How To Track Steps/Walking Distance Using iPhone’s Health App

Thanks to the feature called motion tracking chip in new iPhones (6 and 6 Plus) running iOS 8, Health app is equipped to track your steps like a pedometer. Just a few steps and you will have the best of know regarding your regular activities! Here is how you can easily track steps/walking distance using your iPhone’s Health app on iOS 8.

Let’s move ahead with the process. You will need to enable a few functions and add them to the Dashboard of your Health app.

How to Track Steps Walking Distance Using iPhone Health App in iOS 8

How To Track Steps/Walking Distance Using Your iPhone’s Health App

Step #1. Launch Health app

Step #2. Tap on Health Data

Step #3. Tap on Fitness

Track Steps Using Health App in iOS 8

Step #4. Now, you have to enable Show on Dashboard of three things 1). Flights Climbed 2). and 3). Walking +running Distance. You can do so by tapping on each one of them at then switching on Show on Dashboard one by one.

  • Tap on Flights Climbed and switch on Show on Dashboard
  • Tap on Steps and switch on Show on Dashboard
  • Tap on Walking + Running Distance and switch on Show on Dashboard board

Show Steps, Walking and Flight Climbed in iOS 8 Health App

Step #5. You can go back to Dashboard tab on Health app in order to see the three functions you have just enabled.

Track Steps Walking Distance Using iPhone Health App On iOS 8

That’s done!

One thing to remember, you have to move around if you wish to see some changes in the functions.

The Steps and Walking+ Running Distance features provide you accurate information. No matter whether your iPhone is in your pocket or hand, it is always spot on giving you the exact detail about how many steps you have taken and how much you walked or run.

The Flights Climbed feature is unique as well. It is able to detect even the minor changes in altitude with the help of new air pressure sensor built in iPhones. Since each flight is about equivalent to a housing storey of steps, it will register as a flight climbed if you happen to walk upstairs a single storey.

It does so efficiently by taking the relative assumption of height into consideration as well as working on gradual inclines and declines. Therefore, you don’t need to be on the flight in order to let it register how many flights you have climbed.