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From dawn to dusk, we are surrounded by news and views; our mornings are always occupied by what happened last night or what is happening at the moment. While in the evening, satellite channels air the chat shows and debates on those events that already have taken place in the morning or the previous night. With the growing consumption of news on different digital screens, we have stopped reading news but rather have developed penchant or habit of scanning the news.

A headline and a sub-heading are enough to satiate our inquisitiveness; sensing this habit, many national and international news portals have launched apps for news. And now you can read or scan news on your Apple Watch too.

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Best News Apps for Apple Watch

Best Apple Watch News Apps

#1. NYTimes

NYTimes Apple Watch App IconNYTimes is arguably the best news app for your Apple Watch. People just can’t wait for any event that took place across the world; they want to know about what, where, when, how and most importantly – why. Now, you can get the news you need in a moment. NYTimes has launched its latest version that is compatible to Apple Watch; so whenever news breaks, you get an alert delivered to your wrist. The news stories are specially designed for the small screen of Apple Watch; just swipe through the news you want to read. Moreover, if you want to read the same news on a bigger screen of your iPhone, use Handoff or tap Save for Later and add this news item to your personal reading list.

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Price: Free
Download NYTimes

#2. AP Mobile

AP Mobile Apple Watch App IconThe Associated Press (AP) has always been remained a trusted source of news for global citizens. Moreover, the agency also disseminates news to other local news agencies, broadcasters and news portals across the world. Now, AP has come up with the latest version of its news app you can download on your Apple Watch. The latest trend of getting news on your Apple Watch is metaphorically captured by Michael Boord, Director of mobile products at The Associated Press, in a phrase – from brick to bracelet. The app serves you with breaking news notifications; if you want to read those stories later, you can save them to your phone by using force touch. Moreover, AP has made some improvements in sharing the story through its bigstory.ap.org

Price: Free
Download AP Mobile

#3. Time

TIME Mobile Apple Watch App IconArguably the most trusted brand in news, TIME is now available on your Apple Watch. Well, I cannot help but making pun when it comes to brands like TIME. And this time too, please bear with my habit. By having this app on your Apple Watch, you are inadvertently one of the 70 million people, who use this app. Get the latest news every day on your wrist and also read its award-winning newsletter loaded with features, photographs and videos. In this latest version 4.2, the app delivers Apple Watch support, brief section and audio, updated UI and bug fixes.

Price: Free
Download Time

#4. Bloomberg Business

Bloomberg Business Apple Watch App IconWhen it comes to business news, Bloomberg always pops up in my mind. I know how challenging it is to be a successful businessman; one has to stay alert every moment. And this is where this app comes handy. The latest version 3.11 works on Apple Watch also, giving you important headlines and keeps you updated with what is happening in the global markets. Get updates from stock market, keep an eye on the gains and losses of your investments and receive breaking news at high speed. Additionally, this app serves you with a new section Insights, which delivers information & analysis on personal finance and news that affect small businesses.

Price: Free
Download Bloomberg Business

#5. Wash Post

Wash Post Apple Watch App IconBy its very virtue, news can’t be just words. Elements of graphic or picture make it more interesting; by Wash Post on your Apple Watch, you can receive news told in high-powered visuals. Stay updated with the latest happenings around the world by surfing headlines; tap on the headlines to read more about the story. With news, you get in-depth analysis and other breaking news from trusted sources of the world. If time doesn’t permit you to read any story now, you can save the news to My Post to read it later, while you are offline. After reading an interesting story, share the same with your friends via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Price: Free
Download Wash Post

#6. BBC News

BBC News Apple Watch App IconFor decades, BBC stands for neutral and fearless journalism across the globe. From radio to television to smartphones, and now on your Apple Watch; get the latest news and insights from the team of experienced journalists of BBC. The latest version 3.0.5 brings optional compact layout that allows you to view more stories per screen, summaries of stories, headlines and breaking news alerts. For easy surfing, stories are categorized under categories like top stories, UK news, world news, politics, business, technology and sport. Moreover, you can personalize the menu to suit your interests.

Price: Free
Download BBC News

#7. CNN

CNN Apple Watch App IconIn their pursuit to stay ahead of competition, brands come up with awesome new ideas and innovations. The case in point is CNN’s Apple Watch app that gives you the latest breaking news in 12 personalized categories including health, entertainment, politics and top stories. Moreover, with the help of your Apple Watch, you can launch live CNN TV on your iPhone. Other breadcrumbs like comprehensive reports on international news, politics, opinion, tech and entertainment stories are also available for you. The iReport section on this app helps you share your stories, photos & videos.

Price: Free
Download CNN

#8. The Economist

The Economist Apple Watch App IconOne media brand that is known for its highly creative ad campaigns, well, of course apart from its impeccable reporting and news stories. While I have started this paragraph with the mention of The Economist’s campaign, let me tell you that some of the creatives go over my head. But not the stories they crack. The award-winning app serves you with audio articles to listen to from the tracklist or your playlist, basic playback controls, change editions and more. Its pre-download facility gives you ease of reading at your convenience as you can download The Economist and read it later anytime, anywhere.

Price: Free
Download Economist

#9. Yahoo News Digest

Yahoo News Apple Watch App IconYahoo is perhaps the most popular news portal online. The portal is known to upload crucial news stories in the form of bits and pieces known as Atoms; quotes, images, videos, maps, infographics and so on are uploaded regularly on Yahoo. Now, you don’t have to browse the news on your laptop or desktop comp; Yahoo News Digest is now available on your wrist. Get the summary of all important news; for Apple Watch, the portal has designed top-of-the-hour bulletins. The contemporary bulletins have Yahoo’s characteristic minimalist design; the bulletin starts with a geometric design using Roman numeral accents, colour and diagonal accents.

Price: Free
Download Yahoo News Digest

#10. Digg

Digg Apple Watch App IconEverybody knows that there is hoard of information available on internet. But very few can create a dedicated news site by using traditional human judgement and make the most of colossal database of articles, blog posts, magazine pieces, status updates, photos and videos. After doing exhaustive research, what comes out is an elegant and engrossing mix known as Digg. The new Digg Reader is a simple & powerful way to follow your favourite sources and publishers. Chase the popular publishers, writers and bloggers; share stories with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and email; get full iOS support, including Dynamic Type & Background App Refresh and blind people can also enjoy VoiceOver support. Digg is your cool companion to filter the best from internet!

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Price: Free
Download Digg

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