Best calorie counter apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Best calorie counter apps for iPhone

A healthy body is the ultimate pathway to a happy life. Exercising, doing yoga, cycling, and other physical activities are some of the best tools to get your body in shape. But what if you don’t want to indulge in them? In such a case, logging or tracking your food intake can be of great help to you. Keeping track of your eating habits becomes easier by using calorie-tracking apps on your iPhone.

You can rely on these apps to analyze your daily physical activities, nutrition, macros, water intake, etc. If you are still unaware of calorie counting apps, here is a list of some of the best calorie counter apps for iPhone and iPad. You can study the pros and cons of each app and then download them based on your preference.  

  1. MyFitnessPal
  2. My Macros+
  3. MyNetDiary
  4. Lose It!
  5. FatSecret
  6. YAZIO
  7. Nutritionix Track
  8. Calory
  9. Calorie Counter+
  10. Fooducate

1. MyFitnessPal – Editor’s choice

MyFitnessPal calorie counter iPhone or iPad App Screenshot

As the name suggests, MyFitnessPal is a digital health-tracking app that guides you like a true friend. The app adopts a positive mechanism to ensure that you achieve your set fitness goals. It analyses your eating habits by keeping track of calorie intake and nutrition level in the food you consume.

Breaking the monotony of a typical calorie-tracking app, MyFitnessPal encourages healthy eating by offering the necessary motivation. Interesting, isn’t it? In a true sense, the MyFitnessPal app doubles as a virtual health planner, fitness expert, and nutrition coach.

Additionally, this award-winning app lets you create a personalized plan for a particular objective. Whether weight loss, weight gain, nutrition, or fitness, MyFitnessPal can do all this more while keeping your preferences in check. Furthermore, the app lets you keep tabs on carbs, fat, protein, water intake, and nutrition content in your meals.  

Calorie management becomes easy with MyFitnessPal’s ‘Meal Planner’ tool. With this feature, you can learn from a registered dietician and customize meal plans based on your calorie targets. Also, you get over 500 healthy recipes and fifty easy-to-do workout routines right at your fingertips. The app helps you learn more about a healthy lifestyle through food logging.


  • Macro tracker gives a breakdown of carbs, fat, and protein content in grams or percentage 
  • Water tracker 
  • Thriving health-focused community to connect 
  • Food log to track and personalize your eating habits 


  • Overloaded content can overwhelm some users 
  • You need Premium subscription to unlock advanced features 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $9.99) 


2. My Macros+ – Weight and calorie tracker

My Macros+ calorie counter app for iPhone and iPad

Designed by a professional bodybuilder, MyMacros+ is undoubtedly one of the best calorie counter apps for iPhone in 2023. The digital platform comes packed with a list of unprecedented features that cater to the requirements of one and all. If weight management, regular fitness checks, calorie counting, macros checks, and nutrition checks bother you, downloading the My Macros+ app can be a good decision.  

The app relies on intuitive graphs to help you monitor your weight regularly. Calorie counting gets easy with the My Macros+ app that breakdowns nutrition intake based on the meal you eat every day. Apart from this, the platform facilitates smart food categorization and full customization of food inputs. This means you can input food items straight from the label and track the vitals in any serving size. Further, the app has a reporting system that keeps you updated with your daily nutrition count.  

My Macros+ app comes with an optional feature where an AI solution guides you in accomplishing your health goals quickly. Also, you must fill in the questionnaire requested by the app to get your first macro goal. The app monitors your progress and updates these macro goals for the best results. You can view the meals, food, and recipes of your friends with the My Circle feature.  


  • Exclusive library of over 2,000 customizable food items 
  • Water and bodyweight tracker 
  • Add meals and food items to Favorites for future use 


  • No support for workout tracking 
  • Premium features are locked behind paywalls

Price: $2.99 


3. MyNetDiary – Best food tracking app

Calorie Counter app for iPhone and iPad

Everyday hustles of your life are bound to make you skip your morning walks, evening yoga, or weekly gym visits quite often. If time constraints are becoming a barrier to your health goals, then taking control of what you eat can quickly serve your purpose. This is where you can use MyNetDiary’s calorie counter app.  

A seamless, intuitive, and straightforward user interface makes this digital platform one of the best free calorie counter apps for iPhone. The diet app has a diverse and verified food database comprising over 1.2 million items. Unlike other food tracking apps, MyNetDiary has a barcode scanner that lets you log your eatables instantly without any time lag. Also, you get a customizable dashboard, a water tracker, food articles/blogs, how-to videos, etc.  

MyNetDiary app allows you to choose a diet plan of your choice and guides you through the process by offering tips from a trained dietician. You can use the shopping list and grocery check options for picking healthy products. Further, if you want more features, you can switch to a Premium subscription. This will give you access to top-rated recipes for multiple diets, macros planning, easy integration with fitness trackers, nutrient tracking, and more.  


