Best Grocery Delivery Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

A trip to a nearby supermarket or a mall to buy groceries can be an enjoyable pastime for retired people. However, for working couples, it is a responsibility. They don’t like the idea of offline shopping even on weekends. Hence, online grocery shopping is a perfect solution for busy pairs, who can spend their quality time together. To make your life easy, here we have listed out some of the best grocery delivery apps for iPhone and iPad.

#1. Instacart Grocery Delivery App

Instacart Grocery Delivery iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Instacart promises same-day delivery of groceries. You can buy everything for your kitchen and get the commodities delivered in an hour from a nearby store.

In case you don’t want to wait even for an hour, you can choose to pick up the groceries from the store. The app connects you with the shopper if something is out of stock or you want to update the list.

The app has joined hands with more than 20,000 retailers in North America. Use exclusive coupons and deals offered by one of the best iPhone Apps for Grocery Delivery.

Price: Free

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#2. Shipt Grocery Delivery App

Shipt Grocery Delivery App iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

With over 215K ratings on the App Store, Shipt is one of the most popular best grocery delivery apps for iPhone. The app helps you arrange a quick evening get-together as it delivers your groceries within an hour.

Apart from groceries, you can also place orders for household essentials and beauty supplies. Leave a special note or instructions along with your list of groceries, and Shipt will take care of your requirements.

When your order amount exceeds $35, you can claim free same-day delivery. Your family can save an average of eight hours every month by using Shipt.

Price: Free

#3. Safeway Delivery & Pick Up

Safeway Delivery & Pick Up iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Safeway delivers your first order absolutely free. But the app is popular among shoppers for another reason. If a store fails to deliver groceries, you can quickly change the store at check-out.

Moreover, the check-out interface also allows you to change, update, or add a new address. And the home screen lets you edit the ZIP code effortlessly.

After placing orders, you are not supposed to stay home to receive the groceries. Want to go out? Just use flexible delivery and pick-up times. The app will deliver your groceries on your schedule.

Price: Free

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#4. Vons Delivery & Pick Up

Vons Delivery & Pick Up iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

It is bargain hunters’ delight! Vons Delivery & Pick Up offers hundreds of clippable coupons and exclusive online savings. Additionally, you will enjoy weekly deals from this Online Grocery Delivery App.

The app gives you full liberty to change your store, home address, ZIP code as per your convenience. After placing orders, you don’t need to stay home and wait for the delivery. Change the delivery schedule without spoiling your plans.

Price: Free

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#5. Albertsons Delivery & Pick Up

Albertsons Delivery & Pick UpLike other grocery delivery apps, Albertsons also offers free delivery on your first order. However, the app sets itself apart from others by allowing you to select delivery or pick up. On weekends, you can place orders and visit the store to pick up your items.

Furthermore, you can decide the time for your groceries delivered at your home. For store visit, you can just drive up to an Albertsons store nearby, park your car, call the employees and bring your groceries home.

Price: Free

#6. Publix Delivery

Publix Delivery iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Publix Delivery has partnered with Instacart, and therefore, the latter will deliver your groceries shopped on nearby Publix store. You need to create an Instacart account and next, place orders the South’s favorite supermarket via Instacart.

This grocery delivery app also gives you Curbside service at some locations; just pay the bill and your groceries will be loaded in your car by Publix associates.

Instacart users can check the expiry dates of the products and select the quality items. Enjoy weekly sales, drive to a reserved spot, reorder previous items, and enjoy other benefits.

Price: Free

#7. Jewel-Osco Delivery & Pick Up

Jewel-Osco Delivery & Pick Up iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Your previous in-store and online purchases will help you shop fast in all your next orders. This is the power of the Jewel-Osco grocery delivery app.

Being a consumer, you hate waiting, and therefore, this app allows you to schedule delivery at your convenience. Get your items delivered at a time when you are at home.

Clippable coupons from Jewel-Osco will save your money. Enjoy online deals and savings every week!

Price: Free

#8. InstaShop: Grocery Delivery

InstaShop Grocery Delivery iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

InstaShop takes care of all your household needs. Aside from groceries, you can order for pharmacy, meat, pet supplies, flowers, organic products, fresh produce market, and house cleaning booking.

Run through a few easy clicks and there you go! Wait for the next sixty seconds and you get everything from your trusted local supermarket.

The app gives you the freedom to select your supermarket from myriad options, which include small shops to large chains like Union Coop, Almaya, Zoom, Metro, Spar, and more.

Price: Free

#9. Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Amazon Prime Now offers a bewildering choice of thousands of everyday essentials. Apart from groceries, this app also serves beverages, snacks, and alcohol (in select cities).

Get your items delivered in more than 30 US cities using the Prime Now app. Buy organic products, personal care, household cleaning, baby products, pet supplies, office supplies, electronic appliances, and others.

Amazon Prime Now offers you three delivery options based on your location. The app can deliver your groceries in two hours, in one hour, or within an hour.

Price: Free

#10. Pavilions Delivery & Pick Up

Pavilions Delivery & Pick Up iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

One of the striking features of Pavilions is you can start your shopping on its online site and finish it on the app. This means you can resume your shopping, which you must have started in your office, on your mobile app.

By using the scan function, you can scan barcodes from anywhere and then add the items to your cart. Tap the square button in the corner of the search bar. Note that the scanner uses your iPhone’s camera to operate.

Price: Free

Summing up…

Grocery delivery apps are your reliable companion wherever you are. There are many occasions I get groceries delivered at my friend’s home and pick up from there. Comfort, convenience, and ease are the primary functions of each app listed above. Use them and share your feedback on the best iPhone or iPad app that delivers groceries at home.

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