Best expense tracker apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Best expense tracker apps for iPhone and iPad

Technology has introduced new ways of managing finances, moving away from old manual methods to modern app-based solutions. The growth of expense tracker apps for iPhone and iPad is a prime example of this shift. A simple download of these robust apps can save you a tonne of workload, from tracking expenses and managing receipts to tax and budget planning. 

The App Store offers a great selection of expense tracker apps for iOS. Picking the right one might require a lot of brainstorming and investment. But you can save trouble by checking out this list of the best expense tracker apps for iPhone and iPad. Skim through their pros and cons, and take your pick. Let’s begin!

  1. Mint
  2. Expensify
  3. YNAB
  4. Personal Capital
  5. Goodbudget
  6. Spendee
  7. Wallet
  8. Money Lover
  9. Money manager
  10. QuickBooks Accounting

1. Mint – Editor’s Choice

Mint Editor Choice

Managing money can be challenging, but not for people with the Mint app installed on their iPhones. This amazing tool lets you set and achieve financial goals strategically through personalized money management. With this user-friendly money app, you can bring all your accounts to one place and manage them efficiently via the in-house money tracker.

The platform has a bill tracker placed alongside your account balances so you can keep a tab on your expenses, debts, and savings. In addition, Mint saves you from late fees by sending timely reminders for upcoming bills. Also, if budgets confuse you, you can seek help from the budget tracker that creates an intelligent budget plan based on your day-one spending.

You can file and track your income taxes with TurboTax, accessible directly on Mint. Check your refund status or track essential dates concerning the tax payment in a single tap. Further, you can cancel your subscriptions directly from the app without hassle if you have the premium pack.


  • Easy syncing to bank accounts and credit cards 
  • Timely payment reminders 
  • Create savings goals  
  • Loan repayment calculator 


  • Frequent ads and glitches

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


2. Expensify – Handle complex calculations with ease 

Expensify best expense tracker app for iPhone and iPad

Expensify takes pride in being one of the most trusted expense-tracking apps for iPhone. Its automated interface helps you track all your receipts and expenses without a miss. The app is designed to simplify money management for individuals, small business entities, and even big corporations with complex workflow. The super cool features like SmartScan help you manage your expenses stress-free.  

The seamless interface of Expensify codes and deposits business costs for smooth approval ensures next-day reimbursement and auto-syncing with accounting software. Moreover, you can give a break to the traditional receipt system and switch to the Expensify Card to simplify expenses for you. Just link the Expensify card to your Apple Wallet and enjoy safe contactless payments from anywhere. Switching to Expensify can save you time and effort.  

Apart from money management, Expensify works as a personal concierge for corporate flight and hotel bookings. You get a 24×7 travel assistant that analyzes your preferences on the go. Furthermore, Expensify also has several other features, like an automatic currency converter, tax tracker, and custom expense tags. 


  • In-built receipt scanner 
  • Expensify Card for easy payments 
  • Good for big corporations 
  • Helps in corporate travel bookings 


  • Poor refund policies 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $4.99) 


3. YNAB – Best bill manager app for iPhone

YNAB best expense tracker app for iPhone and iPad

You Need A Budget (YNAB) thrives as a popular budgeting app that lets you control your finances. With the proactive budgeting techniques used here, you can set goals, manage expenses, and make customizable budgets for specific needs. Now, if you are new to budgeting, YNAB offers you plenty of default budget categories you can pick to start your financial planning journey.

Once you link your account to YNAB, the app automatically imports transactions to designated categories. Thus, saving you hours of work and effort. In addition, you can analyze the money flow under each category and make better investment decisions the next time. The analysis gets better with the expense and net worth reports.   

Your YNAB account gives you access to weekly live workshops, guides, articles, a YNAB podcast, and an online forum for guidance. Apart from all this, the app has a loan planner that helps you calculate the time and interest. The subscription-sharing feature lets you share budgets with up to six people at no extra expense. 


