Best Business Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021

Best Business Apps for iPhone and iPad

A businessman is a full-time executive who has to manage a thousand things round the clock. Hence, any businessperson can’t afford to follow 9-to-5 working hours if he has to stay ahead of the race. And this is where the best business apps for iPhone come into play! Keeping in mind different needs, we’ve chosen the apps that can be enormously helpful in simplifying various tasks. With these modern apps on your radar, you will be able to run your business right from your fingertips. Whether it’s managing emails intelligently, taking control of projects, or planning the tasks correctly, they can keep your workflow in sync with your high demand.

1. Smartsheet – Project Management App

Smartsheet iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Project management is a tedious task that requires you to be proactive to have the desired result. To keep track of a number of employees and check out the latest status of the projects they are working on, a project management app is a must.

Pick out Smartsheet to let you manage your business projects smoothly. From a distance of a thousand miles, you can keep a tab on all happenings in your office. Moreover, you will also give your valuable inputs in business operations from a distant venue.

The app also lets you attach files, set alerts, view Gantt charts and more. Make use of templates like the project plan, sales pipeline, project budget to give an impressive look to your tasks.

Price: Free

2. QuickBooks

QuickBooks iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Considered to be one of the most accounting apps, QuickBooks is designed to take away all the stress from account management. With it, you can create and send professional invoices and estimates to your clients.

You will also be able to take photos of your receipts and control your daily expenditure. Keep track of payments and record sales. The app also allows you to view expenses by categories. What’s more, you can quickly customize all of your sales forms with your logo and fields.

Price: Free

3. Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Microsoft’s PowerPoint is arguably the most popular presentation app across all the platforms. What stands out this app is the familiar interface coupled with the easy-to-use tools. Therefore, creating and editing presentations is a pretty simple task.

You can ideally customize your project to make a lasting impression. With the collaboration tool always in the offing, you will be able to work seamlessly with your team. Plus, your files are automatically stored to OneDrive for enhanced security and accessibility.

On top of all, PowerPoint has the support for a number of languages such as English, Czech, Danish, Dutch,  French, German, Japanese and more.

Price: Free

4. Google Calendar

Google Calendar iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you want to plan your meetings smartly and keep track of them with ease, go for “Google Calendar”.  The app automatically syncs events from Gmail and update them in real-time. It syncs all of your schedules across the platforms so that you can remain in sync with them.

Have any goal? Set it and this powerful app will help you achieve it. You can also create reminders to ensure everything you want to do is completed well before the deadline.

Thanks to the smart suggestions, it makes scheduling a quick affair. And with the power of G-Suite, it lets you connect and collaborate with your colleagues more conveniently.

Price: Free

5. Spark

Email Spark by Readdle iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Speaking the truth; Spark is the smartest email app I’ve tried. The app has a highly intuitive interface and makes it very easy to manage emails. The inbox allows you to quickly access the important messages and gets rid of the unnecessary ones.

It categorizes your emails as Personal, Notifications, and Newsletters. One notable feature of this app is that it lets you create emails with your team. Times when you want everyone’s opinion to be fully onboard, this collaboration feature will come in very handy.

You will also schedule messages to be sent later. Moreover, this intelligent email app supports multiple cloud services including Dropbox, Box, and iCloud Drive

Price: Free

6. Evernote

evernote iphone and ipad team management app screenshot

Evernote is easily the best note taking the app for iOS. What makes it so handy for business people or anyone who wants to simplify the process of note taking is the easy-to-use features.

You can take notes, attach photos, set reminders, create lists, chat and do more with it. With the use of your device camera, you will scan and organize your paper documents, business cards, handwritten notes, and drawings. Set reminders to ensure you don’t fail to carry out important activities.

You can create agendas, write memos and prepare impactful presentations. Besides, you will also annotate documents with comments and thoughts during team meetings.

Price: Free

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7. Shortcuts

Workflow iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Shortcuts” is precisely what you would love to have to manage your tasks without any hassle. It is your personal automation tool that allows you to drag and drop any combination of actions to carry out your work smoothly.

As the app has more than 200 actions, you will be able to effortlessly deal with your Contacts, Calendar, Maps, Music, Photos, Camera, Reminders, Safari, AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook and more.

You can create awesome GIFs to spice up your messaging. Add a home screen icon to call your loved one instantly. With just one tap, you will get the directions to the nearest restaurant. Read more on how to use Shortcuts App on iPhone or iPad.

Price: Free

8. Things 3

Things 3 iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

A top-notch task manager app is indispensable for a businessman. During a day, a business person has to carry out a number of tasks, and apps like Things 3 can certainly enhance his/her productivity.

You can create a project for your goals and also add the important steps to complete them. Based on your convenience, you will group your projects. The Today list allows you to find out what you need to do today easily. With the use of tags, you can ideally customize your tasks to suit your needs better.

Price: $9.99

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9. MailChimp

MailChimp iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Thought email marketing could be made more smooth-sailing? MailChimp is the one you should use to create and monitor email campaign for a product or service as impeccable as you would ever wish. You can manage a list, add new subscribers, send campaigns and view reports.

Choose from some pre-defined templates to create sensational campaigns. With the use of a content manager, you will quickly insert product images or give the better to your promotion. You can create the multi-user account and fix the level of permission for each account; thus, the entire team can work on MailChimp to carry out a successful mail campaign. You may also like to read interesting stuff on how to start an online store.

Price: Free

10. Nextiva App

Nextiva iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Nextiva App is readied to let you have complete control over unified communications solution. You can send an instant message, do voice/video call with your customers.

You will access your business phone account information and effortlessly update it right from your fingertips. The smart user-interface and neat features make this app immensely pivotal for businesspeople.

Price: Free

11. Logo Maker

Logo Maker iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

An excellent logo speaks volume of your company or products. With Logo Maker, you will be able to create sensational logos, icons, symbols, posters without spending much time. The app consists of more than 100 editable templates which you can use to prepare cool posters or logo effortlessly.

There are a number of advanced tools that allow you to customize your creativity to your best liking. With more than 100 fonts available, you can carve out impressive typography artwork.

You will also add overlays to your logos to further augment their looks. That’s not all; you can choose from 100 backgrounds for poster making and card making.

Price: Free

12. Watermark Photo

Watermark Photo iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Use this simple but very effective app to add watermark to your photos to not just build your brand but also provide the essential protection to your photos online. You can add custom unique logos, signatures and many other design elements to the photos to promote your brand.

With the vast library of fonts, clip art, and colors; you will create your own watermark. The advanced text tool helps you create stunning typography art for your brand.

Price: Free

13. Zoho – CRM App

Zoho CRM iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Managing customers perfectly and keeping them thoroughly satisfied is very crucial for business. With Zoho on your iOS device, you can manage your clients and take care of their ever-changing interests effortlessly.

You will get the offline access to customer info when you are not in the coverage area of the mobile network. Also can access contacts, accounts, leads, tasks, events, call logs, vendors, and products stored in CRM. You will also be able to edit and delete records with ease.

Price: Free

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That’s all for now!

Your favorite business app?

Out of these highly user-friendly apps, which one has caught your eyes? Have you chosen anyone to carry out the specific task more conveniently? It would be awesome to know your pick. To me, all of these business apps for iOS stand out as they provide you with the necessary comfort to take control of your task. Besides, they are ideally optimized to take full advantage of the superior OS.

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