Best pregnancy apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Best pregnancy apps for iPhone and iPad

Our heartiest congratulations to you on entering the most beautiful phase of life – Motherhood! Being pregnant is more than just carrying a baby in your womb. Emotional shifts, physical changes, and constant concern about the baby stress the mother quite often. Keeping track of everything can be quite a hassle, so why not seek help from iPhone apps? 

The Internet has a diverse collection of pregnancy apps that can make your nine-month journey easier. So, like a good pal, I have created this list featuring the 10 best pregnancy apps for iPhone and iPad.

  1. Pregnancy+
  2. BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker
  3. WebMD
  4. Glow Nurture
  5. Flo
  6. Expectful
  7. The Bump
  8. HiDaddy
  9. What to Expect Pregnancy+Baby
  10. Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

1. Pregnancy+ – Editor’s choice

Pregnancy+ iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Looking for a pregnancy app that gives you everything a would-be mother would want? Luckily, the Pregnancy+ app is designed to fulfill all your whims. This amazing app blesses you with healthcare tips, week-by-week pregnancy articles, and expert advice, so you never feel lost with your queries. One of the most unique features of the Pregnancy+ app is its interactive, customizable 3D model facility that shows the growth of your baby. 

The baby size app lets you visualize the size of your baby in fruits, sweets, or animals. Unique, right? Get all your queries on breastfeeding, food, twins, exercise, etc., answered in the articles available on the app. The Pregnancy+ app offers week-by-week 2D and 3D scans of the baby, so you can see their development at your convenience.  

You can upload your pictures in the My Bump app to curate a personalized journal and pen down all the beautiful memories you create daily. Other features offered by the app are the pregnancy due date calculator, pregnancy calendar, hospital bag planner, to-do and shopping list, birth plan, etc. Also, Pregnancy+ lets you find a perfect name for your child from the suggestions on the app and share your favorites.  


  • 3D models to view detailed child growth 
  • Multiple pregnancy-supportive tools include birth plans, calendars, hospital bag lists, etc.  
  • Easy-to-use size guide  
  • Multilingual 


  • Few reported glitches 
  • Frequent ads for the premium subscription 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


2. BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker – Best free pregnancy app

BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker app for iPhone and iPad

Designed by one of the biggest online parenting communities, the BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker app offers an extensive range of offerings. You get access to a weekly pregnancy tracker, a contraction timer, a kick counter, and comprehensive reading content to feed on. Also, you can create a time-lapse of your baby bump pictures, search for baby names, and view multiple videos explaining the various levels of pregnancy.  

The ‘Is It Safe’ feature on BabyCenter’s pregnancy tracker helps you find products, eatables, and physical activities that are safe to use during pregnancy. All you need to do is to type in the name of the product or activity, and the app will give you a green signal if it is good and an alert if it involves a risk. In addition, you can join the various message boards with other pregnant couples and share your experiences, ask questions, and get advice. 

With this pregnancy tracker, you get information on pregnancies involving high-risk. Each article covers conditions that might arise during and after the pregnancy. Also, once the baby is born, the app gives parenting advice to guide you through your child’s early years. The list includes tips on breastfeeding, diapering, the baby’s first bath, etc.  


  • Weekly updates about pregnancy stages 
  • Detailed information about high-risk pregnancies 
  • Easy switch to parenting advising 
  • Allows you to create a time-lapse of your bump 


  • Lags in navigation 
  • No moderation on message boards

Price: Free  


3. WebMD – Free pregnancy tracker and health guide

WebMD Pregnancy app for iPhone and iPad

WebMD is one of the most trusted healthcare and well-being information publishers. The app gives valuable health information to the expecting couple that eventually guides them through all the stages of pregnancy. The content library in the app includes over 900 doctor-approved articles, videos, quizzes, tips, and checklists for all your needs.  

Tracking your vitals gets easier with WebMD’s weight and blood pressure tracker, kick counter, and contraction timer. The Symptom tracker lets you log the frequency and intensity of your symptoms so you can easily note the triggers and consequences of each symptom for future occurrences. In addition, you can scroll through the Ask My Doctor section and understand the important questions you must ask your doctor on the next visit.  

With WebMD’s pregnancy tracker, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of your appointments. This amazing app records your data and lets you set reminders for doctor visits, yoga classes, baby showers, etc. You can also pen down all your experiences, memories, or baby names on the digital journal accessible within the app. Also, you can use the app to monitor your body changes and your baby’s growth weekly through intuitive illustrations. 


