Best Valentine’s day apps for iPhone in 2023

Best Valentine's Day Apps for iPhone

Every day is meant to love your S.O., but Valentine’s Day holds a special significance to pamper them a little extra (am I right, ladies?). I wish it were that easy, though.

A wise man once said, “It’s the little things that count.” But you do not want to go too little (or too extra, for that matter), and the FOMO hits you hard when planning things out. Well, the good news is that it’s 2023, lovebirds! Let technology be your wingman. Here is a list of the best Valentine’s Day apps for iPhone to help you plan your perfect date.

  1. Tinder
  2. Between
  3. 1800 flowers
  4. Ink Cards
  5. Etsy
  6. Airtime
  7. Photo Collage Maker & Creator
  8. Flixster
  9. OpenTable

1. Tinder: Find your ideal match!

Tinder Valentine's Day app for iPhone screenshot

Ted has always raised my dating expectations, especially in this scene. Where do we find men like these? The answer to this question is Tinder! Sounds quite funny, doesn’t it? According to a Statista’s report, a whopping 30% of the US adult population uses Tinder, and the userbase is increasing with each quarter. Due to the novel corona, zoom dates are the new normal too!

Meet your perfect match on Tinder

Don’t think twice; install the app, complete your profile, and swipe for love. You never know; one of your matches can end up being the one for you! If not, you still get yourself a date for Valentine’s (a win-win situation for everyone).

Price: Free (In-App purchases start at $0.99)


2. Between: A lover’s paradise

Between Valentine's Day app for iPhone screenshot

Ever wanted to move in with your partner? Between is an app that lets you achieve it virtually. An app designed especially for couples, Between gives you all the space you want with your partners.

Send more romantic texts, store unforgettable memories within the app, and have them stored even after you change your phones. You can also feed your schedules and essential dates and check on your partner’s schedules to plan important events together. Moreover, its free calling feature is safe to use and fully encrypted. Also available on iWatch!

Price: Free (In-App purchases start at $0.99)


3. 1800 flowers: Send flowers

1800 flowers Valentine's Day app for iPhone screenshot

A romantic date needs to have flowers. But what if your S.O. stays far, far away, or is quarantined someplace? 1800 flowers are the perfect flower delivery app that can help you with same-day delivery across 195 countries. From breathtaking roses to lovely orchids, this app offers it all.

I would also suggest sending flowers to ask her out and carry one yourself while meeting her.

Price: Free


4. Ink Cards: Share the love by sending custom cards

Ink Cards Valentine's Day app for iPhone screenshot

This app is an opportunity for singles to get creative. Add your photos to the app, choose a perfect message to ask her out, and voilà! You have a customized card for your loved one. This app is a gem for sure as it lets you take the conventional way of sending a card across, adding to the vintage feel. Indeed a go-getter, if your S.O. likes Casablanca or wants you to be creative in your methods.

A flat $2 fee as a developmental cost is all it takes for that smile you’ll cherish for days.

Price: Free


5. Etsy: Find unique Valentine gifts

Etsy Valentine's Day app for iPhone screenshot

Indeed, there is no creative marketplace, quite like Etsy. Etsy is a creative app when it comes to buying the perfect gift for your partners; it offers a wide variety of products, from handcrafted jewelry, vintage goods for his wardrobe to DIY kits to boost your creativity.

Order a prolific gift for your partner or get a DIY kit and create something together. Extremely easy to use, faster delivery, and let’s admit it- the handmade gift is a different feeling altogether.

Price: Free


6. Airtime: Watch together, live together

Airtime Valentine's Day app for iPhone screenshot

Accentuate your virtual dating experience with this video streaming app, a platform that lets you create your room and stream content at the same time. Choose from a wide variety of options to watch movies across different genres, twitch, stream music together, or watch pictures and videos from your phone.

Passionate about gaming? Watch gaming streams together, chat, or video call at the same time. This app is a must-have if you and your S.O. do not live in the same city and wish to have a movie-date sorta experience.

Price: Free


NOTE: Looking for a bigger content library, then head on to Netflix.

7. Photo Collage Maker & Creator: Make love collages!

Photo Collage Maker and Creator Valentine's Day app for iPhone screenshot

Paint a picture of your love saga by using Photo Collage Maker and Creator. With hundreds of layouts to choose from, pick your favorite, and showcase your journey with elan.

Add fun frames, texts, different emojis, and even stickers to decorate your images. It helps you quickly combine the pictures into a beautiful collage and share it across social media channels. No time to make a movie, no problem! Let’s make a photo collage instead! Works great for anniversaries too.

Price: Free (In-App purchases start at $0.99)


8. Flixster: Showtimes + tickets booking

Flixster Valentine's Day app for iPhone screenshot

If you are a couple who wins the movie trivia nights, this is a perfect app. With the pandemic situation still strong, it becomes a hassle to determine which cinemas are screening movies and have vacant seats.

With more than 30,000 screens nationwide, Flixster is undoubtedly going to get you those top row corner seats. I surely wouldn’t want to waste my time waiting in a queue when I can easily book tickets from the comfort of my home and get more time with my date. For those in awe, yes. Movies are being screened; you need to be at the right place at the right time!

Price: Free


9. OpenTable: Let’s make reservations for two

OpenTable Valentine's Day app for iPhone screenshot

Remember the scene when Chandler tries to bribe the waiter to get his table and messes up real bad? While Chandler could get away with it, and it looked hilarious, trust me, you don’t want your S.O. to be upset waiting for a table on date night!

That’s why we have Open Table to the rescue. With over 52,000 restaurants to choose from, OpenTable offers a comprehensive list of filters to help you perfect your romantic evening. This app’s best feature is that it lets you send RSVP to your date right from the app.

Fix a romantic restaurant, pick the right wine, and set the mood right; OpenTable will help you find ‘The One.’

Price: Free


Plan a perfect date with best Valentine’s Day iPhone apps!

I would love all the apps on the list, only if there were a compilation of these apps. I plan to use 1800 flowers to ask him out, plan our schedule using Between, and use Netflix to watch a movie in a cozy room with lots of snuggles. Well, you should also use Tom’s love Letters to share a cute message post date night.

What do you think? Did we help you sort out your date night? Let me know your views in the comment section below.

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