money Control Expense Tracker iPhone App Screenshot

There are some apps which are so promising that you just can’t stay apart. Money Control is one of those apps. The exciting feature of syncing it with Dropbox keeps all your data safe, secure and easily accessible only by you. A separate in-app purchase saves you from the ocean of receipts, just click a picture of your entries and add it.

All your data is safe and secure in your own hands as no data is sent to the app server. You can manage different accounts and transfers. Keep track of all your income or expense at your fingertips. All recurring payments are created automatically. The data is always there with the automated internal backups and lots more besides.

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Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple Watch
Price: Free

#4. HomeBudget

HomeBudget Expense Tracker iPhone App Screenshot

Managing money and saving is not just a man’s domain. All the ladies working for their families day and night are the best money managers. Here is an app to provide them a helping hand (even the men will love it). HomeBudget is one of the finest expense trackers for iOS.

You can make payment on bills either as an expense or as a transfer or view calendar and bill list. There are bill reminders you can set as per the last dates.

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Create expenses entries by month or category date. You can Attach photo images of receipts or even resize them. Multiple currencies and automatic exchange rate conversion help you manage your foreign funds. Set a budget and track expenses while categorizing your budget in needed categories. Classify them into fixed, variable and discretionary.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Price: Free

#5. Live Expenses

Live Expenses Tracker iPhone App Screenshot

Built for the traveling salesman, Live Expenses provides an effective way to track your expenses, budget and have every little penny that goes out of your hand recorded. The interface is cool, the usability hits a high, and the export feature is the highlight of the app. HTML, CSV etc.

You can also attach media (photos) when you are tracking receipts. The app allows you to use foreign currencies and exchange rates as well. Additionally, Live Expenses supports multiple languages including English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Price: Free

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#6. Spendee

Spendee Expense Tracker iPhone App Screenshot

Who doesn’t love a colorful representation of what they’ve spent? This excellent app is perfect for everyone who wants to track their expenses in a beautiful interface.

The usability and the functionality are as much important as the interface is. It shows eye-catching infographics for incomes and expenses that make it a lot easier to glance through how you are spending your money. With the support for multiple currencies, it’s convenient for travelers.

Even better, Spendee also allows you to make a custom wallet for special occasions so that you are able to keep a tab on the expenses without any hassle.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple Watch
Price: Free

#7. Next for iPhone

Next Expense Tracker iPhone App Screenshot

As for making expense tracking a more simplified experience, “Next for iPhone” is second to none. It has an interface driven by workflow: tap the category from large square icons, enter an amount and confirm it, and you are done!

Multiple screens that can be accessed via swipe show your expenses and stats. You can sync your entire data with iCloud to not only keep it securely but also access it from any of your devices. Besides, you will be able to export your data to an Excel or Numbers file.

“Next” is the most minimal of expense trackers we’ve seen in the App Store.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Price: $2.99

#8. DB Classic

DB Classic Expense Tracker iPhone App Screenshot

Dollarbird takes a calendar-based approach to expense tracking. The app makes it super simple to add expenses and monitor them. You can quickly find out how much money you spent. And based on that it will help you plan and get to know how much money you will have in the feature.

To be able to keep a close eye on your spending, set up recurring transactions. Oh, there’s also a way to schedule reminders for your rent, loan, electricity bill, etc. so that you don’t fail to pay them in time.

Moreover, you will get the breakdown of your past and planned expenses by category and even a 5-year financial projection.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Price: Free

#9. Visual Budget

Visual Budget Expense Tracker iPhone App Screenshot

If you are not a stickler for minimal design and would trade that for a full-fledged free expense tracker that brings a ton of features, Visual Budget would be a good choice. To get started, all you have to do is just add your expenses and income and let the app help you track your spending.

You can also customize the app to suit your needs better. For instance, you will be able to add categories and sub-categories to ensure everything is monitored perfectly.

Visual Budget displays overview tools to let you visualize the breakdown of your transactions. The multiple graphs and charts provide you the right perspective about your money spending.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Price: Free/$4.99

#10. XpenseTracker

XpenseTracker iPhone App ScreenshotXpenseTracker is exactly what you would want to record your expenses and track them with utmost convenience. It features completely customizable categories, sub-categories, and payment types to make your job of recording expenses a lot easier. Depending on your need, you can sort expenses by date, category, payment type or client.

To simplify your data entry, it remembers the last payment type of each category. It also offers a perfect solution to track mileage. Simply enter the start/stop addresses and let the app track your distances with the use of GPS. XpenseTracker supports all the major currencies.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Price: $4.99

That’s all!

What’s your favorite personal finance assistant?

I’m sure these expense trackers can make a vital difference in the way you keep a tab on your expenses. What I like about them all is the simplicity and ability to make the intriguing task of tracking spending so straightforward.

Which one of these apps has won the maximum vote from you? Is any of your favorite app not included in this list?

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  1. Talygen expense tracking app still remains one of my top picks for quick and easy expense tracking for iPhone. It’s a best choice for people that really need help staying on track with project expense tracking. Nice find though.

  2. These is definitely a nice list. But I would like to add one that I have discovered recently. It’s name is KEEPEK. It is very good when it comes to tracking expenses and also creating PDF expense resports. The app is 100% free and there are no limitations whatsoever.

  3. Hey Guysss,
    Try this budgeting app. Its the best one on the iphone!Best of iOS 8 with Expense Tracker 2.0


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