  • Clear visuals of the baby in the womb 
  • Detailed information about products, activities, and foods 
  • Suggests questions to ask your gynecologist 


  • More visuals and less text in weekly reports 

Price: Free


4. Glow Nurture – Customizable iOS app for moms-to-be

Glow Nurture Pregnancy app for iPhone and iPad

Glow Nurture thrives on advanced technology to offer simple yet powerful pregnancy tracking tools for would-be mothers. The app allows you to customize the settings provided within the app to suit your and your baby’s preferences. Also, you can immerse yourself in the exhaustive content library available here and get away with all the myths that you are most likely to come across down the lane.  

The app provides detailed charts and an intuitive symptoms tracker, so you have all the information about the growth and health of your baby. You can combine your medical data, such as pregnancy symptoms, medication, weight, etc, and email it to yourself as a PDF.  The trimester-cantered pregnancy tracker helps you record changes and prepare well for upcoming stages. Moreover, the app offers postpartum and miscarriage support to users.  

You get a comprehensive Baby Registry tool that helps you add products from any store or link your other registries all in one place. Also, with Glow Nurture, you can set reminders for your doctor appointments and prescriptions.  


  • Integrated with Apple’s Health app and MyFitnessPal 
  • Baby kick counter and contract tracking available 
  • Charts of baby’s growth for better understanding


  • No trying-to-conceive support

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


5. Flo – First certified period and ovulation tracker

Flo Period Tracker Calendar app for iPhone and iPad

Flo is the first app for period and ovulation tracking to get ISO 27001 certification. It is curated by medical experts in collaboration with globally acclaimed medical institutions. The app offers complete tracking of your period start date, total length, fertile window, most productive ovulation days, flow intensity, PMS symptoms, birth control, and more. Also, you can log 70+ period symptoms and activities to get accurate AI-created predictions about your body, period cycle, and hormones. 

Want to get pregnant but confused about the best time to conceive? If such is the case, then Flo is your go-to friend. The platform lets you identify your most fertile days and sends personalized information to achieve the goal. Once pregnant, you can use Flo’s pregnancy mode and enjoy more features. The list includes weekly updates about your child’s growth, tracking of your due date, a countdown, and articles on newborn care.  

One of the best features of Flo is secret chats that let you discuss intimate topics with the huge female community while being anonymous. Furthermore, you get detailed health reports monthly, so you can reach out for medical help at the earliest.  


  • Helps in pregnancy planning 
  • Monthly health reports 
  • Guidance on period management 


  • Constant notifications

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


6. Expectful – Meditation and Wellness

Expectful Wellness for Mom app for iPhone and iPad

You must have heard about pregnancy jitters and how they can affect your mental health. But you don’t have to worry about all this because the Expectful app is here to help you. Categorized in the list of best pregnancy apps for iPhone, Expectful focuses on your mental well-being alongside being a pregnancy tracker. The app gives you holistic support right from the conceiving stage through pregnancy and during the first year of your child’s birth.  

As mentioned earlier, the Expectful nourishes you with week-by-week meditations customized to suit different stages of pre and post-pregnancy. You can find plenty of on-demand and easy-to-download guides on fertility, Hypnobirthing, breastfeeding, mom duties, etc.

In addition, you can view the interviews or read stories shared by other women. So, why believe in myths and stick to taboos when you can get real solutions to all your queries with the Expectful pregnancy tracking app?  


  • Emphasis on meditation and mental wellness  
  • 5-20 minutes long meditation tracks 
  • Integration with Mindfulness Minutes 
  • Exhaustive reading content 


  • Frequent lags during the meditation sessions 
  • Service issues in free trials

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $8.99) 


7. The Bump – Best free baby growth tracker

The Bump Pregnancy app for iPhone and iPad

The Bump is undoubtedly one of the best pregnancy apps for iPhone and iPad. This app helps you keep track of your child’s growth with each passing week. You get to view the baby’s body growth in the shape of a vegetable or fruit. With each week, you get information about the symptoms you might experience in the forthcoming weeks of your pregnancy.  

Watch videos or read articles answering the most frequent questions of would-be mothers and myths surrounding pregnancy. Also, there are plenty of tips and suggestions on topics ranging from your baby’s nursery design to maternity wear and more. Take pictures of your belly growth over the nine months and store them as memories.  

In addition, The Bump app eases your burden of remembering your daily tasks. You can use the to-do calendar option to track all the important activities you need to do in a day. The app lets you connect to a community of other moms-to-be so you can always feel a companion in times of stress or confusion.  


