Best Period Tracking Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2022

Best Period Tracking Apps for iPhone and iPad

Tracking periods don’t have to be a stressful task any longer. If you are still following the age-old way of keeping a tab on your menstrual cycle, time to get a smarter assistant to do the task for you more comfortably. Speaking of an expert assistant that can help monitor the menstrual cycle and also guide you on how to ideally deal with the pain that it entails,  some of the best iPhone period tracking apps can be enormously pivotal. So, how do these apps work and what sort of guidance they can offer to women?

Well, they not just track and predict your period but also offer information about the fertile window and potential ovulation date. Moreover, you can use such apps to record several other significant symptoms like weight, birth control, cervical mucus, and more. Read on to discover what else the most popular period trackers for iOS can do for you!

1. Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker

Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker iPhone and Apple Watch App Screenshot

“Flo” stands out as the best period and ovulation tracker for iOS. Use this app to keep a tab on your cycle, period and PMS (premenstrual syndrome) more conveniently. There is a fertility calendar that helps you follow days that are favorable for conception.

The app offers forecasts for upcoming periods, ovulation and fertility. Take advantage of graphs to analyze several pivotal data such as cycle and period duration, weight changes and more.

And with the pregnancy calculator, you can check the countdown to the birth of your baby. Moreover, read the related articles and also get daily health insights as per your data.

Price: Free

2. Clue Period Tracker, Ovulation

Clue Period Tracker iPhone and Apple Watch App Screenshot

“Clue” is a highly rated period tracker.  From periods, birth control to mood, the app works exceptionally well in helping you monitor all the vital aspects. Plus, you can fully customize it as per your requirements to get the desired result.

The app keeps your cycle history perfectly organized, ensuring you will be able to access it without any hassle. Thus, you will easily share the data with your healthcare provider or gynecologist.

Even better, you can enable personalized reminders to remain alerted about your next period, PMS, ovulation and fertile window.

Price: Free

3. Eve

Eve Period Tracker iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

As one of the most popular period trackers, “Eve” has a lot to offer. The highlight of this app is the accurate daily forecast that keeps you updated about what’s to come. Thus, you will easily find out when is your next period and what are the chances of pregnancy.

Another notable feature of this app is that it offers daily quizzes which you can solve to not only enhance your knowledge but also bust stress. Thanks to the beautiful charts, you will have a detailed insight into your health data.

More significantly, Eve has a large community where you can interact with like-minded people and also offer up your guidance to other women.

Price: Free

4. Period Tracker Period Calendar

Period Tracker Period Calendar iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

When it comes to tracking and predicting periods accurately, this app is on par with the very best. Apart from monitoring the menstrual cycle, it also lets you keep an eye on ovulation and fertile window.

The app displays pregnancy chance each day and records important symptoms like intimacy and BBT. So, whether you are trying to conceive or control birth, this app would be of great help.

What’s more, the pill reminder ensures you never miss any medication and drugs or supplements.

Price: Free

5. Glow

Glow Cycle & Fertility Tracker iPhone and iPad Period Tracking App Screenshot

“Glow” comes with an advanced ovulation calculator that makes it pretty easy to track cycle. One notable feature of this app is the ability to monitor up to 40 different health-related signals ranging from periods to BBT (Basal body temperature).

The app offers enormously helpful tips regarding reproductive health so that you become more aware and understand how to overcome the challenges that every woman has to encounter. You can capture all the necessary aspects like physical symptoms and day to day moods that could increase your chances of being pregnant.

Glow has a huge library wherein you can access detailed articles related to overall menstrual health. On top of all, you will join the huge community of over 10 million people to share your thoughts.

Price: Free

6. Period Tracker by GP Apps

Period Tracker iPhone App Screenshot

This one has got all the qualities to be your personal assistant. The reason why I say it because I’ve found it up to the mark.

It has a simple timeline wherein you will see important info like fertile days, moods, weight, temp and more. The month-view calendar makes it a lot easier for you to monitor the vital data.

It features an efficient pregnancy tracker that activates countdown to baby’s due date. Furthermore, it provides detailed articles to help you track your baby’s development.

Price: Free

7. Period Diary

Period Diary iPhone App Screenshot

What makes “Period Diary” a well-timed tool is the more customizable interface coupled with the option to track the number of things. You can use this app to monitor over 30 symptoms and more than 20 moods.

Sync your data with the stock Calendar app to never forget necessary things. With the period as well as fertile notifications, it keeps you updated.

Also, take notes so that nothing goes out of your mind. Better still, Period Diary has the support for many languages including English, Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish etc.

Price: Free

8. Cycles

Cycles Period & PMS Tracker iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Cycles” is a little different from its counterparts. The app works by keeping a track on your body signals and offering the correct data accordingly. It features a nicely designed Cycle view that allows you to find your upcoming cycles in the monthly Calendar.

With just a glance, you will discover all the fertile days and the ovulation days. Hence, you can plan your trip and dinner perfectly. Due mainly to the timely notifications, it ensures you don’t forget to take the pill on time.

Moreover, the app also lets you share the information related to the cycle with your friend so that he is also fully aware and offer up the needed guidance.

Price: Free

9. Period Tracker Plus

Period Tracker Plus iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Period Tracker Plus” can be trusted to deliver more reliable predictions. Aside from keeping a close eye on the monthly cycle, you can track several other things like sleep patterns, weight changes, exercise, intimacy and more.

Browse through tons of articles to get helpful information and boost your knowledge. The app features some really cool colored themes which are designed to add some fun element.

To ensure you don’t get bored, the app offers some fun-loving game. So, play it during your free times to kill stress and remain happy.

Price: Free

10. My Calendar

My Calendar Period Tracker iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“My Calendar” makes tracking cycle incredibly simple. The app has a neat interface that plays a major role in assisting you to keep an eye on many essential things including ovulation, fertility and periods, birth control etc. Plus, you can also fine-tune it in keeping with your needs so that you have the preferred outcome.

Often forget essential things? Make sure to take note so that you will remember the important things. You can back up your entire cycle log and settings and be able to restore them with ease.

Better still, you will also protect the app using a strong password so that all of your personal data remains away from the prying eyes.

Price: Free

There you go! So, these are by far the most appreciable menstrual cycle tracking apps for iOS.

Your pick?

Now that you’ve got a perfect assistant, track your periods proficiently. And also get the ideal tips to get rid of stress and enjoy your life like never before.

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