Best Finance Apps For Apple Watch in 2023

Apple Watch finance apps let you manage your money in a smarter way. By these apps on your wrist, you can plan your spending and savings.
Best Finance Apps for Apple Watch

They rightly say, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” It doesn’t matter how much you earn, what really matters is how much you save. Whether you are a businessman or a budding entrepreneur, a self-employed professional, or a top executive, managing your financial life better would be one of your top priorities. To let you significantly cut down on unnecessary expenses and achieve your goal, we have lined up the esteemed assortment of the best Apple Watch finance apps.

1. Personal Capital

Personal Capital Apple Watch Finance App Screenshot

Personal Capital is exactly what you would want to track and manage your finance. The dashboard offers real-time data that shows trends and accurately reflects your cash flow. As it’s integrated with over 14,000 financial data sources like Fidelity, Schwab, Wells Fargo and many other local and regional credit unions, you will be able to keep a tab on all the aspects of financial life.

You can set a spending target and be able to keep an eye on it. Monitor credit card balances, check out transaction details, detailed income, and spending by category or payee. Even better, the app offers personalized advice as per your goals as well.

Price: Free

2. CNBC Business News and Finance

CNBC Business News and Finance Apple Watch App Screenshot

With CNBC sitting right on your wrist, you will never miss out on any major financial news. The breaking news alerts keep you at pace with everything that matters to you. You can perfectly customize the watchlists to keep an eye on the stocks of your favorite companies. Take a glance at the real-time global market data.

Check out the pre-market and after-hours trading data. Also, glance through the interactive charts with the event data and customizable time frames.

Price: Free

3. Mint

Mint Apple Watch Finance App Screenshot

Mint has long been one of the highly rated personal finance apps for iOS. Its Apple Watch counterpart is equally impressive. Whether you want to manage your money or monitor your finance, this app is designed to live up to the billing admirably.

The app allows you to quickly access all the details of your accounts, credit cards, and investments. Based on your goal, create a budget and spend accordingly to save as much as possible. You will receive bill reminders never to get late. With the customized tips, the app helps you reduce fees and be able to save more money.

Price: Free

4. Pennies

Pennies Apple Watch Finance App Screenshot

Never let your expenses go beyond your budget using this smart financial app—Pennies. The app tells you how much you need to spend today to ensure you remain steady with the set rules.

It displays your spending and finance condition with bold colors, thereby making it a lot easier for you to find out whether you need to slow down or speed up your spending to remain on track. You can set up as many budgets as you wish and monitor them with ease. It’s flexible enough to let you add and edit expenses to previous dates and budget periods as well.

Price: $3.99

5. PocketGuard

PocketGuard Apple Watch Finance App Screenshot

What makes PocketGuard pretty special is the ability to let you manage your finance astutely. Keep all of your personal finance accounts including bank accounts, credit cards, loans, savings, and investments in one place to handle them seamlessly. Find out your spending budget after your bills and savings have been perfectly planned.

The app automatically makes your budget as per your spending and earning patterns. Try your best to stick to your daily, weekly and monthly budgets to achieve your financial goals. Furthermore, you can keep a check on your income, bills and recurring subscription.

Price: Free


YNAB Apple Watch Finance App Screenshot

YNAB (You Need A Budget) can prove to be extremely pivotal in helping you handle your budget with the desired peace of mind. This finance app works very efficiently and allows you to set a budget up front to make it easier for you to accomplish your goal.

You can promptly enter your transactions and take a look at category balances before making a purchase. Everyone with whom you have shared the finance will quickly find out how much you have to spend in any category. Transfer money swiftly from one category to the other.

Price: Free

7. Spendee

Spendee Apple Watch Finance App Screenshot

Spendee is a neat finance app that can be enormously effective in enabling you to understand your finance better and track your spending effortlessly. The app allows you to check out your entire expenses and securely connect your bank account. The infographics for incomes and expenses to ensure you can instantly glance through your finance.

You can create shared accounts with your friends and family to let everyone track finance with ease. Follow the strict rules to save more money. Thanks to the support of multiple currencies, it’s ideal for travelers.

Price: Free

8. MoneyControl

MoneyControl Spending Tracker Apple Watch Finance App Screenshot

Is scrutinizing budget and expense right on top of your hit list? I would seriously recommend you to try out MoneyControl. Talking about the features that make it so user-friendly, you will instantly scan your budget and spending. With the use of shortcuts, it allows you to enter expenses fast. To make your task more smooth-sailing, recurring payments are automatically created.

Glance through upcoming months and spendings. Set your saving goals to cut down on expenses and save more money. That aside, you can also create, print and share PDF reports.

Price: Free

9. Tangerine Mobile Banking

Tangerine Mobile Banking Apple Watch App Screenshot

Take the strain out of your financial life and get the better of all the challenges through the unified experience.

Tangerine Mobile Banking makes it super simple to let you manage your accounts, transfer funds, and review transactions. You will receive important notifications to never miss out on anythings.

Promptly access your personal banking information on your Apple Watch. You can check out all the bill payments in a glance. Besides, it also enables you to comfortably register or manage your bills.

Price: Free

Manage Your Finance With These Best Finance Apps For Apple Watch!

I know all of these top finance apps have been able to catch your attention. Isn’t it great to have a problem with aplenty? Yes, it really is! So, which one has you installed on your Apple Watch to let you save plenty of money?

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