  • Diverse content library 
  • Fun fonts and appealing images for better engagement 
  • Baby growth comparison to vegetable or fruit


  • Frequent ads 
  • Weekly information might not be substantial always 

Price: Free  


8. HiDaddy – The best app for the dads-to-be

HiDaddy Pregnancy app for iPhone and iPad

HiDaddy is a robust app designed for would-be fathers. Yes, you read it right. Pregnancy is a beautiful phase that is shared by a couple together, so it is only right for the male to be able to enjoy all the experiences (platonically, though). With the HiDaddy app, you can actively participate in this journey with your partner and keep yourself updated about your unborn child. It also has a contraction counter to help you when labor starts.  

The app lets you track the child’s growth in your partner’s womb. It helps you understand the constantly changing mood of your significant other so you easily cater to all their whims. You receive weekly messages, updates, and tips from your child to help you know about their wellbeing. In addition, HiDaddy gives information about the baby’s size and weight.  


  • Weekly updates on your child’s growth 
  • Cute advice from the baby 
  • Prepares would-be dads for baby’s birth


  • Limited features 
  • Some topics can be weird

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $4.99) 


9. What to Expect Pregnancy+Baby – Best to track baby’s growth

What to Expect Pregnancy+Baby app for iPhone and iPad

What to Expect shines as one of the most coveted pregnancy and parenting brands in the world. So, you can rest assured that the pregnancy tracker app offered by the company is bound to give you some amazing services. Inside the app, you get access to thousands of articles that offer step-by-step guidance at each level of your pregnancy. With this app, you can seek help right from the stage of conception to the toddler years of your newborn.  

The week-by-week pregnancy tracker shows your baby’s development based on your due date. And with personalized daily tips, you can understand your body changes well and prepare yourself well in advance. Apart from this, you can also share your issues with the community groups created based on your medical conditions, location, interests, etc.  

If you plan to get pregnant, you can use the ovulation calculator on What to Expect’s Pregnancy app. This calculator uses data from your last period to find the most fertile days, increasing your chances of getting pregnant. Also, you can find multiple videos on breastfeeding, sleep, baby growth, etc., so you never find it difficult to understand the concepts, especially if it is your first pregnancy.  


  • Interactive social community 
  • Ovulation calculator 
  • Diverse audio and video content 


  • Frequent ads 

Price: Free 


10. Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker – Growth calculator

Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker app for iPhone and iPad

The Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker adopts a personalized approach to give you complete information about your baby’s growth. This unique app houses an exciting ‘In the Womb’ feature that lets you view realistic illustrations of your baby every week. Apart from this, you can compare the size of your little one by comparing it to objects like fruits, vegetables, pastries, and more.  

Learning about the different stages of pregnancy becomes easier with the content library available on the app. You can find over 2000 articles, tips, and tools to answer all your pregnancy queries. Further, you can check the food safety, medications, and symptoms using the lookup tools in Ovia’s pregnancy and baby tracker.  

The app lets you enjoy customized tracking of your routine and progress throughout pregnancy. This includes keeping a record of your weight, 100+ common symptoms, sleep, mental health, medications, nutrition, and fitness. Also, you can connect to a community of other pregnant ladies living nearby, experiencing similar symptoms, or in the same trimester as you. This can help you share your questions with them and get some cool tips.


  • Gives emphasis on mental health 
  • Community forums 
  • Easy to sync with a Google Fit tool 


  • Complicated navigation 
  • Difficulty in feeding medications not stored in the app’s system 

Price: Free 



Why are pregnancy apps important? 

Pregnancy apps help to keep track of the health and well-being of your baby all through the nine months period.  

What are the benefits of using pregnancy apps for iPhones?

Pregnancy apps help to track data regarding the health of the mother and child, the baby’s growth inside the mother’s womb, the physical and mental activities of the mother, and their impact on the child.

What features should I look for in a pregnancy app? 

A good pregnancy app will come packed with multiple trackers for fetal growth, mother’s contractions, physical activities, stress level, food habits, etc.  

Wrapping up

Like any other woman, you must be excited and nervous about your pregnancy. While it is good to keep the excitement alive, nervousness can surely be dodged with the help of the best pregnancy apps for iPhone and iPad, included here. Each app gives you access to plenty of useful features that make your journey, right from conceiving to the early years of your child, a cakewalk.

In the comments section, do let me know about other apps you are using to manage your pregnancy duties well.  

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