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iGBAppsBest iPhone and iPad apps every woman must use in 2024

Best iPhone and iPad apps every woman must use in 2024

While most technology is for everyone regardless of gender, there are some specific apps for women that address our unique needs and solve niche problems. From period tracking and contraceptive reminders to financial management, closet organization, and more, I’ve found several tools to improve different aspects of my life. Here’s my roundup of the best iPhone and iPad apps for women.

  1. Nike Training Club
  2. MyFitnessPal
  3. Clue Period & Cycle Tracker
  4. myPill Birth Control Reminder
  5. Noonlight
  6. IFTTT
  7. Shopsavvy
  8. Cozi Family Organizer
  9. Instacart
  10. Pinterest
  11. Stylebook
  12. Flush – Toilet Finder & Map

1. Nike Training Club – Best workout app for women

nike training club iphone and ipad app for women screenshot

Women of every age should prioritize their fitness, and this workout app is an essential tool that helps you do just that. It offers 185+ free workouts of varied types, from yoga to cardio to weight training, minimal equipment workouts, and more. Whether you’re a beginner or a fitness freak, this app has everything you need to achieve your goals and stay active.

I especially loved the trainer-led programs that help you build healthy habits and get the results you want. The best part is that you can follow the programs at home and still get professional fitness guidance. Regardless of your body type, this app deserves to be included in your weekly routine for a stronger, fitter you.

Price: Free


2. MyFitnessPal – Best fitness app for women

myfitnesspal iphone and ipad app for women screenshot

A good diet goes hand in hand with fitness for an overall better lifestyle. MyFitnessPal is a leading health app that lets you count calories, track nutrients, log your food intake and exercise, plan meals, and more.

It has helped me learn more about the food I consume to make better-informed meal choices throughout the day. It features a database of 6+ million foods from across the world, and you can scan barcodes or upload food pictures to find their nutritional breakdown. It’s pretty neat and just like having a fitness pal with you all the time.

Price: Free ($9.99 for Monthly Premium)


3. Clue Period & Cycle Tracker – Best period tracking app

Clue period tracker app for iPhone

Your menstrual cycle can give insights into varied aspects of your health. This period app is a must-have to track your period and gain insights into how it affects your body and mind. I like to take a minute each day to check in with my body and log how I feel on this app. It’s helped me know when to expect the dreaded PMS and prep for my next period so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

It’s got a clean and intuitive interface that’s quick to find your way around. I appreciate how it goes much beyond just menstrual tracking. You can use it to understand your fertility better and plan pregnancy. It’s a scientific way to get to know your body and its unique patterns. It also offers plenty of customization when you opt for a premium subscription.

Price: Free ($9.99 for Monthly Subscription)


4. myPill Birth Control Reminder – Best reproductive health app

mypill birth control reminder iphone and ipad app for women screenshot

We all live busy lives, but the one thing you can take absolutely no chances with is your reproductive health. If you’re on the pill, skipping it can wreak havoc on your system. Avoid the mayhem by getting this app. It will remind you to take your pill every day, buy new packs, call the doctor, schedule checkups, and more.

Further, it supports all known contraceptives and lets you take additional notes that can come in handy at the doctor’s office. You can turn off the reminders when you’re on a break from your pill but continue using it for other handy features like the daily water intake tracker. All in all, it’s a nifty little iOS app for every modern woman.

Price: Free (Membership starts at $1.99)


5. Noonlight – Best app for women’s safety

noonlight iphone and ipad app for women screenshot

We’ve all been in situations where we feel unsafe. And this app provides an innovative way to get timely help whenever you might need it. It can be used where you feel unsafe and when you need immediate emergency help. To use it, just press and hold down the on-screen button. Release when you are safe and enter your pin. To get help, release the button and don’t enter your pin.

The app will notify the police in your area about your location. Further, the app has partnered with Tinder to ensure you have safer dates. You can share details about who you’re meeting so that Noonlight has your back in case things go wrong. It’s packed with many other useful features, such as automatically updating your location even when you’re on the move.

Price: Free ($9.99 for Premium)


6. IFTTT – Best organization app

ifttt iphone and ipad app screenshot

Take control of your life with this super useful app that brings your favorite services together to create new experiences. It’s got countless use-cases, from texting yourself about weather forecasts to keeping up with the news, getting home security alerts, shopping reminders, etc.

