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Best Fitness Accessories iPhone Users Must Buy in 2024

Staying fit and healthy is the open secret of living a long and happy life. Thus, we must try our utmost to empower fitness and keep it forever alive so that illness never takes away smile from our wonderful life. As a fitness lover, I take advantage of the iPhone fitness accessories that can help me keep track of various activities and burnt calories. Besides, I also use them to not only enhance the whole experience but also keep me charged up.

Fitness Accessories for iPhone Users

From what I’ve experienced, these are the best iPhone fitness accessories for those who want to forever stay hale and hearty. Take a quick drive right in to explore the collection!

1. Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch is hands down the best accessory for iPhone. Whether you want to have an elegant extension of your iPhone or wish to have a superior fitness device, the smartwatch can live up to your expectation.

Features like ECG, fall detection, and activity tracking make Apple Watch the most advanced wearable device. You can also use it to get elevated and low heart rate alerts.

The smartwatch can let you make calls and send quick messages. Moreover, you can navigate through your playlists and stream Apple Music right on your smartwatch.

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2. Trianium Armtrek Pro

Trianium iPhone Armband

When you talk about an essential fitness accessory for iPhone, an armband comes into the picture immediately. If you don’t want to miss important calls or messages during your rigorous exercise, it would be a handy asset for you.

Trianium has introduced a high-quality armband called “Armtrek Pro.” It’s made of soft and stretchy neoprene material. Plus, it’s water-resistant and features a small pocket to let you store keys.

Thanks to the multi-slot adjustable Velcro, Armtrek Pro can comfortably fit arm size up to 14-inch.

USP: Multi-slot adjustable Velcro
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3. BeatsX

BeatsX Earphones for iPhone

I like listening to music while jogging or doing exercise. It kind of motivates me to put my 100%.

Flaunting a sporty design, BeatsX is one of the finest Bluetooth earphones. With the soft earbuds, they comfortably fit in the ear.

Thanks to the highly appreciable sound-quality, BeatsX can spice up your music time. Besides, the earphones deliver up to eight hours of playtime and can run up to two hours after just five minutes of charge.

USP: Impressive sporty design
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4. Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker for iPhone

Should you want to get a top-notch fitness activity tracker, keep in mind Fitbit Charge 3. It’s got a trendy design and works efficiently in tracking the burnt calories and heart rate.

You can use it to monitor more than 15 exercises such as yoga, biking, swimming, running and more. It monitors your sleep efficiently and also offers personalized guidance.

Charge 3 is swim-proof and can resist water up to 50 meters. One notable quality of this fitness tracker is the seven-day battery life. That means you won’t have to worry about charging it too frequently.

USP: Water resistant up to 50 meter
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5. Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor for iPhone

Withings is a reputed name when it comes to health accessories and this one is one of their leading accessories for iPhone. The Smart Blood pressure monitor measures your pulse-rate and tracks it over a period of time.

Its Health Mate app (available for both iOS and Android) shows color-coded results. You can share your results and even email them to your doctor. Plus, the app also provides helpful advice to help you monitor blood pressure accurately.

USP: Accurate results
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6. Scosche RHYTHM+

Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor Armband for iPhone

Scosche’s RHYTHM+ is a pretty good heart monitor. What makes this app stand out is the support for a number of health and fitness apps such as digifit, run keeper, mapmyfitness, Strava and more. As a result, you can use it to monitor not just your run but also many other pivotal things.

RHYTHM+ is IP67 waterproof that makes it good enough to let you enjoy swimming. The soft and stretchy construction makes sure you feel comfortable while wearing it. Moreover, you can choose this heart monitor armband in seven vibrant colors.

USP: Compatible with many health and fitness apps
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7. Roam Co-Pilot Bike Mount

Roam iPhone Bike Mount

A bike mount is one of my favorite accessories. Whenever I’m up for a ride, I make sure to use it for smooth navigation.

Roam has introduced a highly appreciable bike mount called Co-Pilot. It allows you to securely mount your smartphone on the handlebar.

Thanks to the hard plastic grip coupled with the silicone net, it keeps your device steady. Plus, the 360-degree rotation ensures you have no problem in placing your device in the desired orientation.

USP: Strong silicone net
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That’s pretty much it!

May You Forever Remain At The Top Of Your Fitness…

Now that you’ve got your favorite accessories, make the most of them to shed a lot of pounds and get fitter. But before you commit to a strict rule, let me know your top picks and also suggest the ones that are worthy of inclusion in the above lineup.

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