Stock Market Exchange is a vast field for investors and traders. Time is money here, in this field. And as the technology keeps growing, it has become easier to be updated with this field of business. There are many apps but only a few are worth when it comes to stock trading.

The below mentioned are few apps that are particularly best out there in the market in regards to the kind of users. If you are investors and traders, you can choose from any of these best iPhone and iPad Apps for stock market which suit your style of trading. We have picked some awesome apps to let you be updated with all the latest stock market happenings. So let's check some of the apps compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Stock Market

Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Stock Market for Investors and Traders

#1. Stock Tracker

Stock Tracker iPhone and iPad App IconIt is the most comprehensive stock app that gives you almost everything necessary related to the filed of stock exchange. Brings you free streaming live quotes, pre-market or after-hour market quotes, portfolio monitoring, advanced full screen chart, push notifications based alerts, economic news, events calendar, earnings calendar, market signal scans and many more. Basically, it gives every sort of quotation based in stock market exchange. This app supports eTrade and provides MBTrade brokers. Prices are in accordance with time so the user can be updated about the rates easily. This app gives you information about stock exchange maker of USA, Europe and Asia Pac.

Price: Free
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#2. Stock Market HD

Stock Market HD iPhone and iPad App IconFeaturing timely stock market data from highly reliable sources, this is an ultimate stock market app. A simple app to have the instant data the user needs and all the information regarding the stock market exchange. Easy to use and beautifully designed, this app provides you with all the basic information. Apart from the stock value, app also provides the percentage change of each stock in your portfolio. Key details such as daily open, high and low, volume, price/ earnings ratio, market cap and chart view are all available in this app.

Price: Free
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#3. Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance iPhone and iPad App IconYahoo Finance is one such app that gives more personalization to the user. You can follow the stock you care about and get the news and alerts concerned with it. You can add sticks to your watch-list and get thier quotes and personalised news stream. With sleek intuitive navigation, get all the financial information that is needed. The user can even track currencies and commodities. The same praise Yahoo got for its weather app. This app is even better when it comes to the field of Stock Exchange. You can even sync your portfolios to your device and experience a beautifully designed screen for full chart view of the stocks.

Price: Free
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#4. TD Ameritrade Mobile

TD Ameritrade Mobile iPhone and iPad App IconUsing this app is like carrying your account where you go and being on top of it. Access your equity and options trading, streaming quotes, real-time balancing, fund transfers, news and much more, all from your device. Besides iPhone and iPad, this app is supported by the Apple watch as well that is why it's easy to use anytime. This is just like icing on the cake. Isn't it? Get it now!

Price: Free
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#5. CNBC Business News And Finance

CNBC Business News and Finance iPhone and iPad App IconIf you are a part of the stock exchange market and you don't have this app, then you are missing out something really important. Access the CNBC app and get all the business information on trading and forex. This app is rated as the best app for first time investors. Apart from all the apps in the market, this app provides interactive charts and customizable time frames. Stream CNBC TV and be up to date with the news, anywhere and anytime.

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All of these apps have a user-friendly interface and that's what a user needs, especially when it comes to stock market apps. From providing the important quotations to the necessary news regarding the finances and business of the stocks, you can have it on the go. Accessing your accounts, stocks and business feeds has never been so easy.