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Among a number of rich apps that the Apple Watch boasts of, Health apps are believed to be one of the most sought after ones purely in terms of incomparable features. As the Watch won’t just be with you, it will be on you; it would prove to the most pivotal tool to keep you on top of your fitness without any fail.

Look forward to have a sneak peak at some of the most-good looking fitness apps for Apple Watch? From letting you track your run, walks to every outdoor activity, the fitness apps for Apple Watch look just the ideal recipe for your health. High time to start hunting for best Apple Watch apps to cash in on the precious features. The time has lite let's give them a hurried look!

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Best Apple Watch Fitness AppsBest Fitness Apps for Apple Watch

#1. Attivo

Attivo Apple Watch App IconAttivo is an activity tracker app for Apple Watch. It lets you record your run, cycles or even walks. Once you have recorded your activity, you can upload it and earn experience points (XP) and Level Up. If you want to check out how you are going about your activity, simply swipe up to have the detail status.

The map view lets you know where you are and the places where you have been. Hence, you never get lost on the way and are able to find your right path.

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Price: Free
Download Attivo

#2. Runtime

Runtime Apple Watch App IconRuntime has been specifically made to track your run. It features Stopwatch that lets you keep a close eye on your run as well as control it with ease on the trail. The Splits provides you inputs regarding your pace overtime. The Elevation presents you a clear insight about the gained and lost elevation during your runtime.

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

If you want to excel in running, you’d like to have a go at this app.

Price: Free
Download Runtime

#3. Gymaholic

Gymaholic Apple Watch App IconGymaholic is just the perfect app for fitness enthusiasts who want to track their gym activities with a view to giving their physic a desired look. You can view your exercise sessions on the screen along with other important things such as, set, repetition as well as weight information. It counts the rest time so that you are on the task with the required vigor.

You can track your exercise and quickly find out which exercise you have completed and which is left. To make things simple, both completed and uncompleted exercise lists are marked. You can check out exercise screen in order to have a lot more important information such as, photo, name, equipment, muscle etc.

Price: Free
Download Gymaholic

#4. Trails

Trails Apple Watch App IconTrails is an outdoor fitness tracking app. With the use of live graphs and offline topographic maps, this app is capable of recording any outdoor activity. Trails shows live graphs of four desired statistics. You can choose from more than 20 statistics including speed, heart rate on your iPhone.

It allows you to create waypoints in a quick time in the course of track recording from menu. You can start new recording with just a tap without having to go through long process.

Price: Free
Download Trails

#5. Aqua Pura

Aqua Pura Apple Watch App IconDue to busy schedules of work, we often forget to take the right amount of water suggested by doctor to remain healthy. As a result over the time, we fall ill or tend to lose our fitness.

Aqua Pura tracks your water intake. You can check out how much water you have consumed over the past week. This app can be very vital for you if you want to stay hydrated and at the best of your fitness.

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Price: Free
Download Aqua Pura

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  • Ty Martin

    You missed Turf – play a real-time fitness game of turf wars with your friends. Automagicallly captures your walking/running in the background to give you points to compete with your friends.