Best pregnancy apps for iPhone and iPad in 2024

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No worldly pleasure can ever match the joy that comes with motherhood. As a new life has just started to blossom in your womb, you will now have to take care of not just your health but also your baby’s. If you are thinking of a helping hand that can keep you guided and aid you in tracking your baby’s development, our best pregnancy tracker apps for iPhone can be enormously helpful in many ways. First and foremost, they offer expert tips so that you can deal with specific challenges that occur during pregnancy immaculately.

And second, you will be able to interact with a large community of expecting parents and exchange thoughts. What’s more, these iPhone baby tracking apps also provide 3D interactive visualization of the fetal’s growth. So, you’ll keep an eye on the progress of your little wonder and also capture the memorable moments for a keepsake!

Best pregnancy apps for iPhone and iPad

The Internet has a diverse collection of pregnancy apps that can make your nine-month journey easier. So, like a good pal, I have created this list featuring the 5 best pregnancy apps for iPhone and iPad.

1. BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker

BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker app for iPhone and iPad

BabyCenter is a complete baby tracker and a must-have app for soon-to-be moms. The app guides you with pivotal pregnancy tips and also offers fetal development videos.

You can enter your baby’s due date to get the desired information and the things that are expected during pregnancy. There are many tools to monitor several important things like weight and the changes inside your body.

Read the expert fetal development articles and take advantage of the daily maternity calendar. Additionally, connect with expecting parents to share tips and also help the ones who need some pro advice.


  • Weekly updates about pregnancy stages 
  • Detailed information about high-risk pregnancies 
  • Easy switch to parenting advising 
  • Allows you to create a time-lapse of your bump 


  • Lags in navigation 
  • No moderation on message boards

Price: Free  


2. WebMD

WebMD Pregnancy app for iPhone and iPad

WebMD Pregnancy is more than good enough to offer trusted pregnancy guide. With helpful information and personalized tips, the app ensures you remain informed about the growth of your baby.

The app features over 900 doctor-approved articles which can be enormously helpful in guiding you on how to deal with the changes that come during pregnancy. View slideshows and make sure to follow the safety tips.

Monitor your baby’s and your health using several pivotal features such as symptom tracker, weight and blood pressure tracker, kick counter, and contraction timer. What’s more, take part in the caring Pregnancy Community to interact with like-minded people and share thoughts.


  • Clear visuals of the baby in the womb 
  • Detailed information about products, activities, and foods 
  • Suggests questions to ask your gynecologist 


  • More visuals and less text in weekly reports 

Price: Free


3. Glow Nurture

Glow Nurture Pregnancy app for iPhone and iPad

What I have liked most in Glow Nurture is the fully customizable user-interface along with the easy-to-use features that make tracking fetal development more convenient.

The app features several well-designed charts that provide better insights. With the symptoms tracker, you can keep an eye on every subtle change.

Thanks to the timely alerts, you won’t forget any important thing. Besides, this baby tracking app lets you export the pregnancy symptoms, weight, medication, and other health data as PDF.


  • Integrated with Apple’s Health app and MyFitnessPal 
  • Baby kick counter and contract tracking available 
  • Charts of baby’s growth for better understanding


  • No trying-to-conceive support

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


4. The Bump

The Bump Pregnancy app for iPhone and iPad

The Bump provides 3D interactive visualization of your baby’s growth. You can interact with the visualization of your baby and learn many vital things like the changes that take place inside your body and how your baby is developing.

Explore the tips to find out the best way to embracing pregnancy and motherhood. If you have any questions, ask them to the experts and get quick answers from three different sources.

Moreover, The Bump lets you document your pregnancy by crafting a weekly album of your growing belly.


  • Diverse content library 
  • Fun fonts and appealing images for better engagement 
  • Baby growth comparison to vegetable or fruit


  • Frequent ads 
  • Weekly information might not be substantial always 

Price: Free  


5. Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker app for iPhone and iPad

Get the most out of the personalized tips to stay informed about each and every aspect of pregnancy! Ovia provides more personalized guides so that you can keep a close watch on all the necessary things with ease.

The app comes with a fully customizable health tracker to ensure you can track your health perfectly. It features a super handy calendar to help you keep everything fully organized.

The app sends you weekly reports on your pregnancy progress. And thanks to the integration with Apple Health, you will be able to share blood pressure and weight data with ease.


  • Gives emphasis on mental health 
  • Community forums 
  • Easy to sync with a Google Fit tool 


  • Complicated navigation 
  • Difficulty in feeding medications not stored in the app’s system 

Price: Free 


Wrapping up

May you and your baby stay healthy! Now that you’ve got an ideal asset capture every special moment. Also, read the excellent stories to discover more about the unique world of your little champ and how well it’s getting along.

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