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Are you planning to get out of bed a bit early or just become more active and wish to hit the ground running? If yes, these best runner apps for iPhone and Apple Watch can be your vital assistance. Really. So, what makes these run/activity-tracking apps stand out?

Apart from letting you track your different workouts like hiking, jogging, they even work as a brilliant coach. Based on your goal, you can personalize the app to get the most out of your every run. Ready to jump over to find the most suitable runner app for your iPhone and Apple Watch? (You may also wish to have a go at these best fitness apps.) Let's run the list!

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Best Running Apps for iPhone and Apple Watch

Best Running/Activity-Tracking Apps for iPhone and Apple Watch

#1. Runkeeper

Runkeeper Running iPhone and Apple Watch App Screenshot

With over 50 million users, Runkeeper is one of the most popular runner apps. Thanks to the superior GPS, it is able to track your workouts accurately. Set your goal to accomplish, and the app will guide you to get there.

To ensure you are able to hit across the line, follow a plan that works best for you. Use reminders to stay up to the task. Besides, you have the option to track your progress to have the right idea about how well you are getting on with your set goal.

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Price: Free
Download Runkeeper

#2. RUNNING for weight loss

RUNNING for weight loss iPhone and Apple Watch App Screenshot

Looking for an app to help you lose weight fast? “RUNNING for weight loss” can be the right answer for your quest. It has been perfectly optimized for weight loss to make your job a lot easier. It provides personalized diet plan that is very vital for achieving the fitness goal.

Depending on your goal, level or convenience, you can select the ideal plan that can yield the desired result for you. There is a lot of workout music to keep you pumped up during your rigorous workout. What's more, the tempo of music adjusts itself wonderfully following your rhythm.

Price: Free
Download RUNNING for weight loss

#3. iSmoothRun Pro

iSmoothRun Pro Running iPhone and Apple Watch App Screenshot

iSmoothRun Pro is exactly what you would want to become an excellent runner. With the use of GPS and pedometer, iSmoothRun Pro is capable of tracking your every single step. To get started, simply create your workout and let the app coach you with the valuable audio tips.

It provides all-day step tracking on iPhone 5s or later. The app will automatically pause if you happen to stop while running and it will start when you begin to run. It allows you to export your data in multiple formats such as GPX, TCX, KML, PWX, or CSV.

Price: $4.99
Download iSmoothRun Pro

#4. Strava Running and Cycling

Strava Running and Cycling iPhone and Apple Watch App Screenshot

Want to hit the ground running with more vigor? Strava can enormously boost your experience and bring about the much-needed improvement in your running. Through the helpful leaderboards by age and weight, it provides you the right insight about where you stand.

You can check out your weekly mileage or time-based goal and be able to track your progress with ease. The detailed heart-rate analysis would let you improve your performance. Right after you have finished your run, it will show you the performance results based on your target.

Price: Free
Download Strava Running Cycling


PUMATRAC Running iPhone and Apple Watch App Screenshot

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

Craving to get the best out of your workout? PUMATRAC can be a viable option for you to enliven your performance. Consisting of easy-to-use features and user-friendly interface, it makes your task of your tracking your run or optimizing your skill more convenient.

This runner app can track as many as 30 activities such as walking, cycling, hiking, etc. It allows you to keep track of calories burned, distance, pace and more. Check out social activity feed to find out how your friends are getting on with their goals.

Price: Free

#6. RuntasticĀ 

Runtastic Running iPhone and Apple Watch App Screenshot

RuntasticĀ has long been a top runner app. With the built-in GPS, it offers you the most accurate data about your activity. And the voice coach is always there to closely monitor your workout and provide the valuable guide.

It enables you to track the number of fitness activities such as biking, skiing, jogging, etc. You also have the option to set a goal for the whole year. The integrated music player will never let you get bored with your activity.

Price: Free
Download Runtastic

#7. Endomondo

Endomondo Running iPhone and Apple Watch App Screenshot

Endomondo is a fabulous fitness tracker and personal training app. With it, you can keep an eye on your workout and how well you are doing. Instantly check your speed, time or other important data and accelerate your momentum.

It can track more than 40 sports. The audio feedback offers you the required inputs about how you can get better or the areas where you have to improve. To have the desired result, just set your time, distance or calorie goal and let the coach show you the right way to pull it off.

Price: Free
Download Endomondo

#8. Map My Run

Map My Run iPhone and Apple Watch App Screenshot

As the name itself suggests, “Map My Run” is primed to help you excel in getting the most out of your workout. You get the insightful audio feedback about each GPS tracked run. Check out the route you took on the map.

You have the option to select from well over 600 different sports. Use the route feature to your best advantage to find the nearby places for the run. You can sync your data with several wearables such as Apple Watch, Fitbit and more.

Price: Free
Download Map My Run

#9. Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club Running iPhone and Apple Watch App Screenshot

“Nike+ Run Club” is made for top-class runners. With the use of customized coaching plan, it keeps you at peace with what aspire to accomplish. The GPS records your run with every subtle detail.

The leaderboards allow you to compete with your friends. Special playlists ensure you are always in high spirit. Get motivation from great runners like Kevin Hart and Mo Farah and continue to break your own records.

Price: Free
Download Nike+ Run Club

#10. RunGo

RunGo Running iPhone and Apple Watch App Screenshot

Last but not the least, RunGo adorably completes this excellent list of top runner apps. What makes this app highly useful for runners is the ability bolster their performance. It allows you to create the route on your device.

The GPS voice navigation leads you through your path. The best thing about it is that it works even offline. Simply download the route, and the app will guide you even when your device is not connected to the internet. Besides, you can easily share your location as well as run with your friends.

Price: Free
Download RunGo

That's it!

Have I missed any important Runner app? Do let us know that in the comments.

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