Watermarking is not exactly going to copy-protect your cherished photos that you want to show to the world but it sure adds that sense of ownership and a little bit of professional flavor. We know that watermarking on a software is pretty easy and fast and very professional (if you do it the right way) but not everyone is hanging around with their MacBooks.

For some of us, a quick solution is what we need. That is why you’re looking for watermark apps for the iPhone and that is precisely what we’ve got here.

The app store doesn’t have very many good watermarking apps for the iPhone. There are tons but I’m quite sure that a majority of them is simply mediocre or worse. But then, amidst the chaos, you find some really good ones.

Best Watermark Apps for iPhone

iPhone Apps to Add Watermark to your iPhone Photos

#1. iWatermark

iWatermark iPhone App
iWatermark is a popular watermarking app that has been featured on a lot of popular blogs and websites. It provides an easy interface to work with and is thoroughly professional. The app has an extensive set of features – I’m guessing that you can spend an entire day testing this app out. It’s the best of the lot.

The lite version is free but it adds a small watermark of its own. You can test all the features though and then purchase the app for a measly $0.99.

Download iWatermark

#2. Marksta

Marksta iPhone App
When it was released, Marksta was an instant celebrity amongst all watermarking apps. It was created by a photo journalist who was sick and tired of the watermarking apps on the iPhone. So one thing that you can expect out of Marksta is the level of professionalism and simplicity of use.

It’s pricey thought $1.99 for the app and there’s no freemium.

Download Marksta

#3. Impression

Impression iPhone App
Again, a costly app but the app is well worth it. Impression is a very good watermarking app for the iPhone with a ton of features to tweak. Simple to use with all the usual things like font, orientation, opacity, color etc. Pretty neat app for Instagram professionals who want to make sure their work carries their identity.

Download Impression

#4. PhotoMarks

PhotoMarks iPhone App

PhotoMarks is a powerful watermarking app built for the iPhone. It’s got a ton of features and has a wonderful usability which lets you control a lot of stuff when you watermark your photo. Rendered output is of high-quality and the app works fine and smooth. The best thing is it’s easy to watermark photos using PhotoMarks. Read full review of PhotoMarks.

Download PhotoMarks

#5. A+ Signature

A+ Signature iPhone App

A+ Signature (which has a lite version) is a powerful app actually, which does much more than adding watermarks. Watermarking is just one of the options available in this app. You can also annotate, draw stuff over the photo and add your own signature to the photo. Some people like to add signatures to their photos instead of mere watermarks. This app is for you guys.

Download A+ Signature

#6. PhotoMarkr

PhotoMarkr iPhone App
PhotoMarkr is a very simple, totally free watermarking app that is – on account of being a free app probably – isn’t all that professional and awesome but it gets the job done well. For those quick watermarks where you aren’t very specific about the efficiency or the looks, PhotoMarkr is kind of amazing. We didn’t test it on an iPhone 5 but it’s supposedly compatible even though it’s not optimized for the iPhone 5.

Download PhotoMarkr