  • Barcode scanner for easy food logging 
  • Plethora of features in the free version 
  • Charts and health tips 
  • Accepts recipes from users for quick information about nutrition, macros, etc.  


  • Expensive 
  • Generalized tips may not be suitable for all 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $8.99) 


4. Lose It! – A completely personalized program

Lose It calorie counter app for iPhone and iPad

The Lose It app is a trusted calorie counter, diet planner, and nutrition tracker. Apart from the regular features, Lose It also carries an intermittent fasting tool that helps you get healthy by managing your eating schedules. Moreover, you can schedule your calorie intake, plan your meals to control calorie consumption or read about calorie management from the in-app content library.   

Launched in 2008, Lose It! app has a barcode scanner that will help you collect information about everything you have eaten. You can also search the content library available on the app for food tracking. Logging food is super easy on this app. All you need to do is to take a snap of the food item and then simply wait for the app to display the desired results instantly.  

One of the most amazing features of Lose It app is its diverse portfolio of services that works efficiently and well for all. For instance, the app lists customized nutrition strategies that suit multiple dietary regimes. In addition, Lose It! pushes you closer to your health goals by easily customizing your weight loss meals- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can rely on the personal insights provided by the app to identify the habits which are good or bad for your fitness.  


  • Easy navigation with a user-friendly interface 
  • Several features available in the free version 
  • Efficient calorie and nutrition tracker with a customized experience 


  • In-depth analysis can require extra time 
  • Corrections to faulty data entry can be difficult 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $4.99) 


5. FatSecret – Best reminders for meals

FatSecret calorie counter app for iPhone and iPad

FatSecret strives to make your journey to a healthy and peaceful life easier. This calorie-counting app keeps track of your meals, physical activities, weight, and nutrition so you always consume the right quantities of food. The exhaustive food database available on FatSecret will help you track the calories and nutrient content in whatever you consume throughout the day.

The app has a barcode scanner that helps you log food quickly, so you are always aware of the nutritional value hidden in your eatables. Also, the app has an exercise diary to record all the calories you burn throughout the day.

Further, if you need a more detailed record of your calories, then the in-built diet calendar can be a perfect tool for you. The calendar records all the calories consumed and burned by you without a miss. You can choose any diet, and FatSecret will bless you with multiple recipes and meal options to make your diet plan successful.

Moreover, FatSecret curates a detailed report and gives you specific goals regarding calorie and macros count. FatSecret allows you to flaunt your achievements by sharing pictures on the photo album. Now, isn’t that cool?  


  • Supportive community forum 
  • Personal Journal 
  • Simple to use interface


  • Frequent failures in syncing with Fitbit 
  • App sometimes freezes 
  • Lack of information on a few important foods 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $6.49) 


6. YAZIO – Easy way to lose weight

YAZIO Fasting & Food Tracker app for iPhone and iPad

YAZIO makes calorie counting super easy for you. The easy-to-use interface of the app helps you to manage your daily food intake, calculate burned calories, track your activities, and eventually lose weight quickly. You will be amazed to see the long calorie table available on the app featuring more than 2 million different food items. Maintain your everyday food diary, for all the meals, with the YAZIO app to successfully achieve all your health targets.  

The portal has a built-in barcode scanner to make food searching easy and convenient. You can create meals, curate a favorites list, or add new food items for others to take inspiration from. Apart from all this, the YAZIO app keeps track of your physical exercises, step counts, and sports activities to offer you a holistic report of your health. The app assesses your diet plan and milestones to help you understand the impact of your routine habits on your health.  

In case you want to follow a particular day’s schedule, all you need to do is copy that day’s diary entries to the targeted days. Easy, isn’t it? Moreover, YAZIO allows integration with the Health App on iPhone and Apple Watch, so you are always in touch with your food-tracking goals.  


  • Diverse content library 
  • Meal planning allowed 
  • Works well for intermittent fasting 
  • Has a step counter  


  • Advanced features reserved in the pro version 
  • Limited content for vegetarians 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $19.99) 


7. Nutritionix Track – Food tracking iPhone app

Nutritionix Track app for iPhone and iPad

Nutritionix Track is a perfect combination of technology and fitness. Users praise Nutritionix Track’s accurate calorie tracking, while nutrition experts praise the app’s ability to display nutrition-related data with full transparency. You will be amazed to know that the database available on the app is curated by expert dieticians.  

Do you know what makes this app even more attractive? Well, it is the fact that Nutritionix Tracker bundles the calorie content of packaged food ingredients and food joint items with everyday food items. So, whenever you combine restaurant food with homemade food, you are still aware of the calories and nutrients you consume.

