Best Apple pay supported Apps for iPhone in 2022

Best iPhone and iPad Apps That Accept Apple Pay

Slowly but steadily, Apple Pay has become the most trusted mobile payment and digital wallet service in the world. Today, this service is available in several countries and has the support for the most major credit card or debit card schemes like Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, and American Express.

That aside, Apple’s mobile payment service works with many popular apps to let you make the payment pretty fast and securely. And in this roundup, we’ve listed out the best iOS apps that accept Apple Pay. So, if you want to take full advantage of Apple’s mobile payment technology and are looking for the apps that make the utmost use of the service, explore the following lineup!

1. Starbucks

‎Starbucks Apple Pay Support iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

When you have Starbucks with you, getting the hot and cold drinks, whole-bean coffee, evolution fresh juices and a lot more are pretty much like a cakewalk.

Based on your convenience, you can ideally customize and place your order. And it will let you pick up the order from a nearby store. When you pay with the Starbucks app at many stores in the U.S, you also earn a lot of rewards.

You can keep an eye on your stars and redeem rewards for free food or drink. Moreover, Starbucks will also let you discover the songs that are playing at your favorite local store!

Price: Free

2. Fandango

‎Fandango Movie Tickets Times Apple Pay Support iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

For movie buffs, Fandango is the way to go! With this app in the offing, you can browse through the latest releases and check out the showtimes.

Wish to have a better insight into a move? Well, you can read Rotten Tomatoes reviews to figure out whether a flick is worth your time. If you ever happen to change your movie plan, you will refund or exchange your tickets without any hassle.

That’s not all, you will also be able to grab reward points after syncing your theater loyalty accounts such as AMC Stubs, Cinemark Connections, Regal Crown Club and a lot more!

Price: Free

3. Uber

‎Uber Apple Pay Support iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Whenever you want to get an affordable and well-timed ride, do not forget to check out Uber. Being available in more than 500 cities worldwide, it’s become the go-to option for travelers.

The app smartly uses your location so that the driver can easily find out the pickup place. Check out the driver’s photo as well as vehicle’s details and use the map to track the arrival of your vehicle.

Moreover, it offers multiple payment methods like a credit card, cash, Apple Pay, PayPal and more so that you can make payment fast and conveniently.

Price: Free

4. Wish

‎Wish Apple Pay Support iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Known as one of the best shopping apps in the world, “Wish” can let you buy products at cheap prices. You can browse through all the hottest offers and grab them at up to 60-90% discounts on several things like men’s clothing, popular fashion, baby items, shoes, electronics, women’s clothing and more.

Thanks to the Wish Express, the app claims to provide faster deliveries in the EU. If you aren’t satisfied with the items you’ve purchased, you can easily refund them. Furthermore, it offers reliable customer service so that there is no problem in getting a refund or asking any queries.

Price: Free

5. Airbnb

‎Airbnb Apple Pay Support iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Airbnb” is an excellent asset for travelers. Whether you wish to discover famous travel adventures or want to take a peek at the wonderful places, it can live up to your task.

Explore more than 4 million vacation home rentals across 191 countries to book a nice one to enjoy a vacation with your loved ones. With the multiple filtering options like price, neighborhood, amenities, finding a perfect home should be pretty simple.

You can also invite your friends to plan a great trip with you. Moreover, it offers a host guidebook to let you share special things about your neighborhood.

Price: Free

6. Instacart

‎Instacart Apple Pay Support iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

As long as Instacart is with you, shopping fresh groceries including meat, dairy, eggs, drinks, snacks, bulk items, baby products, etc. Will be pretty easy.

This app offers deliveries in several cities like San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Chicago, Austin and more.

Explore a number of stores and shop from the ones that provide a better deal. You can choose the ideal delivery time and connect with your favorite shoppers right from the app. Besides, it also lets you track the delivery and find out exactly when it will hit the desired destination.

Price: Free

7. Groupon

‎Groupon Apple Pay Support iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Groupon” is a top-notch destination for shoppers. The reason why I find this app spot on is that it offers up to 70% discounts on the hottest things.

From whopping discounts on the gym, the latest fashion trends to famous restaurants, it has got you fully covered. So, you will be able to cash-in-on the exclusive deals to save tons of bucks.

Make the most of promo codes and smart savings alerts to never miss a great offer. Even better, when you dine at the participating Groupon+ restaurants, you will get up to 30% cash back.

Price: Free

8. Apple Store

‎Apple Store Apple Pay Support iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Apple Store” app is what you need at your disposal to easily shop the hottest Apple products and accessories. Depending on the type of products you have, the app also offers personalized recommendations. So, you can quickly find your favorite deals.

The app lets you securely pay with Apple Pay and allows you to keep an eye on your orders with ease. What’s more, you can use this app to sign up for Today at Apple sessions as well.

Price: Free

9. Etsy

‎Etsy Apple Pay Support iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you love buying unique items, Etsy has to be your top pick. With this app, you can explore the global marketplace of beautifully handmade, vintage, and creative goods.

It offers curated collections of fascinating gifts. Not to mention the remarkable wedding ideas and handmade jewelry that can instantly arrest your attention.

To ensure you can effortlessly find out most attractive stuff, the app also provides personalized recommendations for eye-catching jewelry, art, clothing, and furniture.

Price: Free

10. Staples

‎Staples Apple Pay Support iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

For a more personalized shopping experience, “Staples) is a fine bet. You can search through a wide range of items and add the most suitable ones to your cart.

Take advantage of the barcode scanner to easily check out prices and make the most of the tracking feature to keep a close watch on your orders.

Have a look at all of your past transactions and quickly reorder your favorite items. That’s not all, you can add your AIR MILES number to your account to get some special rewards.

Price: Free

What About Exploring More Stores, Websites, and Apps that Support Apple Pay?

Apple Pay Accept Stores, Websites, and Apps

A number of famous stores, websites, and apps accept Apple’s mobile payment service. And many more are in line to get onboard.

So, if you wish to keep a tab on the ever-growing list, make sure to bookmark this Apple Pay website.

There you go!

What’s your top pick?

Now that you’ve got your favorite apps, take the full advantage of the mobile payment service to pay fast and more conveniently.

Initially released on October 20, 2014, Apple Pay has become the go-to option for making payment in stores, within apps, and on the web in Safari for iDevice users. The introduction of Apple Pay Cash (person to person payment) has added yet another flair to the mobile payment technology.

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By the way, which are your favorite Apple Pay supported apps for iOS and why? We’d be glad to know their names and the things you’ve found appreciable in them.

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