I love using it to share my Instagram posts on other platforms like Twitter, which I often forget. Some of the services it is compatible with include Spotify, YouTube, Medium, Telegram, Skype, Evernote, Fitbit, Google WiFi, eBay, and hundreds more. The level of customization it offers makes this app a worthy choice for all busy people out there.

Price: Free ($6.99 for Pro)


7. Shopsavvy – Best deals app

shopsavvy iphone and ipad app screenshot

Love shopping? Me too! But what I love even more is this app that makes it easy to check the prices at over 60,000 retailers instantly so that you can secure the best deals. You can scan a barcode or visit any major retailer’s product pages to let ShopSavvy find the best price for you.

You also get important details like arrival date and estimated shipping costs. Moreover, take advantage of coupon codes and deals to make every dollar go further! If you prefer traditional shopping, you can enter a postal code to see prices at nearby “brick and mortar” stores and know if the product is in stock or not.

Price: Free ($2.99 for Pro)


8. Cozi Family Organizer – Best app for moms

cozi family organizer iphone and ipad app screenshot

Managing a family isn’t easy, but this app can help a great deal! It offers a surprisingly simple way to manage your home with a collaborative calendar, reminders, grocery lists, and more. It’s not surprising then that it’s been a 3-time Mom’s Choice Award Winner and earned the honor of being The TODAY Show “must-have app” for a better life.

I love how it makes it a breeze to keep track of everyone’s schedules in one place with a color-coded calendar and shared to-dos. Further, you can always know what needs to be bought from the grocery and save your favorite recipes to always have meal ideas. The app keeps your family members on one page and makes your busy mom-life a little easier!

Price: Free (In-app purchases start $19.99)


9. Instacart – Best grocery delivery app

instacart grocery delivery iphone and ipad app screenshot

Grocery shopping can be a pain. I dread going to crowded stores and spending hours getting everything I need. Luckily, Instacart makes life easier by helping you get fresh food, drinks, and other household items delivered to your doorstep all across the US.

It assigns you a shopper to get your groceries for you. You can even chat with your shopper in real-time if there are any changes to your order at the last minute. Further, it offers you the flexibility to pick up your order in person if that’s more convenient. It definitely adds some convenience to your busy life.

Price: Free


10. Pinterest – Best lifestyle app

pinterest iphone and ipad app screenshot

Whether it’s fashion, food, home decor, travel, technology, education, or almost anything else, Pinterest is my number one destination for ideas and inspiration. You can easily search for and save ideas to help you out in every aspect of life.

Whether you’re planning a trip, a wedding, a home renovation, or your aspirations, create Pinterest boards and start saving and sharing inspiration. One of the most useful features is the Pinterest Lens that lets you snap a picture of something you see in real life to find ideas about how to buy, make, or do it. It’s a must-have app for all women who want to live their best lives.

Price: Free


11. Stylebook – Best closet organization app

stylebook iphone and ipad app screenshot

Take stock of your wardrobe with this smart closet organization app. It lets you add pictures of the clothes you own, create magazine-style outfits, plan out what to wear, create packing lists, and more. Never grapple with the ‘I have nothing to wear’ dilemma again!

It makes it easy to browse your closet anywhere and create new looks in an instant. Further, you also get insights into how you wear your clothes and outfits, such as what you wear the most, what you hardly wear, and which items are most versatile. If looking stylish is your priority, this app is worth the small price it comes at.

Price: $4.99


12. Flush – Toilet Finder & Map – Simplest way to find a nearby bathroom

flush toilet finder iphone and ipad app screenshot

One of the most challenging aspects of being female is finding a restroom when out and about. Thankfully, there’s an app to solve this problem too. Check out Flush Toilet Finder – the quickest, simplest way of finding a bathroom near you. Wherever you are, just open the app, and it will display the nearest toilets to you along with directions about how to get there.

Moreover, it’s free and has over 200,000 bathrooms in its database. You can even find restrooms that have disabled access. It also works without an internet connection, which makes it convenient for road trips. You can also add toilets and give ratings to the washrooms you use.

Price: Free


It’s amazing how apps can transform our lives and make things so much easier. Do you know of any other women-centric apps that I’ve missed out on? Please share them with me in the comments below. I will ensure to add them to the list.

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