How to Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to Mac or PC

There are many voices you want to record and save in your memory. Your kid’s first cry, a wonderful speech given by your friend at your wedding, an important conversation with your client, minutes of meeting, an awesome idea that strikes you while you are behind the wheel, music played by a band at a party…the list goes on. But once you record and save those voices using Voice Memo on your iPhone, you wouldn’t store the data on your device. Rather, you would like to store them on your computer to save some space on iPhone.

Though it is quite simple to transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to computer, iPhone beginners would always welcome such how-to. Here are three methods you can employ to send Voice Memos from iPhone to your personal computer.

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How to transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to Computer

Email is the simplest of any method to store memos on your computer. Once your voice memo is created, you can store it on your iPhone. From your device, you can send it as an attachment via email.

How to Send Voice Memos via email from iPhone to Computer

Step #1. Open Voice Memo app on your iPhone.Open Voice Memos App on iPhoneStep #2. Select the Voice Memo file.Tap on Share in Voice Memos iPhone AppStep #3. Tap on Share buttons.  A menu will swipe up, where you can see options like Message, Mail and More.

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Step #4. Tap on Mail.Tap on Mail in Voice Memo Sharing SheetStep #5. Now simply type in your email id or email of a person to whom you wish to send the memo.

Step #6. Press the Send button.Send Voice Memos via email from iPhoneFrom your email, you can download the attachment to your computer.

There is one more way you can save your memos on your computer. If you have Dropbox on your iPhone and on your computer, you can easily transfer voice memos to your computer.

How to Save Your iPhone Voice Memos to Dropbox

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To send your Voice Memo files from iPhone to computer via Dropbox, you need to follow the first two steps mentioned for sending memos via email from iPhone to computer.

Step #1. Open Voice Memo app on your iPhone and Tap on share sheet.

Step #2.Tap on “Save to Dropbox.”Save iPhone Voice Memo to DropboxStep #3. Tap on “Choose a Different Folder” if you want to select a folder where you want to save this file on Dropbox → After choosing the folder, tap on “Save.”Select Dropbox Folder to Save Voice MemosNote: In case you can’t see option “Save to Dropbox,” please ensure that “Save to Dropbox” option is toggled on in Activities. To turn this option on, tap on “More” (see screenshot below) and toggle “Save to Dropbox” on. And tap on Done.Enable Dropbox Option in Share Sheet on iPhoneToggle Dropbox Option in Share Sheet on iPhoneYet another method to transfer your voice memos to your computer from iPhone. With the help of iTunes, you can easily store memos and save some space on your iPhone. Follow the simple steps to save memo files on your iTunes.

How to Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to Computer using iTunes

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Step #1. Connect your iPhone to iTunes.

Step #2. Open iTunes on your computer and select your device from the sidebar.

Step #3. Click “Music” from the tab options from the different options given on the left of the screen.

Step #4. Check “Sync Music” and then click the “Include voice memos” check box. This will extract your voice memos and load them into iTunes.Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to Computer using iTunesStep #5. Now click “Apply” in the bottom right corner of iTunes. iTunes will then sync with your iPhone and download your voice memos to your computer.

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There might be other methods to send your Voice Memo files to your computer; if you have explored any, please share with us.

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