Did you ever come across a situation where you have to convert units and you don’t love maths? Well, in that case, you often search for a simple method or use technology to convert the units.

Depending on the different kinds of units and their conversions, following is the list of apps that can be handy especially for unit conversions. These kinds of apps are a must for the students and might even help the teachers. Make your calculations accurate besides reading effectively with this best unit converter apps available for iPhone and iPad users.

Best Unit Converter iPhone Apps

Best Unit Converter Apps for iPhone & iPad

#1. Units – Free Unit Converter

Units iPhone and iPad App IconThis is a free unit converting app. With 800 units to choose over, the app has a unique feature of a scale for measurement purposes on the go. It also has a built in currency converter that keeps updating the currency rates automatically, each day to give you the real time currency exchange rates. Due to the enormous units available, you can hide the units that you don’t need in order to make the interface real quick. This app works on Apple watch as well. It is 3.8 MB in size and requires an iOS 7.0 or above.

Price: Free
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#2. Convert Units For Free

Convert Units Free iPhone and iPad App IconThis is another free app which has received some excellent reviews. The best part in this app is you can create your custom conversions. This is one unique feature for the developers to boast about. Downloaded over 12 million times from the App store, this app can be used to convert angles, currency, data, area and much more. Overall, I can say that it’s an all in one unit converter app for iPhone users. It is developed by John Temple Group and is a 19.7 MB sized app. It requires an iOS 6.0 or later.

Price: Free
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#3. XE currency

XE Currency iPhone and iPad App IconIf you want to convert the currency, XE currency is the app for you. The number one website for currency exchange is now an app and XE is the best when it comes to this. Rates are updated minute wise and it even provides the rates for precious metals. So this makes the user to compare the rates and buy such things on real time basis. This is one universal app that comes in languages like English, German, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. Developed by xe.com, it is sized at a 13.3 MB. It requires an iOS 7.0 or later on your iPhone.

Price: Free
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#4. Converter Plus

Converter Plus iPhone and iPad App IconCalculating mortgage rates to file consumption has never been so easy and thanks to this app. It allows the users to add their own calculator making it easier to use. It even supports pounds, ounces or feet and inches which are basically the compound units. Designed for both iPhone and iPad, this app is just 7 MB in size. TranCreative Software are the developers of this app and it requires iOS 7 or later.

Price: Free
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#5. Mila’s Tools Free

Mila's Tools Free iPhone and iPad App IconThis is one fast and easy to use unit converter app which includes area, bits and bytes, fraction, capacitance, fuel and you name it all. This one is exclusively built for Apple iPhone and iPad users. There are many positive reviews about this app and the users love it. It is also the winner of Apple Staff Pick. So most probably, Mila’s Tools free is a perfect pick in this list of top 10 iPhone unit converter apps today. The app consumes negligible space of 5.2 MB and it supports German language too which is an additional advantage for German users.

Price: Free
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#6. Convert

Convert iPhone and iPad App IconThis app gives the users to convert units in speed, volume, power, data and much more than that. Designed keeping real world applications in mind, the developers have included a tip calculator that works for both individuals and groups. With a simple input-output interface, the app is available for free at the App store.

Price: Free
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#7. GlobeConvert

GlobeConvert iPhone and iPad App IconThis app is very handy if you have some specific units to always convert. You can set them up and use it whenever it’s needed. So make a list of the units which you access more and find your solutions easily. There are over 80 units sorted into their respective categories. GlobeConvert app is developed by Ivan Karpan; it just consumes 7.6 MB of memory and requires an iOS 5.0 or newer.

Price: Free
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#8. Classic Converter Free

Classic Converter Free iPhone and iPad App FreeIt is yet another app with a classic unit conversion tools. Right from the area, angle, currency to the length, mass, speed etc, you can convert any unit by using Classic Converter Free app on your iPhone. The app is easy to use and has simple interface to navigate through. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Price: Free
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Now, best unit converter apps for iPhone are just a click away. So just barge into these apps and find out which one suits you the best when it comes to unit conversions.