Best personal finance apps for iPhone and iPad

Best personal finance apps for iPhone and iPad

Financial management requires your shrewdness, keeping a keen eye on where the money is coming from and where it is going, and making the right decision at the right time. Some persons can earn money, but they fail to manage money. And this causes troubles in their lives. Managing money is equally important, and therefore, we bring a list of finance apps you can download on your iPhone.

1. Mint

mint personal finance money iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Mint” is one of the most popular personal finance apps for iOS. This app features all the essential tools to let you keep track of your spendings and also offers smart tips to save more money by cutting down unnecessary expenditure.

To get going, create your budget and make sure to stick to it. The app sends timely alerts when you are near your budget limit so that you don’t overspend.

Get a real-time look into all your finances from bank accounts and credit cards to student loans. Moreover, Mint personal finance app presents information in simple graphs and charts so that you can easily find out whether or not you are spending your money wisely and the areas where you need to be more focused.

Price: Free

2. Acorns

Acorns Personal Finance iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Acorns” is what you need to start investing your money wisely. It lets you invest your money in the diversified smart portfolio and allows you to add as low as $5/day, week or month.

Connect your credit cards with Acorns, and the app will keep an eye on every transaction of yours and invests the money in your choice of portfolio. You can use this app to earn up to 10% from select local restaurants and businesses. And when you shop, more than 300 top brands invest in you.

Furthermore, you can read news, insights, and interviews to grow your knowledge and become a smart investor.

Price: Free

3. Empower Money Management

Empower Cash Advance Banking iPhone App

Being Time Magazine’s 2017 “The Best Apps of the Year” and Forbes’s “Best Tech Apps for Finance” and having featured by Apple as 2017’s “New Apps We Love,” Empower has been widely appreciated as a fantastic personal finance app.

It lets you monitor your finances in one place. Quickly check your account balances and track spending across bank accounts, credit and debit cards.
Using the pivotal tips, you can build wealth and squash debt.

Courtesy the advanced machine learning technology, it accurately categorizes your spending. The custom reports let you review your spending with ease.

(Currently, the app provides $15 when you refer 3 friends and they activate their accounts. And you will receive $5 for every friend after, up to $60.)

Price: Free

4. Credit Karma

Credit Karma Personal Finance iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you want to track your credit scores with ease, give a try to “Credit Karma.” The app keeps an eye on your profile and also offers personalized recommendations. Therefore, you stay in the loop with everything that matters to you.

You can use this app to file your state and federal tax returns and get the maximum refund. Make the most of your credit to qualify for lower interest rates and also cash-in-on the credit card rewards. One notable feature of this app is that it lets you easily find out potential ID theft.

Price: Free

5. Good Budget

Goodbudget Budget Planner iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Good Budget brings that tried and tested method of envelope system; wherein users can create separate envelopes on their iPhones to allocate budget to different expenses. For example, users can allocate amounts to their monthly expenses like groceries, transportation, shopping, gas, electricity, etc.

Once they set up envelopes, users can easily record and track how much they have spent from each envelope at the end of the month. This is quite an easy way to maintain discipline in spending money.

Price: Free

6. Wally Next

Wally Next iPhone App Screenshot

“Wally Next” makes finance management stress-free. You can use this app to bring all of your accounts in one place so that monitoring savings, loans, credit cards and more is hassle-free.

Based on your goal, you will be able to set weekly, monthly, or custom saving targets and try your best to accomplish them. Scan through various charts to figure out whether you are overspending your bucks or going perfectly as planned.

The timely reminders ensure you are able to make payments in time. And with the pivotal tips, you can plan your way forward proficiently and also improve your income over time.

Price: Free

7. PocketGuard

PocketGuard Apple Watch Finance App Screenshot

To make better financial decisions and save more money, you can’t go wrong with PocketGuard.

Use this app to keep all of your financial accounts in one place and monitor them without any hassle. Get to know how much you can spend after the bills and savings have been planned.

Once you have created your budget, try your best to stick to the rule and reach your savings goal. Check out your transactions and spending habits to figure out the loopholes. Also, take advantage of the tips to double down on saving by getting rid of unnecessary expenditure.

Price: Free

8. Personal Capital

Personal Capital iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

When you want to manage your finance right from your fingertips, the thing that matters a lot is the ability to keep an eye on everything with just a glance. And “Personal Capital” lets you do exactly that.

You can use this personal finance app to keep all of your accounts in one place and track them with ease. With just a glance, you will be able to find out how much you have saved or spent.

The app also works smartly in helping you analyze your portfolio. Moreover, you can check out how well your investments are performing and get personal financial advice to bolster them.

Price: Free

9. HomeBudget

HomeBudget Personal Finance iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Looking for a smart expense tracker? HomeBudget can be one of the better options.

With this app, you will be able to monitor all of your expenses, income, bills-due, and account balances. View your expense entries by month, by category, date, and more.

Using charts and graphs, you can analyze how you are spending your money and also spot the areas which need to be given more focus. Lastly, this personal finance app also supports several currencies and automatic exchange rate conversion.

Price: $4.99

And that’s all, folks! Assuming you’ve found a smart finance app.

Over to You…

It’s really great to keep a close watch on your finance right from your fingertips, isn’t it? With many capable apps on offer, the task becomes a lot straightforward. So, no more hopping from pillar to post to take control of your hard-earned money or investments!

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So, which is your favorite finance app for iOS? Do let us know about it in the comments.

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