Best productivity apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Best productivity apps for iPhone and iPad

Each technological advancement brings about a significant change in your life. How you work, connect, and manage time changes when you use technology as an asset rather than a mere tool. As a result, the market presently offers many iPhone apps that make use of technology to boost productivity.

When backed by the support of these apps, you can witness some incredible results with little effort. Keeping quality, efficiency, and cost in mind, I have compiled this list of the best productivity apps for iPhone and iPad. So let’s take a look quickly.

  1. Gmail
  2. Google Drive
  3. Grammarly
  4. Adobe Acrobat Reader
  5. Calendly Mobile
  6. ClickUp
  7. Ask AI
  8. Todoist
  9. Forest
  10. LastPass Password Manager
  11. Any.Do

1. Gmail – Google’s very own email

Gmail Email App iPhone and iPad Screenshot

Regarding email services, Gmail is the unprecedented leader, with one of the most significant user communities globally. The scope of Gmail goes beyond being just a simple email app on iPhone or iPad, as it lets you connect, collaborate, and work seamlessly. All this happens with the support of high-end security, real-time notifications, multiple account support, and easy searches. Moreover, using Gmail on iPhone or iPad is super easy.

You can also switch on Google Chat to connect, create, and interact or use your email id to attend business meetings on Google Meet. You can also use Gmail to respond to Google Calendar invites. Cool, isn’t it?

Additionally, the app safeguards your data by blocking over 99.9 percent of malware, spam, and phishing scam links from entering your inbox. Moreover, Gmail notifies you about every new incoming mail, so you get all the important messages. Gmail lets you label your emails as starred, snoozed, important, spam, and others. In addition, you can archive/delete with a simple swipe and easily manage threaded conversations.

The Smart Reply option on Gmail lets you avoid mistakes by giving suggestions concerning grammar, sentence composition, spelling, etc. So, even if you are a frequent typo person like me, Gmail covers you.


  • Easy, smooth UI  
  • Highly secure
  • Personalization and customization allowed
  • Easy integration with Google Workspace 


  • Limited storage

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 


2. Google Drive – Share, edit, and sync documents

Google Drive iPhone app to convert image text into digital text

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage apps. It is an integral part of the Google Workspace. It is a secure place to create, store, back up, edit, and view all your important files from any device. In addition, no matter how many files you have stored on your Drive, you can quickly search through them with their name and content. Easy, isn’t it?  

With Google Drive, you can save documents that you create online or backup files stored on your system. You can allocate any folder on their device for backup and save space by avoiding file duplication in local storage. And the best part about using Drive is that you can retrieve all your data even if your device suffers a data loss for some reason. If this is not enough for you, try purchasing Google One, which offers additional storage space and user benefits. 

Inside the app, you can switch views, organize styles, etc., for a more personalized experience. Apart from this, Drive offers a seamless interface where you can drag and drop files from your device onto any folder opened in the browser. The app works well with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, PDFs, Maps, Drawings, etc.  


  • Easy access to stored data 
  • Massive free storage space 
  • Supports 100+ file formats 
  • Collaborate and comment on files in real-time 


  • Some privacy risks  
  • No password protection for shared files 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 


3. Grammarly – A friendly grammar Nazi

Grammarly App for iPhone and iPad Screenshot

Whether a job-seeking email or an extended project document, Grammarly’s real-time writing/editing tool will ensure your work is top-notch. This popular cloud-based writing assistant is a must if you are looking for the top productivity apps to download on iPhone and iPad. You can never go wrong with grammar, tone, clarity, phrasing, or sentence formation with Grammarly.

To use Grammarly, you first must type or copy/paste your content on the app’s document section. Then the AI-based writing assistant analyzes your document and gives suggestions for errors in your writing piece. For example, it strives to correct misspelled words, replace words with better substitutes, correct punctuation, or inform about passive voice errors.  

Grammarly works seamlessly on multiple platforms like Google Docs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Gmail, etc. Thus, making it a useful editing tool for content writers, business professionals, students, teachers, etc. Moreover, if you switch to Grammarly Premium, you can get more advanced suggestions and a plagiarism check. Finally, if all this is not enough, you can seek professional aid from Grammarly’s writing experts by paying an additional cost.  


  • Real-time grammar correction  
  • Perfect for editing and proofreading 
  • Accurate and easy-to-understand suggestions 
  • Add to dictionary feature so you can add recurring words


  • Expensive 
  • Frequent ads 
  • Limited features in the free version 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $29.99) 


4. Adobe Acrobat Reader – Document editing made easy

Adobe Acrobat Reader productivity app for iPhone and iPad

Adobe Acrobat Reader is undoubtedly one of the most popular PDF editor and converter apps. The mobile-friendly app provides access to a multitude of offerings for document users. It is a one-stop solution for all your needs, as the app lets you view, read, share, convert, compress, and edit documents in a blink. Moreover, you can access all these lucrative features without getting frustrated with the frequently popping ads.  

