Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

Losing weight is not a huge challenge and can be crushed with a dedicated fitness regimen! They rightly say, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” So whether you are craving to look more attractive by cutting down on the extra flaps or willing to go on a marathon weight loss program, give a try to these best weight loss apps for iPhone and iPad to set you on a motion for the better!

With these top fitness apps for iOS, you get a personalized plan based on your goal or strength. Through valuable inputs and guides, they keep you motivated. And they also remind you of the important things so that you never miss out on any trick. That’s not all; these health apps also allow you to interact with like-minded people and share your experience with them.

#1. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Weight Watchers is spot on when it comes to letting you keep an eye on your weight. To kickstart, set a personal goal and give your best to accomplish it.

The intuitive user-interface and reliable functionality are the key aspects of this highly effective app. You can add your favorite meal to the recipe builder. It allows you to track several items from your favorites. Furthermore, you will also share your achievements with the community and get know others’ inspired stories.

Price: Free

#2. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

One of the major benefits of MyFitnessPal is that you can connect the app to your Apple Watch. This makes it easy for you to keep track of your food consumption, exercise and call on your friends to motivate you to lose more weight. What makes it the popular app is that MyFitnessPal allows users to access million foods and items in its searchable database. Moreover, you can add your own food log to your iPhone. You can befriend with other users and connect with your contacts and Facebook friends for any guidance and inspiration.

Price: Free

#3. Lose It

Lose It iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

As the name itself suggests, Lose It! Is readied to assist you in realizing your dream health. With this app, you can make a custom weight loss plan and get suitable food information.

You will also connect to the top-notch health and fitness devices, trackers, and apps to flawlessly keep a tab on important things like steps, calories burned, etc. Besides, you can interact with your friends or like-minded people for help. Besides, you will be able to unlock more powerful features through in-app purchases.

Price: Free

#4. Nike+ Training Club

Nike+ Training Club iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Nike+ can become your ideal trainer in helping you achieve your desired figure. With more than 150 workouts ranging from endurance to strength, the app is tailor-made for your specific goal. The personalized training plan—as per your goal—is enormously helpful in letting you accomplish your target.

Depending on your routine, the app suggests you exercises on a daily basis so that you remain perfectly tuned in to your task. As workout times range from 15-45 minutes, you won’t have difficulty in remaining on track with your routine. Besides, the exercises are for all the three levels like beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

Price: Free

#5. Noom Coach

Noom Coach iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Noom Coach boasts amazing features to inspire you to lose weight. Set a suitable weight loss speed and the app will give you recommendations that help you make necessary changes in your exercise and diet. The app also features easy food log, exercise log, health coaching points, encouraging quotes, traffic light system, reminders, weekly weigh-ins and more.

There is a calorie counter with color-coded logging that provides you nutrition feedback. You can effortlessly keep a track of your weight loss, blood pressure, and blood glucose.

Price: Free

#6. Weight Loss Running

RUNNING for weight loss iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Should you decide to make your weight loss program a bit more stimulating, I would suggest you give a serious look at Weight Loss Running. It was fast-paced and designed to address all of your specific needs with élan. With this app, you will get a plan of short interval running workouts as well as meal plans with healthy recipes.

As per your goals, level, and physical condition, you can pick the right plan. Make the best use of the water tracker with reminders to drink as much water as possible.

Price: Free

#7. Fitness for weight loss

Fitness for weight loss iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you follow the strict plans, you will be able to slim down with six weeks using this app. Whether you are a beginner or someone who had been doing exercise for long, this app can be vital for you. As you go ahead with your fitness programs, you can intensify the exercise.

Depending on your convenience, you can choose the number of workouts to be done in a week. It provides video and audio instructions for each training. You will check out detailed stats of each workout.

Price: Free

#8. Fooducate

Before you buy any food from anywhere, scan the barcode and get a personalized nutrition grade (A, B, C, or D). This app has covered more than 250,000 product barcodes for you.

Scan the barcode with your iPhone camera and check the grade for the food. Among other useful features, track food intake and exercise, integrate data with Apple’s Health app, track the quality of calories, track your sleep, mood, and hunger levels, add your own foods and recipes to track, etc.

Price: Free

#9. Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

What makes this app so functional are tons of workouts and custom training programs. The app guides you through each exercise with timed, step-by-step audio, photo, and video instruction. To get started, simply select your focused area and let the app show you the right way to achieve it.

You can schedule your workouts and get reminders to ensure you are able to strictly follow your routine. There is also an option to create a special workout as per your target. To remain at the top of your mood, play your favorite song during your workout.

Price: Free

#10. 7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Rated as the number one fitness app in 127 countries, 7 Minute Workout is a must have for the folks who want to lose weight without any stress. It provides 12 high-intensity exercises; each requires 30 seconds to be completed.

The workout plan makes it easier for you to follow your routine. Since its voice-prompted, you can carry out your workout without having to look at the timer. Even better, you will watch videos and text description of each exercise and do it as explained.

Price: Free

#11. Weight Loss OrganicFit

Workouts for Weight Loss iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This one can hugely assist you in not just taking the essential control over the increasing weight but also reduce it faster. Personalized workouts can significantly accelerate weight loss. Custom healthy meals ensure you never go out of the track.

Since the apps consist of more than 150 different exercises, it has got enough to keep you busy. What’s more, the smart tracker will suggest the right weight goal so that you are able to succeed in breaking the points.

Price: Free

#12. weight drop

WeightDrop iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If losing weight has been the bumpy ride for you, try out WeightDrop to not just make you more focused but also intensify the entire process. With this app, you will be able to monitor your weight seamlessly. You can quickly glance through the important information related to your weight loss.

The app also recommends the ideal weight for your profile. As it’s integrated with Apple Health, you will easily import or export data.

Price: Free

Time to Hit the Grounds Running!

I’m pretty confident that all of these weight loss apps for iOS have been able to impress you. They are designed to assist you in achieving your best shape. With the modified plans and suggestions, these fitness apps make it a lot easier for you to stay on the track.

Most Important Question: Which one of these health apps is going to be your personal trainer?

Do let us know its name in the comments below.

Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone and iPad

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Best Weight Loss Apps for iPhone and iPad
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