If you are looking for calculator apps with more facilities then your search ends here. We have rounded up some of the best calculator apps for your iPhone/iPad each having specific features. We scanned through the App Store and selected the apps that are all different from one another. We hope the apps will fulfill your requirements and will be useful enough.

Best Calculator Apps for iPhone/iPad

Best Calculator Apps for iPhone and iPad
#1. Calculator

Calculator iPhone and iPad App
Calculator comes in stylish colorful design along with smooth glowing animations on button press. You can design the calculator with 9 different themes.

The app supports up to 8 digits with scientific notations. A couple of new features have added and updated to the new version such as Localization and Old Libraries.

Price: Free
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#2. CALC

CALC iPhone and iPad App

If you are a Math lover or if you really wish to have a calculator that functions scientifically then the CALC would be better option for you. The CALC is a smart scientific calculator with convertor and timer. The app offers you more than 50 advanced math functions. It allows you many functions by tapping and holding.

Moreover, the log of the calculator lets you see the see the history of past calculations. The timer feature helps you to prepare for the test. To sum up, the CALC is a math’s friendly that enables you everything you need as a student, businessman or for learning. There are a lot more features inside the app.

Price: Free
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#3. Numerical: Calculator Without Equal

Numerical iPhone and iPad Calculator App

Numerical is a calculator without equal key because it has the answer you sum over. It enables you 9 beautiful themes (each with different colors and design) with universal iPad support. It does most of the work automatically such as coma and brackets. Easy swipe option to undo, redo and save.

It saves your sums automatically to the history so that you can easily go over when needed. In the new version 1.2.1 you get free orange theme which was paid in the previous version. The only unfortunate with the theme is it has rotation bug on iPad iOS 8

Price: Free
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#4. Calculator

iHandy Calculator HD iPhone and iPad

Also known as iHandy Calculator HD is one of the best calculators in the iTunes. It gives you true feeling of a real wallet calculator with innovative user interface. It gives complete calculation expression as you type.

The automatically save feature adds the feather in to calculator. You can view past calculation history equations and result when needed. Apart from these, it has automatic landscape feature. If you are looking for a calculator with unique features then it may be good option.

Price: Free
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#5. Calculator

Calculator App for iPhone and iPad

At first glance I found the calculator user friendly that provides you everything which a general calculator does. It features all the basic facilities you require while using. The one feature which you will enjoy doing is the key buttons that are big and clear. It will prevent you from typing mistake. It has been updated with correcting all the previous errors.


  • Mute settings: if you do not the calculator to make sound then you can mute it on the settings so that when you open the app for second time it will be mute.
  • Updated Status Bar
  • Fixed Layout issue

Price: Free
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#6. Simple Calculator & Converter

Simple Calculator & Converter iPhone and iPad App

The simple Calculator & Converter is a multi specialty that allows you to do lot of things in one app. You can use it for solving simple arithmetic, for doing some metric conversions and even figure out the tip and split amount while using in a group of people. Moreover, you can convert from and to such as, length, area, volume, temperature and so on. It gives you simple and clean interface so that you can use it comfortably.


  • Scrollable History: you can see the current history you have done earlier
  • Tool that gives you calculating tips and much more

Price: Free
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#7. Calculator X Free

Calculator X Free iPhone and iPad Calculator App

It's a calculator app that lets you do multiple things in a single app. The Calculator X Free has all that you require. It lets you know the complete calculation formula what you have applied also the tip formula with result instantly. You will get complete scientific formula for the calculation.

Furthermore, you can enter comment for every value in formatted calculator paper tape. And also you can insert the last calculation result into your cal calculation if needed.


  • Customized HD background
  • Full formatted calculator paper tape list
  • Accurate 16 digits and E+ for more: for your long or business calculations

Price: Free
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#8. PCalc Lite

PCalc Lite Calculator App for iPhone and iPad

PCalc Lite is so called the taste of our very popular scientific calculator including optional RPN mode. It facilitates you multiple undo and redo. You can style the calculator in two different designs.

You get multiple facilities in one app such as you can purchases stylish themes, notations and much more, you can buy the full version directly from the app. You do not need to go to App Store to for the full version. If you are looking for highly appreciated design then it could be a great choice.

Price: Free
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#9. Calculator HD+Calculator HD iPhone and iPad App
Calculator HD is a well designed with simple view calculator that is very simple in use with high precision engine. It shows the result instantly while typing the formula. You can do multiple undo if require. It comes in specialized keypad for iPhone and iPad separately.

You can view history and also you can share them by e-mail with Air- printing so that you can easily print for your record.


  • Right or Left- Handed mode: so that you feel comfortable while using from both any hand.
  • Switch between workspace: for easily recognition
  • High precision engine

Price: Free
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#10. Talking calculator HD

Talking calculator HD iPhone and iPad App

The Talking calculator HD is an only talking calculator that provides all the basic and specific need use and facilities. It offers quick and calculation with four different types of calculators. You can use the basic calculator for everyday task or regular use. You can switch it into Talking Calculator for accounting needs. You can listen adding subtracting, multiplying, and dividing calculation. You can also switch to Talk Call to listen calculation as well as Tip Cal to Calculate average.


  • Four different types of Calculators in one app: Basic Calculator, Talking Calculator, Talk Cal and Tip Cal.
  • Improved Quality
  • Bug free

Price: Free
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