How to Use Calculator App on Apple Watch

How to Use New Calculator App on Apple Watch in watchOS 6

While Apple Watch is becoming stronger with every new generation of software, it is also focusing on essential features. As you might have noticed that Apple Watch was lacking a native Calculator App, and you need to use a third-party application for this basic functionality.

Finally, with watchOS 6, Apple has launched a new Calculator app, which you can use to do mathematical calculations right from the comfort of your wrist. The app inherits the traditional iOS design, similar to the one you find on the iPhone. With the full-blown calculator interface, the app offers a couple of extra features like Bill Splits and Tip, were entering the Total bill amount, and Number of Persons, the watch calculates your share. Using all this is quite handy and straightforward; So let’s see how.

How to Use Calculator App for TIP on Apple Watch

Step #1. Press the Digital Crown.

Step #2. Open up Calculator App from the menu.

Step #3. Next, Enter the total bill amount.

Step #4. Now, tap on TIP option.

Use Calculator App on Apple Watch in watchOS 6

Step #5. Here using Digital crown you can adjust the percentage of the total bill that you want to use as a TIP.

Use Calculator App for Tip on Apple Watch in watchOS 6

Step #6. If there is more than one person, you can also Tap on Persons and adjust total no. of persons using Digital crown.

Adjust People for TIP in Calculator App on Apple Watch

Finally, the screen will show you the Pre-Tip Amount, Total Bill Amount, and the Per-Person Share.

You can even quickly access the calculator app by adding it to the watch face, Here’s how.

How to Quickly Access the Calculator App From Watch Face

Step #1. Press Digital Crown → Navigate to the Watch Face.

Step #2. Now, tap and hold your Watch Face and then tap on Customize.

Step #3. Here, tap on any item to replace it with Calculator App.

Add Calculator App to Apple Watch Face

Step #4. Scroll for Calculator App using Digital crown, once done press the Digital Crown.

Quickly Access Calculator App From Watch Face

Now that you’ve added the app in your watch face, you can access it by simply tapping on it.

Wrapping Up…

That’s all about using a calculator app on watchOS 6. It’s pretty basic but will obviously serve as a very useful feature for Apple Watch Users.

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