How to Import and Export Health App Data on iPhone in iOS 9

Health app on iPhone is very essential, regardless of your health consciousness. Here is a complete guide on how to import and export your Health app data.

Apple has always been innovative on every front; health segment is no different. Apple introduced the Health app, which monitors your daily activities very precisely. You can keep track of calories, steps taken and much more. Depending on the data you can plan your daily schedule.

Moving from old iPhone to the new one, or simply restoring a backup can make you lose your Health app data, which you might have accumulated over a year or more. Here we will provide you all the possible ways to backup and restore, rather say import and export your Health app data. By doing so, you will never need to worry about losing your most valued data ever.

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How to Export Health App Data from iPhone

This method is simply useless, as it exports the data in XML format, which is neither editable nor readable. Moreover, you won’t be able to import it back in a new device, as there are no options available from Apple for this particular format. But we are covering it, as part of a feature.

Step #1. Open the Health app.

Open Health App on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on Health Data from the bottom menu → Tap on the very first option, “All”.

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Tap on Health Data in iPhone Health App

Step #3. Once you have done that, you will notice a sharing icon on the top right corner of the screen, simply tap on it.

Tap on Share Sheet in iPhone Health App

Step #4. Tap on Export in Popup.

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Tap on Export in iPhone Health App

Step #5. Mail it to yourself. (You will need to configure your email account under Mail app, as it does not support third-party mail apps like Gmail).

Export Health Data from iPhone

You will now have a complete backup of your health data in in your email account.

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How to Export Health Data Using Third-party App

Before moving further, download the free app: QS Access.

Step #1. Open the QS Access app, which you have downloaded.

Open QS Access App on Your iPhone

Step #2. Here you have two options: take backup at every hour or every day. Every hour will have a separate row. Some users have reported that the app freezes when they opt for one-hour backup option, as there will be 24 rows for each day. But I personally did not face any issue. You can give it a try either ways. As of now we will continue backing up for one day.

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Step #3. Toggle on all the options in the list like: Active Calories, Biotin etc.

Choose Columns in QS Access iPhone App

Step #4. At the bottom right corner, you will see “Create Table” option; simply tap on it.

Tap on Create New Table QS Access iPhone App

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Step #5. You will need to give authority to QS Access to access the Health app data. Simply select all the categories and tap Done.

Allow Health Data Access to QS Access iPhone App

Step #6. QS Access will generate a CSV file from data and display on the screen.

Step #7. Tap on the share icon at top right corner and email the file to yourself.

Tap on Share Sheet in QS Access iPhone App

We now have exported our old Health app data; let’s see how to import the same in the new device.

How to Import iPhone Health App Data Using Third-party Apps

We already discussed earlier, that iOS lets you export the data but does not allow to import the same in the new device. For that we will have to depend on a third-party app, which can be downloaded here: Health Importer. (Price $2.99)

Note: Make sure you install the app on the device you wish to import your old data.

Below we have given a step-by-step guide on how to import data into the new device.

Step #1. Open the email you sent to yourself in Mail app.

Step #2. Once you have opened that email, tap and hold the attachment until you see the sharing option.

Step #3. From the available options, tap on “Open in Health Importer”.

Step #4. This will open the Health Importer app; here you can map the data you imported with the data points available in Health Importer app.

Step #5. Tap on each data points and map it correctly, and tap on Save.

 Step #6. Repeat it with all the categories you have exported.

Import Health iPhone App Data

Step #7. Once you are done with mapping all the data points, tap on “Import Data to Health App”. This will start importing all the data from the CSV file to your Health app.

Import Health App Data on iPhone With Third Party App

The progress bar of the app is not reliable, here patience is a virtue. Just wait and watch till you see “Completed!” Now you can open the Health app and see if everything is fine. There are chances you won’t see anything, just give it a few minutes till the app refreshes the new data.

Watch out how to import or export health app data on iPhone:

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