Best Stretching Apps for iPhone and iPad

Whether you are a professional athlete or just a fitness enthusiast, everyone has a goal to make their body flexible. To achieve these flexibility goals, We’ve listed some of the best stretching apps for iPhone and iPad.

Flexibility is not just a fitness goal, but it also has many physical benefits. Stretching will increase muscle strength, and ultimately, it will result in fewer injuries as your muscles will be able to withstand more physical stress. It will improve your posture and balance, mental health will be enhanced, and there are many other benefits. Take a quick look at the best iPhone and iPad apps for stretching exercises at your disposal to improve your flexibility.

Best iPhone and iPad Stretching Apps in 2020

#1. 8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

8fit Workouts iPhone and iPad Stretching App Screenshot

When it comes to Health and Fitness Apps for iPhone, this app is sure to feature in each of the categories. 8 Fit Workout is a wholesome app providing workout routines, nutritional tips, meal planning, and recipes.

The stretching exercises on this app are customized and suggested just for you according to the goals that you wish to achieve. With interactive video guidance, you will know the exact way of doing a particular stretch and won’t injure yourself doing it the wrong way.

Price: Free (8fit Pro – $59.99)

#2. Daily Workouts and Fitness Trainer

Daily Workouts iPhone and iPad Stretching App Screenshot

Spare 30 mins from your hectic schedule to work on your body today and it will thank you tomorrow. Use Daily Workouts and Fitness Trainer app to start your stretching journey with basic stretches, and you can upgrade to more professional training at a later stage.

This iOS app for Stretching is entirely free to use and can also be used offline if you do not wish to stream videos. It is ad-free, so you don’t have to worry about being interrupted in between your workouts. It offers a variety of other workout routines as well like Pilates, kettlebell, ball workouts and many more.

Price: Free

#3. Home Workout – No Equipments

Home Workout iPhone and iPad Stretching App Screenshot

Although designed mainly for men to build abs, the Home Workouts has a variety of stretching and warm-up exercises. Both men and women can practice stretching exercises with this app.

Even the exercises that are not under the stretching category can be performed to increase flexibility as the majority of the exercises in this app are curated to improve muscle strength and flexibility. Just keep in mind to follow the training related to strengthening, not building muscles as the results would be the opposite.

Price: Free (Premium Monthly – $9.99)

#4. Start Stretching

Start Stretching iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you are a novice in the stretching department, then Start Stretching is the app for you. As the name suggests, this app is perfect for beginners as it offers effortless and doable exercises that anyone can do.

Images and texts clearly illustrate all the stretches in this app for the ease of users. You can customize and set your timers depending on your strength. The stretches won’t be repetitive as this stretching app automatically cycles through the routine so that you don’t have monotonous exercises every day. You can integrate the app with your Apple Health app to monitor and record your workouts.

Price: Free (Premium – $1.99)

#5. 5 Minutes Pilates Workouts

5 Minute Pilates iPhone and iPad Stretching App Screenshot

Pilates has become quite a rage off lately; it is hyped so much that everyone wants to give it a try. Pilates fundamentally follows the principles of flexibility and muscle strengthening. Thus, all the exercises involve some form of Stretching.

If you are looking for something to improve your flexibility and muscle strength, then try this app. And while all the Pilates Classes are super expensive, this app is pretty light for pockets. With simple, 5-minute stretching exercises along with proper illustrations and guaranteed results, this app is a must-try.

Price: Free (Premium Access – $1.99)

#6. Back Pain Exercises – Kaia

Kaia iPhone and iPad Stretching App Screenshot

Do you face back pain issues and are tired of taking medicines, but nothing seems to work? Give Kaia a try, and your problem would be cured for sure. One of the main reasons of back pain is muscle stiffness. When the muscles in your back are rigid, you will experience severe back pain, even with the slightest physical strain.

Kaia offers a considerable variety of 15-30 minute exercises that you could easily practice at your home without any equipment. The activities are designed keeping flexibility in mind, so most of them are stretching related. You could give this iOS app a try even if you don’t experience any back pain and want to be more flexible.

Price: Free (Kaia Pro 3 Months – $32.99)

#7. Stretching & Flexibility Plan

Stretching and Flexibility Plan iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Stretching & Flexibility Plan app solely focuses on workouts based on Stretching; just as the name suggests. The app makes a workout routine/plan for you according to your preferences.

You could choose from a variety of pre-set workout routines, or create your workout routine from all the on-built exercises. Along with illustration videos, the app also instructs you which muscles would be affected by doing a specific stretch.

Price: Free (15 Stretching Programs – $9.99)

#8. StretchIt – Stretching Classes

StretchIt iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

StretchIt is one of the best iOS app solely related to stretching exercises. If you are looking for an app with only flexibility goals in mind than, StretchIt is the best app for you.

The app has descriptive video cues and detailed videos that will help you in mastering all your exercises. It is goal-oriented and offers various challenges to keep you motivated. The app also prompts yourself to take pictures so you can track the progress by comparing before and after images.

Price: Free (Full Body Stretch (trial) – $4.99)

#9. Stretching and Flexibility Plans

Stretching and Flexibility Plans iPhone and iPad App ScreenshotThough the name suggests that the app is only about Stretching and flexibility. But all the exercises are either in the form of Yoga or Pilates. As both these forms of activities promote Stretching and flexibility, it is better to do these exercises than just practicing basic Stretching.

The app has exercise variations for different people doing different physical activities like athletes, sportsmen, dancers, etc. Over and above the exercises, the app also has several healthy recipes that you could incorporate in your diet plan.

Price: Free (Subscription for Stretching Programs – $1.99)

#10. Track Yoga – A Simple Yoga App

Track Yoga iPhone and iPad Stretching App Screenshot

Yoga has been proven to be a wholesome workout, and it can be helpful in both physical and mental wellness. There have been many Yoga Apps for iPhones, but the reason why this app has made it to this list because it has a dedicated stretching series of exercises to improve your flexibility.

The app has a built-in reminders feature that will help you keep motivated and on track of your weekly goals. Apart from the pre-collaborated programs, the app also has a variety of freestyle exercises to match your preferences.

Price: Free (Premium User – $2.99)

Summing Up…

You don’t have to worry about shedding a couple of hundred dollars to achieve your flexibility goals. With these Stretching Exercise Apps for iPhone and iPad, you could also be flexible in no time. Just be consistent with your exercises, and you would automatically see the results.

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