One of the best features of Adobe Acrobat Reader is its user-friendly interface. For instance, you can switch to Liquid Mode to adjust your document’s font size, line spacing, and other adjustments. In addition, finding, formatting, and copying text in any PDF or image is super easy on Adobe’s PDF editor. Moreover, you can annotate PDFs, give suggestions, add comments, or put digital sticky notes on your documents. 

You can combine multiple files or pages and convert them into PDFs for easy accessibility across various platforms. The app lets you write directly on PDFs and add signatures to essential documents without any hassle. Moreover, you can link your Adobe account with Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, etc., and get all your files in one place.  


  • User-friendly software 
  • Edit, create, and PDFs instantly 
  • Add suggestions, comments, and sticky notes 
  • Write directly in PDF 


  • Scanning pages can be an issue sometimes

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $4.99) 


5. Calendly Mobile – Schedule meetings with ease

Calendly Mobile productivity app for iPhone and iPad

Scheduling meetings can be a hassle if you don’t have a dedicated staff. However, hiring the right staff involves higher administrative costs. So, why spend more money when the Calendly app is here to help you? Calendly boasts exciting features that allow clients to fix appointments and meeting times based on your availability appearing in your Calendly account.

The simple user interface of Calendly makes it a valuable entry in my list of best productivity apps for iPhone and iPad. If your job requires you to deal with people face-to-face, Calendly can be a suitable option for you. You can be a trainer, coach, consultant, or spiritual guide. Calendly will bring you closer to your clients with its intelligent schedule management. Moreover, you can reschedule or cancel your meetings at your convenience or client’s convenience.

Calendly offers multiple versions of its software for you. The list includes Basic, Essentials, Professional, Teams, and Enterprise plans. You can pick them based on your budget and requirement. The higher versions of the app offer advanced features for clients, such as the ability to choose different event types, email invites, and reminders.


  • Clients or customers can easily organize meetings 
  • In-built sharing feature for iOS lets you populate the schedule link 
  • Allows users to create surveys 
  • Meeting insights, branding options, etc., offered in premium versions 
  • Appointment booking through emails


  • Slow or unresponsive customer support 
  • Advanced features behind paywalls

Price: Free 


6. ClickUp – Best project management app

ClickUp productivity app for iPhone and iPad

Project management tools are effective for those using technology to achieve productivity. ClickUp is one such app that can help you with this. The app comes packed with exciting features, making it one of the best project management apps. Here, you get all the features expected in a project management app combined under a single app.

ClickUp lets you put custom statuses to every project and task to ensure that every member knows the current project status. Also, you can assign tasks to other people who then get notified about the same. The app uses Gantt charts for project management, where you can adjust, track, or compare project progress effortlessly. The chart gives a holistic view of the projects, displays their priority, and manages workflows and resources involved.

With ClickUp, you can create, update, schedule, or edit tasks from anywhere and at any time of your preference. These features come in handy when collaborating with multiple team members. In addition, the app lets you simplify your tasks by offering more than twelve unique views for your projects and custom dashboards, so all your team members are simultaneously aware of all the projects.


  • Email integration and timesheet tracking 
  • All-in-one platform 
  • Interlink projects, documents, and tasks 
  • Highly customizable 


  • Pile up of notifications can be stressful 
  • Limited time tracking 
  • Average reporting 

Price: Free  


7. Ask AI – Smart technology integration app

Chat with Ask AI productivity app for iPhone and iPad

Are you looking for a tool that can write for you? Then, the Ask AI app is a must-try app for you. This amazing platform, powered by ChatGPT, reads your instructions and then writes content based on them. So if you find expressing your thoughts or seeking inspiration difficult, Ask AI is your go-to option. Ask AI’s conversational tone and personalized recommendations to let you talk about any topic.

The powerful AI technology blesses you with an efficient writing assistant that does everything for you. It helps in idea generation, outline creation, and complete content writing. All you need to do is ask questions and Ask AI will give you instant answers. So if you have trouble writing a poem, an email, mathematics code, blogs, articles, or even your homework, Ask AI will help you complete them quickly.

Ask AI has multilingual capacities, meaning you can chat in your native language. You can also use the app to translate text, learn, or practice any language you want. The app keeps you updated with the latest trends, gets career and job advice, and effortlessly sharpens your skills. In addition, its AI-powered app brainstorms ideas and lets you create innovative products.


  • Instant solutions to common and complex problems 
  • The user-friendly tone of the conversation 
  • Multilingual 


  • Lack of human emotions 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $4.99) 


8. Todoist – An all-in-one to-do app for  personal use

Todoist productivity app for iPhone and iPad

Todoist is a perfect task manager and to-do list platform that strives to bring organization to your everyday routine. The multipurpose interface of the app lets you plan your personal and professional schedules without much effort. Just give simple commands or set reminders; Todoist will use its robust language recognition and recurring due dates feature to provide the desired results instantly.

