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Best Grocery List Apps for Apple Watch in 2024

Ever come back home all tired and sweaty, carrying 5 bags of groceries, only to realize that you forgot to pick something up? We all have been in this situation at least once. Not anymore! You can now write down the groceries you need to pick up and have it all on your Apple Watch. We have scoured the App Store for some of the best grocery list apps for your Apple Watch. Since the shopping apps can be accessed on your Apple Watch, it becomes easy for users to check the list by raising their wrists.

1. Our Groceries Shopping List

Our Groceries Shopping List Apple Watch App Screenshot

OurGroceries is an awesome app for writing down your groceries, available for both the iPhone and Apple Watch. The app is filled with useful features that will certainly come in handy, such as the ability to share grocery lists with others in your family through email or texts, the ability to add links to anything inside your list, and simply adding ingredients through a recipe.

You can create multiple lists at the same time, and cross off items as you go through the list. Adding items to lists is as easy as dictating it to the watch, or you can scribble the letters on the screen.

If you are willing to spend a little cash, you can also add a few nifty features such as the ability to attach photos to items, use a barcode scanner, as well as removing those pesky ads.

Price: Free (OurGroceries Plus (Ad-free) – $4.99)

2. To do list & Calendar

Any do Apple Watch Grocery List App Screenshot is one of the best grocery list apps that you can pick up for the Apple Watch. It is incredibly easy to include items, either through voice or typing. You can also share lists and get related recommendations.

The app can also auto-sort your items in lists by aisles, which makes picking up items much, much easier. You can also set up reminders that trigger when you leave work, which is super convenient. Crossing off lists keeps the items there until deleted, which is incredibly helpful.

Price: Free (50% Off Premium Monthly Plan – $2.99)

3. Grocery List with Sync

Grocery List with Sync Apple Watch App Screenshot

Another great grocery list app that you can pick up is Grocery List with Sync, or as it is known on the Apple Watch, “Buy Me a Pie!”. You get some handy suggestions and recommendations while writing out lists, which you can just tap on to add. This feature makes writing grocery lists a breeze.

If you want, you can color-code your items to differentiate between dairy, meat, or vegetables. You can also make a lot of lists at the same time. However, there is a limit to how many you can create. Spending a bit of cash gives you the ability to create unlimited lists, the ability to collaborate with other people to create lists, more tags that can be added on items, as well as the removal of ads.

Price: Free (Pro Subscription – $2.99)

4. Bring! Shopping List & Recipes

Bring Shopping List and Recipes Apple Watch App Screenshot

Bring! is another great app for writing down your shopping lists quickly and easily. Just like OurGroceries, you can add items by simply dictating or scribbling on the screen. You can make a number of lists at once, and quickly add items from the catalog, making list creating much, much easier.

You can strike off items as you get through the list, and you can let others know through Force Touch that you are either going shopping or are done with it. It also comes with some helpful templates for different kinds of lists, such as for home or work.

You can also use it in conjunction with Alexa or Siri to add items to lists while you are away doing something else. All of this is completely free, with no hidden fees or anything.

Price: Free (Premium 1 Month – $3.49)

5. Grocery – Smart Shopping List

Grocery Smart Shopping List Apple Watch App Screenshot

Grocery stands out from the crowd, not because of a flashy UI or anything like that, but rather its namesake “Smart Sorting” ability and works pretty much the same way as other grocery apps, in that you can create multiple lists of items, cross them off when you pick them up, and adding items is as simple as either typing or through Siri.

As mentioned before, the defining feature of the app is its “Smart Sorting” ability. If you go to the same store and have an order in which you go through the aisles, Grocery will learn your shopping patterns, and arrange your items in the order you go through the aisles, which makes it incredibly easy to shop, as you don’t have to keep squinting at your watch and scroll to find the items on the tiny screen.

If you want, you can also share lists with other people through iCloud. There is also an iPhone version of this app as well, which functions similarly, but has the ability to type on a keyboard (obviously not doable on an Apple Watch), as well as a lot of ads, which can be removed if you shell out some cash.

Price: Free (Grocery Premium – $7.99)

That’s all folks!


If you are often absent-minded, or just forget somethings sometimes, something like these apps is often a great way to help you remember to pick up that bottle of facial cream or remind you that you have to get some milk after getting off from work. The possibilities are endless, and the sky is the limit. So pick up these apps, see which one suits you the most, and never forget to pick something up at the store again.

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Which grocery list app would you like to install on your Apple Watch? Share your feedback with us in the Comments section below.

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