These smartphones have really changed the way we manage our lives. And these to-do apps and task lists have really made things much more different from what it would have been had there been no smartphones at all.

There are tons of productivity apps for the iPhone (or the iOS ecosystem generally). The range of diversity that developers have exercised in designing and developing their productivity apps is amazing and breathtaking. When it comes to productivity, to-do lists top the list of all apps that have the potential to cause a rapid shift in productivity. And so, quite naturally, we do a roundup of some of the finest to-do lists that we've seen in our curated travels through the app world.

Productivity Apps for iPhone and iPad

Top 10 Productivity Apps for iPhone and iPad:

1. TeuxDeux

TeuxDeux iPhone App LogoTeuxDeux is as different as its name. This interesting to-do list takes a very unique approach to the way task lists are managed. You get a day-wise breakdown of your tasks and the interface is arranged in such a way that makes it simple, intuitive and productive.

Price: Free
Download TeuxDeux

2. 30/30

30 30 iPhone App LogoNothing beats 30/30 in helping your productivity skyrocket. It's a stunning, time-based task manager which works like a stopwatch. It's a race against time but a very clever one if you use it wisely and religiously.

Price: Free
Download 30/30

3. Evernote

Evernote iPhone App LogoSo what is a note-taking app doing in the list of productivity enhancing to-do lists? Well, the reason is Evernote can be used as a to-do list with a difference! Taking notes, pictures and stuff can also be turned into active to-dos. They can also aid in collection of resources and their segregation. That's why it's on our list.

Price: Free
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4. Flow for iOS

Flow for iOS iPhone App LogoFlow is a brilliantly designed task manager that's aimed at collaborative tasks. It's simple, elegant, Facebook-like, and very versatile with support for attachments and lists.

Price: Free
Download Flow for iOS

5. Any.Do

Any DO iPhone App LogoAny.DO is a charming tribute to minimalism at its best. It's one of the finest, most minimalist to-do apps ever that gets things done in a classic way.

Price: Free
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6. Clear

Clear iPhone App LogoClear is a brilliant app known popularly for its interface. The gesture-based controls are designed to make it enormously easy to create tasks but it can take a little time to get used to all the gestures. A fantastic app nevertheless.

Price: $0.99
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7. Reminder

Reminder iPhone App LogoReminder is not the usual to-do list you'll need for productivity. It's for the monthly payments, tasks and to-dos. Monthly bills can be set on Reminder so you don't have to worry about forgetting them. The whole app is designed to have a lot of familiar settings and interface elements with the Clock app.

Price: Free
Download Reminder

8. Checkmark

Checkmark iPhone App LogoIf you are planning for location-based reminders (very vital in many cases), Checkmark is the app you'll need. Checkmark comes with every little feature you expect out of a location-based reminder app. There are other cheaper alternatives like Orderly, Geo-Reminders etc., but Checkmark has an interface that kills the competition.

Price: $4.99
Download Checkmark

9. Bloom*

Bloom iPhone App LogoBloom* is an amazing app that is not just a boring task manager but an inspiring task list manager. You don't create tasks off the top of your head here: you mix and match, find out what others are doing in an inspiring way.

Price: Free
Download Bloom*

10. Nirvana

Nirvana iPhone App LogoNirvana takes a realistic approach to productivity through task management. Focus-freaks will find Nirvana to be designed according to their taste and requirement. And it has a very neat, tidy and simplistic design.

Price: Free
Download Nirvana

  • Michał Mandrysz

    That’s a great collection of productivity apps!

    At the same time I’d like to recommend Systematic –

    This app keeps you in the loop of good habits and tasks you want to include in your daily/weekly/monthly routine.

  • SAK

    I know some of them but best Productivity app I recommend is Documents by Mindspeak

  • Which are the best office apps for i pad and which is the best stylus for i pad?

  • Appsicum

    Hey guys you can also download the Future Scheduler and Location Alerts Productivity apps, they are pretty cool.