  • Easy expense tracking 
  • Helps create different loan categories 
  • Timely reports for better analysis 
  • In-built loan tracker  


  • Expensive 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $14.99) 


4. Personal Capital – Smart expense tracker for free

Personal Capital best expense tracker app for iPhone and iPad

It’s your money, and so you should be the one controlling it. Personal Capital is an exciting expense tracker app that brings all your accounts into one place for better planning. This includes your bank accounts, stocks, IRA, investments, debts, etc. The professional-grade financial tool houses an efficient net worth tracker that accurately analyzes your net worth.

With Personal Capital, you can automatically organize your expenses and savings by date, category, or person to match your current account status with the set goals. In addition, you can do effective investment planning with this app. Compare your portfolio allocation to a target allocation focusing on the optimum balance between risk and returns.

Planning for your retirement gets easy with the Personal Capital app. The portal houses a retirement calculator to help anticipate future returns and pick the best one after all the trial testing. Being aware of the expected returns can help you make better choices.


  • Simple-to-use expense tracker 
  • Efficient retirement planner  
  • Net worth tracker  
  • Easy organization of expenses and savings  


  • Tricky navigation  

Price: Free


5. Goodbudget – Automatic expense tracker app for iOS

Goodbudget Budget Planner best expense tracker app for iPhone and iPad

Making budgets and then not sticking with them is a habit most of us share. This is where the Goodbudget budget planner app comes into play. This app allows you to indulge in effective budget planning, debt tracking, and funds management. You can sync the budget plans across multiple devices and share them with your parents, spouse, or friends. It’s easy budget planning, my friend. 

Do you know that Goodbudget follows an envelope-based budgeting system that adds an intuitive element to your financial management process. You can create multiple envelopes on the platform concerning different financial goals, debts, and expenses. This will help you keep track of all the expenses. Moreover, the app lets you schedule your upcoming transactions and ensure automatic money flow to envelopes.  

One of the best features of Goodbudget is the insightful pie-chart reports that help you study and analyze your expenses. Following the analysis, you can alter your budgets reserved for individual costs. If you have multiple debts, the debt progress reports can help you manage them smoothly —perfect money management at your fingertips.


  • Swift navigation 
  • Envelope-based budgeting 
  • Efficient debt management 
  • Detailed expense and debt reports  


  • Can improve customizations 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $5.99) 


6. Spendee – Get smart money management insights

Spendee best expense tracker app for iPhone and iPad

Bring all your money in one place with the Spendee expense tracker app for iPhone and iPad. The free budgeting platform boasts a seamless interface that motivates you toward your financial goals. With intelligent fund tracking, Spendee helps you differentiate your expenses into different categories for better wealth management. Connect your Spendee account with your online bank account, e-wallet, or crypto wallet and manage your funds.   

The app gives automatically categorizes your finances using intuitive infographics and easy-to-understand graphs. In addition, the in-depth insights offered by the app can guide your financial moves and boost your savings. You can create budgets for things you spend the most on and pay special attention to them. The app notifies you about your progress and ensures a positive cash flow.   

Spendee works as your financial advisor who helps you religiously stick to your set financial goals. Further, if you have a big group of friends, you can easily use Spendee to manage shared finances. The app works perfectly well for multiple currencies, thus, making your travel finances easy-peasy.  


  • Supports crypto wallets 
  • Creates budgets for individual expenses 
  • Timely reports for cash flows 
  • Supports multiple currencies 


  • Complex interface
  • Poor customer support 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 


7. Wallet – Popular personal expense tracker app for iPhone

Wallet best expense tracker app for iPhone and iPad

The Wallet app is your daily budget planner. It is a comprehensive platform with a fully customizable budgeting cluster for users. If you have financial goals but find it hard to pursue them, Wallet can be your ultimate savior. Create flexible budgets and track your spending using Wallet’s easy-to-navigate interface and budget management tools.   

Indulge in intuitive finance planning across multiple bank accounts, currencies, and financial institutions. You can create specific or recurring budgets concerning different expenses to understand your expenses better. Further, Wallet collaborates with 4,000 global banks, making it easy to auto-sync your transactions with the connected bank and expense categories.

You can create multiple account categories on Wallet depending on your needs. For instance, you can add your bank account, club cards, in-pocket money, vouchers, etc., and track them individually. This potent expense tracker app for iPhone and iPad lets you control finances and achieve your set financial goals smartly. 


