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Best Health Accessories for iPhone and iPad

Living in the digital age has its plusses as our health monitoring, like communication, has become digital. Earlier, I had to keep a diary to note my blood pressure, weight, sugar level, heart rates, and other health details. Now, I can store all the measurements on my iPhone or iPad. Thanks to all those best iOS health accessories, which can be connected to the iPhone and iPad via Bluetooth.

  1. Motiv Ring
  2. Withings
  3. iHealth
  4. QardioArm
  5. Withings Sleep Tracking Pad
  6. Polar
  7. BACtrack
  8. iHealth Pulse

1. Motiv Ring: Fitness, Sleep, and Heart Rate Tracker

Motiv Ring Sleep and Heart Rate Tracker work with iPhone

If you believe that size does matter, this small ring can completely floor you. This is not an ordinary ring that you wear; it is your fitness, sleep, and heart rate tracker. Given its small size, it is quite surprising Motiv Ring can monitor your health. It is your constant companion (24 x 7) to track steps, distance, heart rate, activity, calories burned, and sleep.

Since it is waterproof and durable, you don’t need to worry about its protection against sweat and water. A 90-minute charging enables this ring to be used for three days. Use the USB magnetic charging dock and charge the ring.

USP: Ultralight titanium
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2. Withings Wi-Fi Digital Scale

Withings Body Composition WiFi Digital Scale for iPhone

Unlike ordinary digital scale, Withings monitors your weight (kg, lb, st), body fat, water level, muscle, and bone mass. One of the best things about this scale is its compatibility with Apple Watch and Apple Health. Moreover, you can sync this scale with more than 100 health and fitness apps on your iPhone and iPad.

The scale automatically recognizes as many as eight persons, so that each person can weigh themselves and access his/her personal weight data. Baby Mode is one of the striking features of this scale; first, you need to measure your weight and then step on the scale with your baby. The scale quickly recognizes your baby’s profile. Your measurements will sync with your iPhone.

USP: Baby Mode
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3. iHealth Align Blood Glucometer

iHealth Align Blood Glucose Meter for iPhone

One of the easiest ways to check your blood glucose is using iHealth Align smart glucometer. Download the iHealth Gluco-Smart app on your iPhone and then connect the iHealth Align to your phone, and sync the device. Next, insert the strip in the glucometer and monitor your blood glucose.

This FDA approved, and clinically validated glucometer does not support iPhone 8, iPhone X/XS, XR, and XS Max. Make sure your iPhone is running iOS 7 and higher version. Small, smart, and portable, this glucometer requires 0.7 microliter blood sample to monitor glucose level in your blood.

USP: FDA approved
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4. QardioArm

QardioArm Blood Pressure Monitor for iPhone

Healthcare professionals trust QardioArm’s smart blood pressure monitor as you can achieve clinical accuracy in monitoring blood pressure at home and on the go. A free iOS app helps you connect this device with your iPhone. Moreover, this device also works with your Apple Watch.

Portable and smart design of this device allow you to carry it in your travel bag. A lightweight monitor has a healthy battery life up to a year if frequently used. Secure data management helps you track your progress in the iPhone app, and you can share your measurements with your doctor or family.

USP: Trusted by healthcare pros
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5. Withings Sleep Tracking Pad

Withings Sleep Tracking Pad for iPhone

Better sleep means better health. Withings Sleep monitor analyzes your sleep based on your movements, breathing rate, and heart rate. Your sleep is divided into three phases: light, deep, and REM (rapid eye movement). Next morning, you can check the complete view of your night sleep on the Health Mate iOS app.

This sleep tracker considers six factors, which include duration, depth, regularity, interruptions, time to sleep, and time to wake up. All these factors decide your overall score; the best is 100. This sleep tracker also detects overnight heart rate and snoring.

USP: Sleep cycle analysis
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6. Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Polar Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone

Apple Watch packs some of the best health features, but not all iPhone users own Apple Watch. For them, a third-party heart rate monitor is the best accessory. Polar H10 is your smart choice as it comes with a comfortable Bluetooth HRM chest strap. If you are keen to participate in multiple sports and fitness activities, the monitor is your perfect companion.

A noticeable feature of this monitor is GoPro compatibility. You can pair the Polar heart rate sensor with the GoPro camera and then overlay your heart rate data on the recorded video.

USP: GoPro compatible
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7. BACtrack Breathalyzer

BACtrack Smartphone Breathalyzer for iPhone

BACtrack breathalyzer has become popular among iPhone users as it delivers police-grade accuracy. The powerful breathalyzer shows estimate of alcohol level with pro-grade accuracy. When you consume too much alcohol, the app helps you book an Uber taxi.

When your blood alcohol content level (BAC) returns to zero, ZeroLine technology gives you an estimate. The device is compatible with iPhone and Apple Watch as well. Download the BACtrack app on your iOS device, and you can test, track, and share your data.

USP: Police-grade accuracy
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8. iHealth Wireless Pulse Oximeter

iHealth Air Wireless Fingertip Pulse Oximeter for iPhone

Patients of blood pressure must keep an eye on the functional oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin and pulse rate. This wireless pulse oximeter from iHealth accurately measures oxygen saturation and pulse rate of adults. Note that the device is used on a person, who is 16 or above.

FDA and Medical CE approve this pulse oximeter. Hence, you can trust its readings as it is reliable and accurate. A sensitive and portable oximeter is perfect for, and its Bluetooth technology provides fast connectivity.

USP: Sensitive and portable
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That’s all friends!

Summing up!

Bluetooth technology plays a pivotal role in connecting smart health accessories to your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Before you buy any product, make sure the device is equipped with good Bluetooth or Wi-fi. Also, note that many devices are compatible with iPhones and iPads running iOS 10 and later.

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