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Financial management requires your shrewdness, keeping a keen eye on where money is coming from and where it is going, and making the right decision at the right time. Some persons can earn money, but they fail to manage money. And this causes troubles in their lives. Managing money is equally important, and therefore, we bring a list of finance apps you can download on your iPhone.

Make the most of these apps by manipulating them manually. While all the apps are free and compatible with all iOS devices, there is only one for which you have to pay separately for each device. Go ahead and plan your budget 2016 with your discretion.

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Best iPhone and iPad Personal Finance Apps

Best Personal Finance Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Mint

Mint iPhone and iPad App Icon

Mint is one of the widely used finance apps. Get the real-time look into all your finances from bank accounts and credit cards to student loans. Track your expenses and get alerted when you are near your budget limit. The app also provides you customized saving tips; Mint presents information in simple graphs and charts so that you can easily comprehend your finance every month, every year. For a user, who doesn't understand finance, Mint is a great help.

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Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
Price: Free
Download Mint

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#2. Acorns

Acorns iPhone and iPad App Icon

Invest your money wisely with the support of Acorns; the app suggests you how you can invest your extra bucks in low-cost ETFs. Connect your credit cards with Acorns, and the app will keep an eye on every transaction of yours, and invests the money in your choice of the portfolio. For example, if you spend $3.25 on tea, the app will invest $0.75 for you. According to Acorns, investors invest approximately $30 to $180 a month on average in “round-ups” alone.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
Price: Free
Download Acorns

#3. Level Money

Level Money iPhone and iPad App Icon

Level Money is your personal financial advisor. All you need to do is connect your bank account with the app, which then will calculate your income and expenses. Based on the data, the app will tell you what should be your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses. The app also advises you how much you should save from your monthly earnings. With this app, you can keep an auto-save amount mark; any cash left in your budget will be rolled over to your account.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free
Download Level Money

#4. Credit Karma

Credit Karma iPhone and iPad App Icon

Credit Karma checks your spending patterns by connecting your credit card and bank accounts. From this information, Credit Karma gives users better offers on credit cards and loan. This will improve your finances in future. Users are much satisfied with Credit Karma's range of offerings, which includes auto insurance to mortgages. Currently, the app boasts more than 32 million users across the world.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free
Download Credit Karma

#5. Good Budget

Goodbudget iPhone and iPad App Icon

Good Budget brings that tried and tested method of envelope system; wherein users can create separate envelopes on their iPhones to allocate budget to different expenses. For example, users can allocate amounts to their monthly expenses like groceries, transportation, shopping, gas, electricity, etc. Once they set up envelopes, users can easily record and track how much they have spent from each envelope at the end of the month. This is quite an easy way to maintain discipline in spending money.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free
Download Good Budget

#6. Wally

Wally iPhone and iPad App Icon

Get a complete picture of your expenses with the help of Wally, which tracks your expenditure. Now keep a tab on your daily, weekly or monthly expenses and divide your expenditure into separate categories. One of the dazzling features of the app is that it scans your receipts, which will be auto-uploaded on your purchase data. Now no more typing those details of shopping and other expenses.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free
Download Wally

#7. PocketGuard

PocketGuard iPhone and iPad App Icon

Keep watchful eyes on your bank accounts without logging into your bank's website or app. PocketGuard tracks all transactions you made so that you can always count your expenses and income. Get a fairly good idea of your cash flow as the app analyses your spending, which identifies your recurring payments you need to plan before the month starts. The app also determines the income you get every month. Get all information on simple charts, where you get to know how much you spend and how much you have earned.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
Price: Free
Download PocketGuard

#8. YNBA Classic

YNAB Classic iPhone and iPad App Icon

Create a budget that you can follow on your iPhone with the help of You Need A Budget (YNBA). The app highlights four major rules of money management in a smarter way: get every dollar work, be prepared for unexpected expenditure, adapt yourself with financial crises (if you overspend), and learn how to cope with last month's income. With the four rules, you can manage your financial life efficiently during every month.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free
Download YNBA

#9. Mvelopes

Mvelopes iPhone and iPad App Icon

Mvelopes is another digital envelope budget method app to help you manage your finances in 2016. Connect your bank account with Mvelopes and get it to work for you. Track all your bills and expenses, stay tuned to your budget from your iPhone. You can also get receipts to track spending in real time. Apart from iPhone, the app is also compatible with iPad, so that you can have a better view of all your financial details on a bigger screen.

Compatibility: iPhone, and iPad
Price: Free
Download Mvelopes

#10. HomeBudget

HomeBudget iPhone and iPad App Icon

HomeBudget is good for those who need to manipulate budget manually. With the help of this app, you can sync your personal finances between multiple iOS devices like iPad & iPhone. The app provides flexibility to its users for some practical solutions on budgeting. Share your budget with your family members and ask for some suggestions also. The app has one disadvantage as users have to pay separately to download it on each device. However, if you want to have complete control of your budget, HomeBudget is your good choice.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
Price: $4.99
Download HomeBudget

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So which are your favorite apps from the list above? Do share your picks with us in the comment, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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