Moreover, you can access thousands of common recipes crafted by in-house dieticians on this useful app. Interestingly, you can also share your own recipes with others.  

The extensive list of offerings makes Nutritionix Track the best calorie counter app for iPhone and iPad. Apart from the traditional logging, you can also log food items simply by speaking into the app. Easy, right? However, ensure you are clear with dictation when using the vocal command feature.



  • Multiple food logging ways, including voice command 
  • Database curated by registered experts 
  • Easy syncing with Apple Health, Fitbit, etc.  


  • Frequent lags in food logging 
  • Advanced features are accessible only with the Track Pro feature 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $5.99) 


8. Calory – Create custom foods

Calory app for iPhone and iPad

Looking for a quick way to count your calories daily? Then hop on to the Calory app and take your first baby step toward your fitness. You can use Calory to track the calories you are consuming in real-time while taking your meals or snacks. Once you have a good grasp of what you are eating and how it is affecting your health, you are likely to make healthier choices more frequently than others.  

This easy-to-use calorie tracker offers a clutter-free interface to record your calories, nutrient level, and macros like carbs, proteins, fats, etc. Depending on your weight, height, and activities, Calory suggests a daily calorie goal for you. Later, you can plan calorie intake throughout the day based on the goals suggested by the app. In addition, you can view your weekly, monthly, and yearly progress in detailed charts available on this amazing app. 

Calorie has a separate home screen display featuring a journal from where you get a more exhaustive report of your calories, physical activities, and nutritional level. Moreover, if you want a personalized look for your Calory account, you can choose your favorite theme from the multiple options available on the platform.

Lastly, do not forget, Calory is easy to integrate with the Apple Health app, so you never have to struggle to keep track of your calories anywhere you go.  


  • Water (WaterMinder) and weight tracker  
  • Effective for weight loss goals 
  • Siri shortcuts available 
  • Saving plates/dishes is easy 


  • Adding dishes to the log is a bit messy 
  • Food database has dishes limited to some regions 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99) 


9. Calorie Counter+ – Fitness goals made easy

Calorie Counter + app for iPhone and iPad

Nutracheck’s Calorie Counter+ app is a UK-based calorie counting app that is quite popular for its seamless interface that serves all. This app is an effective tool for keeping track of calorie consumption, calorie burns, macros, physical labor, and more. This exhaustive list of offerings makes Calorie Counter+ the best food tracking app, especially for those residing in Britain. 

Are you planning to lose weight for the upcoming wedding of your friend or gaining weight for an upcoming tournament? Don’t worry; Calorie Counter+ is here for you. Also, if you want to gather information about healthy meals and eatables, you can visit the food database window stuffed with over 350,000 UK products along with pictures. All the data available on the app is duly verified, so there is no room for inaccuracies.  

You can connect this app with fitness apps like Fitbit through Apple Health and record your everyday progress quickly. Apart from all this, food logging is super easy on the app with its barcode scanner. In addition, the app works perfectly well in tracking your everyday physical exercises, so you get all the fitness tools in one spot.  


  • Barcode scanner for quick food logging 
  • Extensive database with UK-based products 
  • 7-day free trial is available 


  • App failures faced by some users 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $4.99) 


10. Fooducate – Nutrition coaching for free

Fooducate calorie counter app for iPhone and iPad

Since its inception in 2010, Fooducate has emerged as one of the best free calorie counting apps. The platform lets you log your meal intake and track calories, macros, sleep, mood, hunger, etc. Moreover, you can enjoy a more personalized experience by setting your desired weight loss rate, type of diet, and health issues.  

The app blesses you with dietary suggestions from the in-house dieticians concerning multiple health goals and illness recoveries. Lower your increasing cholesterol level, beat diabetes, improve your heart health, or manage carbs simply by planning your diet. Not to forget, you can also add your favorite recipes on the app for others to relish.  

Moreover, Fooducate is a complete health and fitness app that caters to the requirements of all users, irrespective of age and gender. The app has a section dedicated to women’s health. Under this section, you get dietary guidance for pregnancy, lactation, periods, or diseases like PCOS. Also, if you are allergic to certain ingredients, you can add them to the app, so it curates a diet that is free from those ingredients.  


  • Diverse food database 
  • Instant feedback on queries


  • Limited features in the free version 
  • Lags in barcode scanning 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 


Wrapping up 

One of the most common issues faced by people willing to switch to a healthier lifestyle is the lack of discipline. This is where a calorie tracking app can come into play and make you responsible for those extra calories you consume without any guilt. This article mentions some of the best calorie counter apps for iPhone. Pick one and start your healthy routine now.  

Also, don’t forget to share your views and suggestions in the comments section.  

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