Modern lifestyle laden with all the automated gadgets has taken its toll on our health. Over the years, we have become more lethargic, leisure-lovers, and loathsome to any physical activity. This has added spare Tyre around our waist. Moreover, we are victims of fitness related problems – diabetes & blood pressure are lifestyle diseases. Obesity has emerged as a significant peril in our professional and personal life. And to lose weight, one has to make extra efforts.

The weight loss apps easily turn your iPhone/iPad into a personal trainer and diet expert. Thus, you can save a few bucks you might have paid to those trainers and experts at gym or fitness centers.

Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone and iPad

Losing weight can gain your confidence. And in your efforts to lose that extra flab, we present the best weight loss apps for 2016. Check out each app and download on your iPhone/iPad. Make the most of your device and live a healthy life. If losing weight was one of your New Year Resolutions, these apps will certainly help you in fulfilling your resolutions.

Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone and iPad of 2016

#1. Health App on iPhone

Health iPhone App IconWe will start with our favorite app, which is by default available on iPhone. Health app on your iPhone is free for all iPhone owners. Track all your progress, goals and activities on the app. Also count number of steps you have walked, stairs walked and more. If you have an iPhone 5s or later versions, you don't have to rely on any third-party weight loss apps. Use your iPhone Health app to connect with other apps; you can also use sensors in your iPhone, Apple Watch and other accessories to gather all your health data in one place.

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#2. Noom Coach

Noom Coach iPhone and iPad App IconNoom Coach boasts amazing features to inspire you to lose weight. Set a suitable weight loss speed on Noom Coach and the app will give you recommendations that help you make necessary changes in your exercise and diet. The app also features easy food log, exercise log, health coaching points, encouraging quotes, traffic light system, reminders, weekly weigh-ins and more.

Price: Free
Download Noom Coach

#3. Lose It

Lose It iPhone and iPad App IconGet this free weight loss app on your iPhone and achieve a sustainable healthy weight loss. If your phone's screen is too small to interact, you can also visit its website on your computer. Make a personalized weight loss plan on the app, get the best food information and create a total wellness and fitness plan for your body. You will enjoy access to various food database with the help of this app.

Price: Free
Download Lose It

#4. Pact

Pact iPhone and iPad App IconPact gives you back. Make a pact with the app by choosing the tasks; if you perform the tasks as promised, you can earn from $0.30 to $5 per week with the app. Keep track of your work out, eat more vegetables or log your food by putting money on the line. If you don't keep the pack, your bank account will be debited for the money you put on the pact. Start with a small amount and lose some weight.

Price: Free
Download Pact

#5. MyFitnessPal

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal iPhone and iPad App IconOne of the major benefits of MyFitnessPal is that you can connect the app with your Apple Watch. This makes it easy for you to keep a track of your food consumption, exercise and call on your friends to motivate you to lose more weight. What makes it popular app is that MyFitnessPal allows users to access million foods and items in its searchable database. Moreover, you can add your own food log to your iPhone. You can befriend with other users and connect with your contacts and Facebook friends for any guidance and inspiration.

Price: Free
Download MyFitnessPal

#6. Diet Hero

Diet Hero iPhone and iPad App IconDiet Hero will not tell you what to eat and how much to eat; rather you just feed the information regarding what food do you have at home. The app will tell you the calorie measures and advise you how much you can consume. So if you have a few things at home, and don't want to go out to buy anything, Diet Hero can adjust to the available stock. Feed the app with your data like height, weight, gender and the amount of weight you want to lose; the app will tell you what to eat and how much.

Price: $1.99
Download Diet Hero

#7. Fooducate

Fooducate Weight Loss Coach iPhone and iPad App IconBefore you buy any food from anywhere, scan the barcode and get a personalized nutrition grade (A, B, C, or D). This app has covered more than 250,000 product barcodes for you. Scan the barcode with your iPhone camera and check the grade for the food. Among other useful features, track food intake and exercise, integrate data with Apple's Health app, track the quality of calories, track your sleep, mood, and hunger levels, add your own foods and recipes to track etc.

Price: Free
Download Fooducate

#8. Nike+ Training Club

Nike+ Training Club iPhone and iPad App IconNike's best brand experience is not brought to its app Nike+ Training Club (NTC). The app will break the conundrum at the beginning as many fitness freaks don't know where to start their workout sessions. The app offers a four-week program with more than 100 workouts for beginners. One of the noticeable benefits of the NTC is that you can connect the app with your TV by using AirPlay, ChromeCast or a HDMI cable.

Price: Free
Download Nike+ Training Club

#9. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers iPhone and iPad App IconWeight Watchers is a great app that is available free. Recently, the app was in limelight as Oprah Winfrey spoke about how she used this app to lose 26 pounds by managing what she eats. The app has shunned calories and adopted Smart Points to track one set of numbers each day. You can get double benefit of Weight Watchers and its sister-app Fitbreak, which can inspire and remind you to be more active with its one-minute fitness breaks all through the day.

Price: Free
Download Weight Watchers

#10. 7Min 7 Minute Workout

7Min 7 Minute Workout iPhone and iPad App IconGet the best interface that will keep you moving throughout your daily workouts. Large fonts ensure minimum disturbance or distraction while you are doing exercise. It is quite easy to use this app; its 7 minute workout progresses through the day's workouts with the help of timers and voice prompts. The exercise program of this app is recognized nationally; every fitness expert vouches for the quality of 7Min 7 Minute Workout.

Price: $0.99
Download 7Min 7 Minute Workout

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