This app makes it easy for you to collaborate with others on projects and assign them tasks. Also, you can add comments and voice notes and attach files to your tasks for easy guidance to others. This excellent app is one of the best productivity apps for personal use. Accessible on multiple devices – with extensions, apps, and widgets, Todoist is a good option for planning and organizing your work. You can use Todoist on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, desktop, and other smart devices.

You don’t have to worry about creating a structure for a to-do list because Todoist has multiple project templates ranging from meeting agendas, packing lists, accounting tasks, etc. Look at the personalized productivity trends to know more about your work interests. In addition, you can link your Todoist with your calendar, voice assistant, or other tools like Outlook for a smooth working experience.


  • Easy-to-use task lists  
  • Sharing tasks and giving guidelines are available 
  • Intuitive app


  • Frequent lags 
  • Requires time and effort from the user’s end 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $4.99) 


9. Forest – Best distraction minimization iOS app

Forest productivity app for iPhone and iPad

With its tagline ‘Stay Focused, Be Present,’ Forest app is one of the top productivity apps for iOS devices. The app works effortlessly well for those who want to reduce the time they spend on their phones. Forest boasts a powerful focus-timer that helps you bring back the lost focus in your life, build good habits, get away with smartphone addiction, and accomplish all the milestones of your everyday life. 

Forest uses an adorable way to help you divert your attention from unproductive activities that are consuming a maximum portion of your time. To start your journey with Forest, you must plant a seed in the virtual forest of the app. As time passes, the seed grows into a tree. However, the tree withers if you fail to resist using the phone. Sad, isn’t it? I don’t think you would like to see your plant dying. In addition, you can track the total time in different activities along with the focused time.

After each accomplishment, you can earn amazing rewards on the Forest app and unlock over ninety species of trees and white noises. Moreover, with Forest, you can plant real trees and protect the environment with popular organizations like Trees for the Future. The app lets you share your forest and compete with friends and other users.


  • Uses the simple Pomodoro technique of focus 
  • Flexible features that suit your time schedules effectively 
  • Multilingual support 
  • Effective time monitoring 


  • More focus on the gamification of the methodology 
  • It can be overwhelming for some 

Price: $3.99 


10. LastPass Password Manager – Trusted password manager

LastPass Password Manager app for iPhone and iPad

Managing multiple passwords on your own can be a task. A tiny mistake, and you can lose all your money and data in a blink. So, why not use the best iPhone productivity app and manage passwords digitally? Among the list of best password management apps out there, you can play your bets on LastPass Password Manager for high-end security. This encrypted vault stores your passwords and personal information so you don’t struggle to remember passwords.

LastPass auto-fills your login credentials when you visit websites and apps. Also, you don’t have to remember the passwords of different portals with LastPass. All you need to do is remember your LastPass master password to access all your saved accounts. This saves your time and reduces the risk of password theft.

You can use the app to store credit card numbers, health insurance cards, bank accounts, ATM pins, notes, etc. In addition, the LastPass password manager has a built-in password generator that helps you create strong passwords. Also, the app adds another layer of security to your account with multi-factor authentication (MFA) feature.


  • Seamless extension for Safari browser 
  • Accessible from the computer and mobile phones 
  • 30-day free trial with the Premium version 
  • Auto-fills passwords on websites and apps 


  • Limited features in the free version 
  • Multiple security breaches recorded by the app 
  • Expensive 

Price: Free (In-app purchase starts at $35.99) 


11. Any.Do – Reliable planning and organizing To do list & Planner app for iPhone and iPad

Task management is an essential skill to learn, especially if you want to improve your work productivity. To hone this skill, you can rely on apps like Any.Do, which offer the best checklist-based task management tools. This digital platform is recognized for its service cluster that includes a task list, calendar, planner, and reminders. Any.Do works as a task manager, calendar, notepad, inbox, checklist, board for sticky notes, daily planner, family organizer, etc. 

Here, you can put all your to-dos for the day in list form and then tick them off after completing them successfully. Inside the app, you can choose lists based on a particular category, like Personal, Work, or Groceries. Moreover, you can share your lists with your friends and family on Any.Do and easily assign or divide tasks in the group.  

The app allows you to view a to-do list and tasks for a single day, week, or month. In addition, you can set reminders for each task and receive notifications for the same on your device. You can easily sync your Any.Do account with your phone’s calendar, Google calendar, Outlook calendar, or any other calendar you don’t want to miss an important event from.  


  • Customization available 
  • Lists for easy task organization and planning 
  • Different types of lists for different tasks 


  • Complex working 
  • No dark mode 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99)



Why do people use productivity apps on iPhones? 

The primary purpose of productivity apps is to increase the efficiency of smartphone devices. They ease your work by offering services like digital note-taking, calendaring, task scheduling, document creation, making presentations, etc.  

Wrapping up!

Gaining control of your work and personal life is quite challenging. Putting everything on yourself can leave you frustrated and lost. However, by seeking help from technology, you can quickly get a work-life balance and improved productivity. Now, when you have the list of best productivity apps for iPhone and iPad, why delay any longer? Pick your favorite app and give a boost to your productivity.  

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