Your physical health and your financial health need constant scrutiny; while we have already listed some of the best Apple Watch health apps, this list of best Apple Watch Finance Apps is equally important for you. Whether you are a businessman or a budding entrepreneur, a self-employed professional or a top executive – these apps will surely help you manage your money smartly. Investment, savings, spending, budget, expenses and more; now plan your money according to your necessity & time.

Best Finance Apps for Apple Watch

Best Finance Apps for Apple Watch

#1. Personal Capital

Personal Capital Apple Watch App IconPersonal Capital is one of the most applauded finance apps that allows you to check all your accounts in one place; the app provides you a complete view of your income, spending and investment performance. You get to know where your money is and what is happening with your money. Your perfect wealth management and investing partner you can rely on. All your personal finances are linked and stored at one place, and you can see status of your cheques, saving accounts, credit card spends and investment performance. App’s interactive cash flow tools give you freedom to budget your finance, thus, controlling your spending; you get a clear picture if you are spending more than your earning. Other features include: setting a spending goal to save money, track spending against your goal on your Apple Watch, asset allocation review, help to meet your financial goals, bank level security.

Price: Free
Download Personal Capital

#2. iBank

iBank Apple Watch App IconOne of the best money management apps is now on your wrist. iBank for iPhone is now for your Apple Watch too. Now check how well you are following your budget. The new Watch app allows you to keep a track of your investments and check account balances. Sync your accounts, budgets and investments with iBank and get complete control over your spending. You can categorize your income and expenses, which allow you to keep control on your spending in real time. With this app on your Apple Watch, you can build better habits of economizing and saving; increase your cash, execute thorough finance management, secure your financial future and more.


  • See past and future budget periods
  • Choose transaction type while entering a transaction on the first screen
  • Better handling of Direct Access connections for sites requiring CAPTCHAs
  • Changed messaging on document browser screen so it's more obvious how to set up a Cloud Sync document

Price: $9.99
Download iBank for iPhone

#3. Mint

Mint Apple Watch App IconWith Mint on your Apple Watch, spend your money smartly and save more money than ever. The app is your only destination to access details of all your accounts, credit cards and investments, hence, you can easily keep a record of your spending and saving. Moreover, with this app, you can create a budget, receive bill reminders and get customized tips for reducing fees and saving money. Mint for Apple Watch scrutinizes your daily spending habits based on which, the app will give you suggestions on spending goal. This will help you improve your lifestyle spending.


  • Mint Life Blog Articles can been see on the Updates Page
  • You can turn off Kiip Rewards in the settings Page
  • Less Bugs

Price: Free
Download Mint

#4. Pennies

Pennies Apple Watch App IconManage your finances and expenditure whatever way you like to. Get Pennies on your Apple Watch and get the latest info and details on how much money you have and the health of your spending. The app is a perfect companion even for a layman, who doesn’t understand diagrams, charts and complicated graphs.


  • Pennies uses bold colours to highlight your spending and financial health
  • Tells you how much you need to spend today
  • Lets you set up number of budgets
  • Reminds you to track your finances and outgoings with reminders
  • Adjusts your budgets in local currency, which you can change in future

Price: $2.99
Download Pennies

#5. Sumptus

Sumptus Apple Watch App IconSumptus is touted as the first money saving app for Apple Watch that allows you to manage your expenses from your wrist. Its natural language input recognize the expense and precisely create it for you and track your budget balance at a Glance. Among other cool features of this app, you can easily create multiple budgets for home, travel, business trips, offices and more. After creating budget, you can analyse your budgets by categories. Through diagrams in pie-chart, you can get better understanding about expenses you need to cut down. Set limits on your monthly or weekly budgets; by doing this, you can track the amount of money left or saved. You can set limit per category; this feature helps you in your crunch time.

Price: $3.99
Download Sumptus

#6. Invoice2go

Invoice2go Apple Watch App IconInvoice2go is rated as one of the top apps for small businesses. By using this app, you can send professional invoices while you are on the go. With latest feature, you can track time on the job, create quick invoices and receive payment notifications. The app securely syncs all your data across devices to create a seamless invoicing experience. You can generate invoices, estimates and purchase orders; use real-time location updates from your GPS; create a new logo or upload one you already love; review charts at a Glance to see how business is tracking; check who has to pay you money.

Price: Free
Download Invoice2go

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