You’re a woman which makes you special. You’re a woman with an iPhone, you’re awesome! Have you wondered why we appear so stressed? Well that’s because whether or not people believe it, housewives have a lot more to do than people think!

There’s so much to juggle between raising kids, packing lunch, keeping the house in shape and the list goes on. So if there’s an app that not just lets you have fun, but helps you stay organized and plan your goals, how’d you like that?

Best iPhone & iPad Apps for Women

Here’s a list of iPhone apps that you must have if you’re a housewife with an iPhone/iPad!

#1. Shopper

Shopper Pro iPhone App IconWomen and shopping – it’s the same thing. This is the best ever grocery shopping app that will make it easier for you to organize your shopping lists so you shop in peace till you drop without the hassle of worrying if you’ve missed out on something.

Apart from being able to add prices and quantities to your items for tracking budgets, there’s a hell lotta lists you can create using this app.

Price: $0.99
Download Shopper

#2. Nike Women Training Club

Nike Training Club iPhone App IconHousewife or not – every woman must stay in shape and be fit. With this app, you can customize and monitor your daily workout. Loaded with some fantastic features like an exercise timer and a workout program, you can download it for free from the app store.

Download it and share it with your girlfriends.

Price: Free
Download Nike Women Training Club

#3. iPeriod ($1.99)

iPeriod iPhone App IconThis is a must have for you iPhone/iPad. This is a great application that helps you calculate your cycles for the next 12 months automatically. The app comes with user defined labels that help you make note of not just your cycle but the stuff that it brings along like headaches or cramps.

The best part about this app is that it alerts you when your cycle is expected or late and emails your period data for backups. Don’t worry, its password protected!

Price: $1.99
Download iPeriod

#4. Cocktails – The Original

Cocktails iPhone App IconYou don’t have to be a professional mixologist when you’ve got this app. With over 2300 cocktail-recipes listed with detailed descriptions and ingredients list, you can make wonders happen over a Friday night. Some cool features like being able to find cocktails based on emotions/taste makes the app worthwhile and useful.

Price: Free
Download Cocktails

#5. Epicurious (Free)

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List iPhone App IconIf you’re a housewife with an iPhone that doesn’t have this app, you’re really missing out on something! This fantastic app is home to several award-winning recipes from cookbooks, chefs and restaurants. Blow away your friends and family with these wonderful recipes….its free, download the app today!

Prioe: Free
Download Epicurious

These apps will not only keep you well organised, they will also help you focus and prepare for a lot of everyday stuff that you usually struggle with. No more sticky notes and post its, go green, go digital with technology!