  • Aids expense tracking  
  • Simple user interface 
  • Auto-syncing of transactions with banks  
  • Individual categorization of expenses  


  • Less features
  • Syncing issue

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $5.99)  


8. Money Lover – Best iOS app for tracking expenses

Money Lover best expense tracker app for iPhone and iPad

Money Lover app gifts you the simplest way to manage your finances. Once you get this app on your iPhone, you can indulge in intelligent budget planning with a few finger taps. This popular app can work as your mobile money manager without requiring a single penny. Whether it is tracking your expenses, income, debts, bills, or other essential payments, you can do it all with the Money Lover app.   

Set financial goals and relax. Money Lover’s impressive money management tools will help you manage every penny. In addition, the detailed information about your cash flow will eventually help you keep tab on your budgetary plans. With the budget planner, you can not only create budgets but also anticipates future expenses based on your past spending patterns. Smart! 

For regular updates, you only need to link the Money Lover account to your bank accounts. Following this, you get automatic updates from your bank regarding account balance, expenses, and income. Furthermore, you can set saving goals, track debts, and calculate costs with the in-app calculator.   


  • Simple interface 
  • Perfect for beginners 
  • Detailed budget reports 
  • Gives estimated future budgets 


  • Lags in automatic entry filling 
  • Glitches in linking bank account

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 


9. Money manager – Control your money from anywhere

Money Manager best expense tracker app for iPhone and iPad

Are you tired of maintaining your home accounts? And seeking the services of a private accountant seems too pricey? Then, the money manager app should be on your top consideration list. The app specializes in personal finance management and follows an automatic double-entry bookkeeping system to help you record data anytime and anywhere. Instead of managing different accounts, you can manage them under one portal simultaneously.   

One of the best qualities of the money manager app is its simple-to-use interface. You can start with the default settings, and once you are accustomed to them, you can customize the settings based on your needs. In addition, you can track your expense categories and analyze fluctuations in each account separately using the graphs.  

The portal uses passcodes to guarantee the safety of your connected accounts. Once you connect your debit card, the app supports auto-money transfers without a glitch. Moreover, money manager allows you to backup and restore your financial data through iTunes and iCloud. You can also check weekly, monthly, and yearly financial statistics for a better understanding.   


  • Graphical view for better understanding 
  • Create different accounts for expenses 
  • Access weekly, monthly, or annual reports 
  • Supports multiple currencies 


  • Lacks income budget support 
  • Limited features

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.49)


10. QuickBooks Accounting – Cash flow at your fingertips  

QuickBooks Accounting best expense tracker app for iPhone and iPad

QuickBooks Accounting app is a must-try app for small-scale business owners needing financial management help. The simple interface of the portal lets you create invoices and then track them with in-app invoice management tools. If you need an efficient cash flow manager, then the QuickBooks Accounting app is for you.

Get all your business transactions under the Cash Flow business dashboard and manage them simultaneously. In addition, you can customize this dashboard and view your profit and loss, track expenses, and analyze account balances with a simple tap. The app gives a predicted cash flow of 90+ days and eventually helps you make necessary payments right on time. Also, invoice tracking gives a better understanding of your finances.  

Apart from managing expenses, the QuickBooks Accounting app helps you track the status of your sales invoices and receipts. Further, the platform allows you to manage your business customers from anywhere and anytime. And do you know the best part? QuickBooks Accounting lets you customize your sales receipts and invoices with your logo and fields. Also, do check our guide on the best inventory management apps.


  • Feasible for small businesses 
  • Easy-to-use accounting tools  
  • Detailed cash flow dashboard  
  • 30-day free trial 


  • Frequent crashes 
  • Difficulty in integrating different app versions 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $9.99) 


Wrapping up!

Smart finance management can save you some extra bucks. The automatic expense tracker apps for iOS mentioned here give you complete control over your finances. Each portal included here caters to various purposes that would otherwise fall on your shoulders. I hope you will find something worth your interest from the list.   

Don’t forget to share your favorite personal expense tracker apps for iPhone and iPad in the comments section.   

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