Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Women in 2020

Do you find it hard to manage your life or just looking for something very effective that can help you take the much-needed control of several things you have to do in your life? Well, you need to give these best iPhone and iPad apps for women a try to turn things around.

There’s so much to juggle between raising kids, packing lunch, keeping the house in shape and the list goes on and on. So if there’s an app that not just lets you have fun but also allows you to stay organized with the utmost convenience, you should take the advantage of it. Let’s dive ahead to explore this impressive collection of iOS apps that can go a long way in bringing more joy and comfort in your life!

#1. Period Tracker

Period Tracker Lite iPhone and iPad Woman App Screenshot

“Period Tracker” is a highly rated woman app. It allows you to keep track of a number of things like period, moods, health symptoms, weather, temperature, notes, pregnancy, and medications. You can share your tips and talk with other users on the community forums. Check out the list of the past and predicted period and fertility periods.

It shows reminders for the upcoming period and fertile days. It also has the graph for the period duration, cycle length, fertility, weight and more. You have a number of custom themes and fonts to choose from. Use Touch ID or passwords to keep your data safeguarded.

Price: Free

#2. Nordstrom

Nordstrom Women App for iPhone and iPad Screenshot

Every woman would love to have a smart shopping and fashion app like Nordstrom. The app brings you the latest and trendy accessories clothes and more. With an extensive selection of items, it helps you effortlessly pick out cool accessory or cloth that look great on you.

Check out the valuable tips to style your looks. And don’t forget to read the reviews to choose exactly what you are after. To ensure, you don’t miss out on great offers; it keeps you alerted through custom notifications.

Price: Free

#3. Nike+ Training Club

Nike Training Club iPhone and iPad Woman App Screenshot

Housewife or not – every woman must stay in shape and be fit. There are over 130 workouts from Nike athletes and trainers which ideally geared towards making you attain an attractive figure. The workouts have been divided into three levels—beginner, intermediate and advanced.

With new workouts added regularly, you will always find something new to explore and work on. Monitor your daily workout to ensure you are right on track. Moreover, you can also customize it to meet your needs.

Price: Free

#4. Epicurious

Epicurious iPhone and iPad Woman App Screenshot

If you’re a housewife with an iPhone that doesn’t have this app, you’re really missing out on something! This fantastic app allows you to explore more than 35,000 super delicious recipes from well-known publishers such as Bon Appetit, Gourmet, HarperCollins.

Want to cook something very special today? Make sure to watch the videos to learn how to master different recipes. Blow away your friends and family with these wonderful recipes.

Price: Free

#5. iPeriod Period Tracker

iPeriod Period Tracker iPhone and iPad Woman App Screenshot

“iPeriod Period Tracker” is a must-have app for women. What makes it so vital is the ability to track more than 80 essential things like weight, period, moods, symptoms, etc.

Based on the data, it also predicts period, fertility and ovulation. It also allows you to customize symptoms. For example, you can select from 26 free skins, choose which icon should show up on the calendar, select from 4 calendar styles and more.

Price: $1.99

#6. Workout for Women

Workout for Women iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Whether you are craving to get back your desired figure or willing to slim down a bit, “Workout for Women” can be of immense help to you! The app features a large library of short and effective workouts that can show you the right path to achieving complete fitness.

Don’t get enough time for exercise? Well, you won’t have an excuse anymore for being too constrained with work as you need to spend 7 minutes a day consistently. With the voice and video instructions, the app ensures you have the right guide to follow the structured plan.

Price: Free

#7. SheIn Shopping

SHEIN iPhone and iPad Woman App Screenshot

“SheIn Shopping” is what you would love to have to buy the latest and hottest items. As more than 200 new items arrive every day, you will have plenty to explore and may never run out of options.

You can save your favorite products to wishlists to buy later. Create fashionable outfits and share them with the like-minded community with more than 3,000,000 people. Through notifications, it keeps you notified of the order status more conveniently.

Price: Free

#8. happn

Happn iPhone and iPad Woman App Screenshot

Finding true love is never easy in life. However, “happn” can immensely help you discover true love. Whenever you cross path with someone, their profile will appear on your timeline.

Check out the profile of that person, view how many times you have crossed path with that Mr “X.” Moreover, you can also see the time and place of your last encounter with that person. If you like someone, send a charm. If he accepts your proposal, begin the conversation.

Price: Free

#9. Simply Yoga

Simply Yoga iPhone and iPad Woman App Screenshot

This one is your ideal yoga instructor who not just guides you but also keeps you motived. It features 20, 40 and 60-minute yoga routine. The video demonstrations help you easily get into any pose.

The audio instructions throughout the routine help you follow the task with the required concentration and perfection. You can also create custom poses for each routine. Upgrade to the full version of the app for more workouts and full body routines.

Price: Free

#10. My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach iPhone and iPad Woman App Screenshot

Want to lose weight and become a lot fitter? “My Diet Coach” can enormously assist you in achieving your best figure.

To start things off, set your goal and keep track of your progress. Make the best use of inspiring tips and quotes to stay motivated and give your 100% to accomplish your target. Through reminders, it keeps you right on track of what you have to do.

Price: Free

What’s your pick?

They rightly say, “No woman, no cry.” So always make your mother, wife, girlfriend feel special. If you like this collection of woman apps for iOS, do share it with your loved ones.

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